John Paul II and Women

It's funny, but Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a Democrat and secular Jewish fellow who says he is "not much of a believer" seems to "get" John Paul II so very well.We'll be seeing and reading a lot about how "Catholic women are dissatisfied" with the church, and that JPII did not do enough. Please keep in mind that the folks making these claims are not speaking for all Catholic women. There is authentic and thoughtful teaching behind all of the issues which critics say the church "MUST bring into the … [Read more...]

Prod Mary; The Church Does Not Hate Women

I'm not a subscriber to TIME magazine, but a reader named Jake gave me a head's up on this week's cover story, re the increasing willingness of Protestants to regard Mary as a peculiarly outstanding sort of disciple. I know that a lot of Protestants have difficulty with Mariology - there are so many misconceptions out there about what Catholics actually believe; this is new interest in her is really promising. The Catholic Church has a treasure chest of writing and thinking regarding this woman … [Read more...]

Mo Dowd needs to consider her uterus

I haven't written much about Maureen Dowd lately, because I frankly haven't been reading her - she is so much eye-rolling drivel these days, having, as she does, only two themes left. The first theme, of course is the Yosemite Sam Rootin Tootin, "that varmit Bush, aaaaahhhhhhh hates him! I hates him!" The second theme is "boo-hoo, lookit me, I'm so good at my job but it's cost me the love of men, and men mostly suck, anyway!"Her most recent column is more on Theme #2. I should mention that since … [Read more...]

These people don’t have enough to do…

I cannot imagine having so little going on in my life - or being so incredibly self-absorbed - that an actress' speech could move me to feel "hurt," "offended," or "left out" because she, in describing HER life, didn't take MY life into consideration.Sob, sob sob! Oomp, Oomp, Oomp! Mean old Jada Oompitt Smit' onwy tawked about hew own oomp and she's not gay!!! Oomp! Oomp! Ohh, boohoooo! I feew so weft out becawse she wasn't oomping more sensitiwe wanguwage!!! Sob! Sob! Oomp! (shuddery breath) … [Read more...]

All joking aside, now, Susan Estrich needs help

We've been reading for a few days now about Susan Estrich's latest meltdown and her loud, obnoxious efforts to curry favor with the LA Times by screaming at them. She says she speaks for many women. She writes a letter over the names of 50 of them and then threatens Michael Kinsley that if he doesn't publish it, she'll just have to walk it over to Drudge.When Kinsley rightly bristles at being strong-armed and, essentially, blackmailed, Estrich rants that he owes her an apology - no one in the … [Read more...]

Not liking Greenspan’s report, DemoBrat threatens to Vomit're not reading that wrong. And that's not a headline from The Onion, either.Ms. Newmark at Betsy's Page relates a story about Rep. Melvin Watt, D-N.C that really shouldn't be too surprising, coming on the heels of that over-emoting-shrinking-violet, Professor Nancy Hopkins from MIT - you remember her, the babe who swooned because Harvard President Lawrence Summers (while clearly saying he wanted his hypothesis to be proved wrong) posed an academic question about the differences in … [Read more...]

Susan Estrich – angry at the world

Got an interesting email from Charlotte Allen at the Independent Women's Forum wherein she directed my attention to a new Susan Estrich meltdown, and her response to it.You can read the Estrich email (and Cathy Seipp's thoughts, as well) here.I don't know what is more staggering to me - the strange width and breadth of Estrich's rage, which seems so oddly time-warped - or the news Allen delivers that, "Estrich, the voluble and famously feminist University of Southern California law professor … [Read more...]

What color is the sky in Margaret Carlson’s world?

Kathryn Jean Lopez makes a good point over at NRO's THE CORNER:STOP BEING MEAN TO BARBARA BOXER! [ K. J. Lopez ]Margaret Carlson says Boxer’s taking heat because she’s a she. Women have it tough, she says, whether on the Senate floor or TV: “Women don't have a lot of leeway in how they comport themselves. Could any woman behave on TV like Bob Novak or Bill O'Reilly and get her own show?” Clearly, she doesn’t watch enough Fox (Eleanor Clift? Susan Estrich?) K-Lo forgot the third member of the Tons … [Read more...]

George Will saw the vapors, too!

I've written several times about my impatience with so-called "strong, feminist women" who can't manage to look at a painting of a nude without feeling raped, or who remember that Clarence Thomas once dared to make an (admittedly lame) adult "joke" to Anita Hill and come all over faint, or who hear a challenge to their feminist orthodoxy and find themeselves (like Hillary Clinton in the most famous passage in her book) "gasping for air..." and needing to "leave the room before I blacked … [Read more...]

Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor….

...Take your dress down from over your face!Some may have noticed that I am a little tough on Maureen Dowd, but truly, like Hamlet, I am cruel only to be kind...she is so joyless, and I want her to get happy; I do have compassion for the gal and I really would like to see her reclaim her deteriorating writing skills. But this Clift woman...egad! She aspires to Dowd-ish venom but hasn't quite the nerve for it; rather, she takes Chicken-Little-esque hand-wringing to new levels with every column. … [Read more...]