Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of JesusI'll let Dr. Pat McNamara clue you into the feast of the Sacred Heart of JesusYour heart pumps about 100,000 times a day to keep your lifeblood flowing through you. For this reason it has become a symbol for our very selves. We say, “I put my heart into it” and “I want that with all my heart.” The heart also is a symbol for love, perhaps because it seems to beat faster when we are in love. The biblical image of the heart means the depth of our se … [Read more...]

Paragraph Farmer needing prayers

Via Julie at Happy Catholic, some bad news about Patrick O' Hannigan and his daughter*:Jane and I were in a serious car accident yesterday morning. Thomas (son) and Cathleen (wife) were not with us at the time. I sustained only bruising and some deep lacerations to my left elbow, so I was discharged from the emergency room late yesterday afternoon.Jane was ejected from my vehicle and suffered head trauma. She is still in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.Jane has been mostly unconscious … [Read more...]

Best Homily on Feast of Corpus Christi – Evah!

I'm not being at all glib when I say that this passionate homily by Deacon Greg gave me chills. It is spot on, and difficult to excerpt, but here's a taste:Back in the 1970s, when there was a lot of liturgical innovation going on, Dorothy Day invited a young priest to celebrate mass at the Catholic Worker. He decided to do something that he thought was relevant and hip. He asked Dorothy if she had a coffee cup he could borrow. She found one in the kitchen and brought it to him. And, he took … [Read more...]

Hobbit Houses, Worship, Misogynists & more

I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate with a houseful today, so here are some quick-and-unrelated things you may have missed - stick with it, I know there are some things below which will inspire you:"Prime Minister, how much more clearly do we have to speak, before you understand us?"Wait for the reading of Dr. Seuss at the end.What we're seeing in England is that huge government spending, high taxation and socialist policies don't work. Why are we bringing them here?Could … [Read more...]

Hip-Hop Morning Prayer

Jerusalem, if I forget you, fire not gonna come from me tongue. Jerusalem, if I forget you, let my right hand forget what it's supposed to do.Something a little different: Hasidic rapper, Matisyahu taking apart Psalm 137 and dropping a little "break my stride" into it.Yes, I know it's been out for a few years, but it takes a while for pop-culture to reach me.In the ancient days, we will return with no delay Picking up the bounty and the spoils on our way We've been traveling from state … [Read more...]

Huge Friday Linkaround

I so much wanted to do a podcast of morning prayer, but time got away from me. Will try to get a podcast up for Vespers, this afternoon. Meanwhile, this may keep you reading into tomorrow.For your linkaround, first let me talk about me, me, me; Yesterday's Daily article on the murder of George Tiller, and the musings of some Christians as to whether Bonehoeffer made a case for such a terrible killing, garnered many comments, a few of which suggested the commenter had not read the thing, a … [Read more...]

Vanderleun on prayer…

Call this one your surprising (but not really) must-read of the day, Vanderleun on prayer:For a certain type of extremely stupid smart and educated person, prayer is something to be sneered at their entire life right up to the moment when they see the intergalactic candle snuffer descending on their head or the head of those they love. At this point, it is the rare wiseguy who does not spontaneously discover his or her capacity for prayer. Indeed, it strikes me that it is often the agnostic or … [Read more...]

Lolcat Obama & Mustache: Hussein-alicious!

Barack Obama; Dreams of his MustacheBarack Obama continues to slowly reveal himself to the people he has been elected to serve.He told us something about himself when he put the murder of an abortionist over the murder of one of his soldiers. The death of the abortionist was immediately condemned with a security deployment ordered. It took days upon days for the death of his soldier, at the hands of a convert-to-Islam intent on mayhem, to be acknowledged with the release of a woefully … [Read more...]

Faith Tears and Joy

A reader, responding to The Ancient of Days, wrote"This week my [prayer group is praying for someone having surgery]. We have each committed to a day of prayer for her. Mine was yesterday. It is not my habit, but I have prayed the Rosary at times of mourning and times of dire need. Yesterday, as I prayed the last decade I experienced very much the same thing your writer revealed. I wept feeling so loved and so grateful for it. Later, I thought to myself, I have not cried as much in my … [Read more...]

The Ancient of Days…

Do not be afraid of this piece, and don't email me with a wagging finger, admonishing me for posting something written by someone who has the phrase "new age" in her general vicinity.Just read this and marvel at the truth of it, a truth you will feel acknowledged in the surge of your own marrow.Marvel at the way the Most Ancient of Days has gotten all up inside this writer's head, and completely overwhelmed all of the "new" and "modern" ideas she has held on to for so long; how she discovers … [Read more...]