The Audacity of Wonder – UPDATED

Illustration Source)Over at First Things, my Tuesday Column is looking at our mania for credentials and how it closes doors, narrows minds and holds wonder at arms length:He has authored over a dozen books, written a syndicated newspaper column and countless essays and articles covering a broad range of subjects—sports, politics, mobsters, union thugs, cultural touchstones, booze, and blades of grass—all of it written in a smart, literate voice of the casual sophisticate who takes his sub … [Read more...]

Good Cop/Bad Cop For Catholics! UPDATED

Boston College professor and theologian Tim Muldoon's column, "Culture at the Crossroads" strikes a daring note this week; in pondering the recent Nobel Prize awarded to Robert Edwards for the development of human in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy, Muldoon wonders about the morality of it:IVF does not serve the common good -- that is, the good of countries and states providing loving homes to all their children. It interrupts the transformative process -- the conversion, if you will -- … [Read more...]

"Blood and Forgiveness"

When Deacon Greg Kandra showed me his homily for yesterday, I wrote to him that he had written "the best piece I have yet seen on the slaughter of Iraqi Christians; it rounds out what is missing in the secular coverage."One of the [Iraqi] parishioners put it so simply, and so beautifully. He said that he returned because the week before he hadn't finished his prayers. I need to finish them, he said. A woman with a bandage around her knee told a reporter, "We forgive them. We're not afraid. … [Read more...]

Bullying, Tolerance & the Disconnect

(Source)Yesterday, I wrote a little about the rampant bullying that is driving too many gay teenage boys and straight teenage girls, to suicide.Today, I look at how that can be, after whole generations have heard the "tolerance" messages since their cradles, and suggest one surprising step that the church could take, in order to teach the world how to actually walk all that talk.USA Today has picked the piece up, with predictable emphasis. I notice that in the midst of the pc-focus on … [Read more...]

The Secret Place…

The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart. --Saint JeromeEven though it sometimes means I do not get a joke, or a discreet tease, there are times I am thankful that the internet is faceless. My face, my eyes, they give away everything.But that I am forbid To tell the secrets of my prison house, I could a tale unfold whose lightest word Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, Make thy two eyes like stars start from their … [Read more...]

A Creche, B-16 & Your Opinion, Please

I tease you with a splendid picture (they get a little fuzzy with cropping/shrinking) from Rome in order to entice you into answering a question for me.What you see there is perhaps the most exquisite little chapel in Rome, in the great, mostly-5th century Santa Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Major). The whole church is breathtaking (I am going to someday pattern my floors on the swirly designs therein), but this particular picture is of the Nativity chapel, designed by Arnolfo di Cambio. The … [Read more...]

Make a Joyful Noise Unto God!

It's Sunday Night. Relax. Yes, it's a half-hour of video, but it is a half hour that will make you laugh out loud, and leave you feeling refreshed.And the Sabbath should leave us refreshed.James Martin, SJ from The Leadership Roundtable on Vimeo.H/T and Via … [Read more...]

Echoing Love in Eternity

This morning I dreamed my dog was being sick in my bedroom--she sleeps by my bed--turns out, my husband had said, "she's throwing up, again" it and the words invaded my dreams before they entered my consciousness. I awoke to find him taking the first turn at what became a bad morning/afternoon of cleaning up after Alle, who seems to be a little more settled now, and is able to take some hydration.The vet says tomorrow, we'll know more. Meanwhile, I think my husband is bringing home a … [Read more...]

Sherrod should write a book- UPDATED

The Pool of Bethesda, 1645, Joost Cornelisz DroochslootShirley Sherrod says she is not certain that she would accept a reinstatement to her office even if the USDA offers it to her.I think she should not. This woman needs to write a book. Politics aside, (and Sherrod may have had a little time to reconsider her absorption of the NAACP's message that tea parties = racists) her personal story is gripping, poignant and wholesome - a staggering snapshot of where America was 50 years ago, … [Read more...]

Hitchens and the Subversive Liberty of Prayer

Over at Hot Air, yesterday's quotes of the day were all about the oddly controversial issue of whether or not Christians, or any people of faith, have any business praying for Christopher Hitchens as he battles cancer.The topic has generated a great deal of surprising commentary, even here on this blog; at Hot Air, they are highlighting quotes from Fr. Robert Barron, whose Word on Fire videos i sometimes post here, and from this really excellent exchange between Hitchens and Hugh Hewitt.They … [Read more...]