Listen with the ear of your heart

For nearly a year, my dear hubby has been having unusual difficulty at work. Unusual because he is one of the most affable fellows you'll ever meet, and yet he could not seem to "click" with the new bosses who ended up above him during one of those corporate shuffles that happen every so often.He is a very hard worker, a exceedingly bright and energetic, someone who has always left his mark. The people below him love working for him. The people above him have always appreciated his broad … [Read more...]

The time to give up on people is…never

20 years ago, Sarah Scantlin was hit by a drunk driver, badly injured, brain damaged and comatose - she underwent a partial lobotomy, on the part of the brain that governs speech..A month later, she came out of coma, but things seemed hopeless. She was, however, provided with therapy.20 years later, she...she begins to speak, thanks, largely it seems, to one woman who is untrained in speech therapy or neurology, but who saw the whole person that is Sarah. God's Sarah, if you like.Four … [Read more...]

Paul Johnson on the existance of God

Found this via Closed Cafeteria and thought it was great. Paul Johnson writes in Forbes:Of all the fundamentalist groups at large in the world today, the Darwinians seem to me the most objectionable. They are just as strident and closed to argument as Christian or Muslim fundamentalists, but unlike those two groups the Darwinians enjoy intellectual respectability.Darwinians and their allies dominate the scientific establishments of the West. They rule the campus. Their militant brand of … [Read more...]

Prayer changes things, even if the thing is you

Neo-neocon points to an excellent piece by Vanderleun, on the power of prayer.They both have good things to say.Vanderleun says: It is only recently that I've come, in my dotage, to see that prayer -- even unheard or unanswered -- can be a powerful intellectual force in one's life. And by this I mean prayer in its most personally humiliating and elevating form: down on the knees and speaking out loud. Daily. Very abasing and very uplifting at one and the same time.For most of the time, … [Read more...]

Why the Jews are never included

Michael Ledeen has a very thoughtful piece at NRO, wherein he makes a potent point:...many British elites often seemed a micro-step away from saying that the world would be a better place if only Israel weren't there. The Middle East would be so much easier, you know.It's one of those things that few people have the courage to say up front - that many, many elites would be quite happy to see Israel simply cease to be.Ledeen goes out of his way, later, in clarifying that many American … [Read more...]

Archbishop Chaput’s lucid examination of HV

I am not sure where, in my meanderings, I picked this up over the last day or so, but it's really good.In 1998, on the 30th anniversary of the issuance of Pope Paul VI's encyclical letter Humanae Vitae Archbishop Chaput (pronounced Shap-pew) wrote a pastoral letter that truly teaches and clarifies.In an age where people are being routinely euthanized in Holland, where an "ethicist" like Pete Singer can advocate infanticide, and when embryos are in danger of exploitation, it seems a good … [Read more...]

Lileks on Bumperstickers

I just love the James Lileks' wry voice and the way he can lay someone out quite nicely without ever baring the teeth. Wish I could do it. Today he muses on people who slap bumperstickers all over their cars as a sort of 24/7 angry finger thrust in the face of whoever might be behind them. (H/T: Birds Eye View)I have no bumperstickers, for the same reason I do not paste editorials with which I agree on the seat of my pants. I’m always fascinated by people who load up the bumper with so many … [Read more...]

Do you know where the greatest place to be is?

In a mostly empty church, before the Blessed Sacrament.Just got back a little while ago from Adoration. One parish nearby has it during the week for a few hours, and I always try to make that, but another parish, a few towns over, has Nocturnal Adoration once a month, from 9PM to 6:30AM, and I always try to get there for it.Some background:Adoration is what we Catholics call it when the Blessed Sacrament is displayed in a Monstrance, (which is also called an Ostensorium, (from ostendere, … [Read more...]

More debunking of the “JPII held back women” myth

A very good article sent my way by my dear little brother, Thom, who is the most truly CENTRIST person I know, always fair.Anyway - here are women who knew John Paul the Great, and who advanced in their work because of him, speaking about the changes he has wrought:"If you knock the issue of ordination off the table, women have advanced significantly," even at the Vatican, Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in Rome this week.The Vatican … [Read more...]

Christ, the Challenger?

The more I read Carol Iannone's writing, the more I like it, and I like her ruminations on Rembrandt's Portrait of Christ.I like this passage, in particular:There is no halo of course, no artificial glow, no effeminate aspect, no gushing compassion, no indiscriminate forgiveness pouring forth in unconditional love. This was not the Jesus who, as one Episcopal bishop insisted, accepts us even in our "fat slobby selves." This Jesus is rather more challenging than comforting. This is a Christ … [Read more...]