FT's expanding roster of bloggers

Recall that Jim Hoft has brought his two-fisted, highly successful blog, Gateway Pundit into the First Things fold.There is yet another very energetic endeavor in the blogroll -check out Evangel, which (as its name suggests) may be of particular interest to my Evangelical friends who are interested in both the public square and relations between churches. I'm already arguing with someone. Sigh. You know how I am.I thought we should take a quick look at all of the FT Blogs, just to stay … [Read more...]

Welcome Gateway Pundit!

So, the big news 'round these parts, since I returned from my little getaway is that Gateway Pundit has joined the roster of First Things Blogs!I don't know any blogger who is more prolific, more passionate and more hard-working than Jim -and he keeps a busy eye on foreign news, too- so this is going to be a boon to the First Things site, and to First Things readers. More coming up about that in a bit, but first up, let's give a big howdy to Gateway Pundit (whose link from Instapundit made me … [Read more...]

Another Mystic Monk Addict

Got a fun email today from Peter, who is obviously a very smart fella - I repost it almost in its entirety:For the last several years I’ve been a regular reader of Spengler...after he unmasked himself as David Goldman and announced he was decamping to First Things, I followed along to see what he’d be writing about as an Observant Jew contributing to a Conservative Catholic Intellectual Journal. That’s when I found your Blog and became an occasional reader. It was on your blog that I saw ment … [Read more...]

Site Tips: Re-do tonight

Folks, just a word of caution - tonight First Things will be launching its new design, which will of course affect our happy home, here.The design is very nice; this blog will mostly look the same, but it will have a sort of grey framing around it, and archives and categories and such will be in drop windows, but it should basically feel the same for you.I'm a little concerned that some of you may experience "data error" messages or have some difficult accessing the site, particularly if you … [Read more...]

Updates & Random stuff

NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez twitters: Nancy Pelosi is not on the front page of the New York Times today. That's shocking even for the Times.Yes...that is pretty surprising, given what her very role as Speaker of the House seems in jeopardy; she may yet be felled by ironic twist of her own knife. With an assist by the truly ticked off CIA. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, and so forth.The Washington Post, on the other hand did manage to notice the Pelosi meltdown. It's not pretty.Moe Lane … [Read more...]

"…I prayed my way into thinking."

This I understand."The truth is that I did not think my way into praying. I prayed my way into thinking." - David P. Goldman, writing in First Things.Goldman gives a masterful exposition on why he wrote undercover as "Spengler" and looks at his journey into Jewishness, into becoming a prayerful, thinking, religious Jew.I recognize myself in some of what Goldman writes. I too blogged anonymously while writing freelance, and yes, coming out did have me pulling my punches a little at first, … [Read more...]

Linkaround; Flowers & Weeds

It's spring; that time before summer when you get to decide what's a flower and what's a weed.Kind of like that with the news, too. Let's look around - lots of stuff I've been meaning to share with you, and you can determine the weeds from the flowers on your own!Quote of the day, week, month, etc:Isn't it fabulous how Obama has reconciled with our enemies and put fear into the hearts of Americans? Does any image illustrate so neatly the wrongheadedness of the Obama administration than … [Read more...]

Technical Difficulties…The Rosary Podcasts

I am getting the oddest variety of emails. Many, many good wishes from people who appreciate First Things and agree with me that I'm privileged to be part of it; a few people who liked me better as a lone wolf and don't know if they'll come around too often, and a lot of really angry folks looking for specific pieces they want to read on a Friday night and a bit miffed that they can't find them. "Why are you doing this," they're yelling, "I liked it better the old way!"I feel a little bit … [Read more...]

Porting over to First Things…

...and what a long, strange trip it's been! The very kind and generous fellow who was in charge of bringing me in to First Things (where I have been warmly introduced, although I've been unable to respond) has spent the last 8 hours -literally, 8 hours- trying to talk me through my small part in this techno-endeavor. I had warned him early on that I was a pathetic techno-idiot who needed to be instructed in babyspeak as much as possible, but he insisted on treating me like an adult, so we … [Read more...]