Furnace dead; house cold

The other day the old furnace needed repair.Tonight...the old furnace dead. House cold.This is unrelated to the technical difficulties that kept me from writing earlier today. But it's been one of those days.To keep you amused and entertained while things are a bit undone over here, I'll show you my most googled post, which KIA asked me about a few days ago.LABIAS UP! VAGINA-GAZING SEASON IS OPEN! Originally posted November, 2005Or something. (H/T Tongue-tied.) No, … [Read more...]

Labias Up! Vagina-gazing season is open!

Or something. (H/T Tongue-tied.) No, REALLY. :-)Calling all women of color.“The Vagina Monologues” wants you.That’s the message students have heard in the past weeks, as the annual show has opted to bring women of color center stage, while planning to leave many white women behind the curtains. ... But many other students who participated in previous shows said women of color have stayed away from the play because they believe the script portrays minorities negatively. ... “We ca … [Read more...]

Geena Davis and Iconic women

So, everyone is all of a doo-dah about this new Geena Davis show, wherein she will be the first female president.ABC is doing its part to help the Hillary '08 campaign with this transparent attempt to get the nation "comfortable" with the idea of a woman president - one who will be portrayed as having soft edges, to round out Hillary's own spear-sharp ones.Funny how campaign-finance laws restrict the free speech of bloggers and independant groups, but don't consider how the arts contribute … [Read more...]

Inclusive language gets sillier

Tracey at Worship Naked has a post that almost made my head explode. She started out, last week, with an English quiz that was pretty simple, but now she's moved on to something about Zie Zim Zir/Zirs Zimself - new words and forms meant to protect the delicate sensibilities of the neo-victorian prudes who have a case of the vapors if they hear a rude masculine form.But I will let Tracey explain:"Every person is entitled to their own opinion."Technically, what's wrong with this sentence … [Read more...]

The Papal Catch-22 and Women’s Ordination

I hardly ever post someone else's blogpost in its entirety, but this is too good not to. From Ignatius Insight. For those who don't quite understand why the pope can't just "change" things, read it all and get a load of that last graph.The Associated Press is running a story on Pope Benedict XVI's homily at St. John Lateran, where he was "installed as Bishop of Rome."The story reports that Benedict XVI "will stick to Pope John Paul II's unwavering stands against abortion and … [Read more...]

I had nothing to do with this

Hate in your heart will consume you, too...Will Smith, Just the two of us...A fellow blogger who shall remain nameless suggested that Maureen Dowd lost her prime Sunday op-ed journo real estate because of some things I'd written in response to her dopiness, here and here...and, um...well, here.I say no. Whatever has happened to Maureen Dowd has happened to her because she has completely given herself over to her hatred. Hate in your heart will consume you, too, and MoDo is sadly … [Read more...]

How does Abortion connect to Breast Cancer?

Down in this thread David Justus wrote a thoughtful commentary, at one point wondering if the negative effects of abortion on the body (I was writing specifically about "chi" or "energy") would be similar in the case of a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.Clearly, the energetic (whatever you want to call it) effects on a body would not be the same, because the circumstances are completely different in terms of human body chemistry, and I just wanted to touch briefly on that with regards to … [Read more...]

Jaw-droppingly stupid and offensive

Dana over at North Shore Politics writes "although I am not even a practicing Catholic, I was offended by it."By what? This statement made this morning on ABC news:What our viewers will notice is that, among these 115 cardinals, who are wearing what looks like women's garb, that there are no women. That is something the next pope is going to have to address.Says Dana: I was disgusted by that. How disrespectful for one (thing) and pompous for another.I thought it was a stupid, … [Read more...]

More debunking of the “JPII held back women” myth

A very good article sent my way by my dear little brother, Thom, who is the most truly CENTRIST person I know, always fair.Anyway - here are women who knew John Paul the Great, and who advanced in their work because of him, speaking about the changes he has wrought:"If you knock the issue of ordination off the table, women have advanced significantly," even at the Vatican, Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in Rome this week.The Vatican … [Read more...]

When a woman chooses not to abort

Charlotte Allen at the Independent Women's Forum has an excellent piece up, detailing what happened to one woman who - via a sonorgram - learned that her daughter would be born profoundly disabled, and opted to give birth to and love her daughter for as long as she lived.The whole story is from a feature in the Wapo Magazine and it's well-worth reading. For all that feminists and others insist that abortion is a "choice," it seems when a woman carrying a less-than-perfect infant chooses life, … [Read more...]