Steinem says, “ladies first, Obama!”

Don Surber semi-fisks a NYTimes op-ed piece by a pissed-off-sounding Gloria Steinem (she's in italics): Steinem tells Obama to give up his seat to Miss Hillary.In analyzing Iowa’s caucuses, I said the winners were Huckabee, followed by Obama. Hold on there, came a reader comment. You overlooked the historic significance of the first black man to carry a white state in presidential politics.Good point.It just never occurred to me that his skin color is all that important. But it is. And I s … [Read more...]

Hillary: The Face of America?

I'm no fan of Maddy Albright's, but I think she's got every right to wonder how Hillary Clinton has the bald audacity - some might call it the unmitigated gall - to suggest that during her husband's presidency - she, Mrs. Clinton - was "face of the Administration on foreign affairs,"Mrs. Clinton didn't actually say that, not at first; one of her operatives, former Governor Tom Vilsack introduced the notion, apparently as a means to shore up Mrs. Clinton's assertion that being married to a … [Read more...]

Stupid men, Stupid Parents, Stupid Madison Avenue

My son Buster's pet peeve is the way fathers and young men are portrayed on television either by advertisers or in sitcoms. Overall it seems to Buster that in sitcoms men are fat, sloppy, stupid, lazy, sex-obsessed and unable to function without the help of the fit, very together, stylish, driven, educated and sex-sensible woman. In ads, young men are brain-dead, game-playing couch-potato louts or stupid, monosyllabic Jeff Spicoli knock-offs, and in ads fathers are routinely portrayed as … [Read more...]

How you receive a thing is up to you

Cannot write long today - the back is better but the schedule is full and guests are on the horizon, so that's where my focus is.But I wanted to just link you to this story, because it's something to think about.A walking stick is the unlikely center of a debate about political protocol, theological precision and news-marketing as a corporal work of mercy.President Bush gave the odd, carved walking stick to Pope Benedict XVI on June 9 on a visit to Rome. In some quarters, the gift … [Read more...]

Quote of the week from Mrs. Hayden

"The woman sitting in front of us was very upset and asked me how I could just sit there reading," Katie Hayden said. "Bob's been shot at. He's been stabbed. He's taken knives away. He knows how to handle those situations. I figured he would go up there and step on somebody's neck, and that would be the end of it. I knew how that situation would end. I didn't know how the book would end."From Blackfive, here's some background:Shortly before landing, Bob Hayden and a flight attendant had … [Read more...]

Not with a “give me” but with a “please take…”

Reposted by a reader’s request. Originally posted December 26, 2004.IT STARTS NOT WITH A “GIVE ME” BUT WITH A “PLEASE TAKE…”A very dear friend – a true “little brother in Christ” for he is a year younger than me! – is in his first year of Diaconate studies, on a journey to be ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church. It has been for him a journey of immense joy and hard work, fear, doubt and wonder, and he seems ever-humbled as he progresses. I am in awe of him.So I was a li … [Read more...]

Boxer and the sonless presidents

When I read this story my first thought was: "only super-evangelical freakshows like the Jim Phelps crew turn on a woman for not having children...."Rice appeared before the Senate in defense of President Bush's tactical change in Iraq, and quickly encountered Boxer."Who pays the price? I'm not going to pay a personal price," Boxer said. "My kids are too old, and my grandchild is too young."Then, to Rice: "You're not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate … [Read more...]

Maureen Dowd loves bloggers!

Oh, I knew she'd come around, sooner or later!Barcepundit translates a bit from a Dowd interview. Dowd says: It's a very healthy situation: blogs lead me to try to be better every day. H/T's too bad the Times has her hidden in pay-per-viewland and I never read her any more, but in honor of Maureenie's blog-love, here are links to some of my Dowd-related posts!Maureen Dowd Wrote the Wrong BookMaureen Dowd Needs to Consider Her UterusModo's Keep: The Sterile … [Read more...]

God forbid we should feel a little bad…

Miss Kelly is distressed to find that some hymnals (including - sigh - the one in my church) features a change in the words to Amazing Grace."Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me..." Has been changed to reflect both the freedom that comes with salvation - which is very nice - and also the decree from some publishing house on high that we never, ever sing a lyric that might suggest a negative. "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved and set me free..."Never … [Read more...]

No, Sharon, you erase yourselves

Sharon Stone says "in America, we erase women after 40"She's made that statement after having enough cosmetic work done as to be unrecognisable.Women in America are not "erased" without their own acquiesence to it. Women who run for botox at the first wrinkle or who get their faces pulled so tight they can't close their eyes, or who constantly have themselves "primed" invalidate themselves. They signal to the world that the world's obsession with youthful beauty is, in fact, a correct and … [Read more...]