George Will saw the vapors, too!

I've written several times about my impatience with so-called "strong, feminist women" who can't manage to look at a painting of a nude without feeling raped, or who remember that Clarence Thomas once dared to make an (admittedly lame) adult "joke" to Anita Hill and come all over faint, or who hear a challenge to their feminist orthodoxy and find themeselves (like Hillary Clinton in the most famous passage in her book) "gasping for air..." and needing to "leave the room before I blacked … [Read more...]

Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor….

...Take your dress down from over your face!Some may have noticed that I am a little tough on Maureen Dowd, but truly, like Hamlet, I am cruel only to be kind...she is so joyless, and I want her to get happy; I do have compassion for the gal and I really would like to see her reclaim her deteriorating writing skills. But this Clift woman...egad! She aspires to Dowd-ish venom but hasn't quite the nerve for it; rather, she takes Chicken-Little-esque hand-wringing to new levels with every column. … [Read more...]

Stephen Crane has the last word on Dowd

I'm not going to write about her, because she's just too screwed up and pathetic and sad and I feel sorry for her. But Drew over at Darn Floor has both the energy and the intestinal fortitude to give the woman a thumping good fisking. He throws in some round mocking for good measure.I frankly think nothing else needs to be said about Mo Dowd, because Stephen Crane said it a century ago - as though he'd glimpsed her through vellum, or through the distance and fog of a hundred years, and left us … [Read more...]

Modo’s Keep – The Sterile Castle

The more I read Maureen Dowd the more I've come to believe the woman is staggeringly ill-equipped to deal with life. In today's rant - the poor thing can do nothing unless ranting is involved - she is going after men, all men. An entire gender has ticked her off. Why?They don't want to date her, or to marry her.Why?Because she's a strong woman who wants to be treated as an equal! She actually implies that she is the equivalent of Katharine Hepburn, in my beloved old movies of 50 or 70 years ago, … [Read more...]

My Vagina and Me: Politically Incorrect and Lovin’ it!

Every year, in preparation for Valentine's Day (V-day, or Vagina Day in politically correct, whack-a-doo feminist enclaves) various college campuses, community centers and umm, Unitarian churches prepare to use the occasion not to celebrate an early Christian Martyr, but to suggest that every woman is a martyr of sorts, a lone upholder of vaginal integrity, thrown into a tarpit of bubbling male lust and violence.Right on schedule, comes this story re the University of Oregon, which is undergoing … [Read more...]

In the Spirit of Christmas: A Letter to Maureen Dowd

Dear Ms. Dowd; I have just finished reading your sad and unfunny column from yesterday's NY Times. While I don't normally read yesterday's news, my time has been so taken up with another issue that I was (quite unusually) glad to happen upon your writing, even a day late.You would, of course, have no reason to know that the other issue which has so taken up my attention as to leave me unavailable to read your pearls in a timely manner is the very untimely, slow and agonizing death of a much … [Read more...]