"Make it stop…"

If you have never seen it, and I am betting you have not, do yourself a favor and rent a copy of Big Trouble. Released too soon after 9/11-when America had no patience for stories with naked cops running through airports while nuclear suitcases were being smuggled through airport security ("it's a garbage disposal...")-the film (which is based on the book by Dave Barry) deserves to be seen. It's irreverent. It's ineptly violent. It has goats on runways. It's glorious. And at the very end, … [Read more...]

May 3; World Day of Prayer for Vocations & the Habit

The Benedictine Suscipe; "Accept me Lord, as Thou hast promised, and I shall truly live" A Benedictine of Mary makes her First ProfessionI want to invite all the People of God to reflect on the theme: Faith in the divine initiative - the human response. The exhortation of Jesus to his disciples: "Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest" (Mt 9:38) has a constant resonance in the Church. Pray! The urgent call of the Lord stresses that prayer for vocations … [Read more...]

Heather & Kim and more – UPDATED

Got an update on Heather, the young pregnant woman who was diagnosed with cancer after learning of her pregnancy. On April 1 we learned that Heather had experienced something of a miraculous healing:The technicians opened her mouth to position the equipment relative to the tumor. Only…this time…there was nothing there. No tumor. No cancer. Nothing anywhere on her tongue, jaw, throat, mouth…nothing. The only evidence that she ever had that cancer was a small cancerous patch on her lymphnode whi … [Read more...]

Being out of the news loop

So, basically the last four days have been dedicated to family, and the weather was terrific and I paid zero attention to the news.I highly recommend taking a few days off from news. It's good for the heart.However, I am a little behind on email and must do some catching up before I have anything worthwhile to post.I will leave you this little bit, though: At one point, my husband and I were strolling through the city and realized we were going to be late for a gathering, so we hopped in … [Read more...]

He says it so much better than I

A few days ago I mentioned that my latest piece at Pajamas Media seemed to raise a lot of Christian hackles. My intention had never been to offend or to - as some commented over there - be a "progressive in disguise - (what silliness!). I have been, particularly through Lent, trying to develop and articulate an that we Christians are being 'way too "earthbound" and over-worldly in the way we process and engage in politics.I was not calling for anyone to "shut up." I was not suggesting by … [Read more...]

DHS documents picking a fight? UPDATED

Boy, I don't like that header, and hope it won't come to that, but who knows anymore?I really did not want to get back into politics so soon - I have other things on my mind - but I'll just throw these out and you guys make your own stew.Item: Gov. Rick Perry joined state Rep. Brandon Creighton and sponsors of House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 50 in support of states’ rights under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.“I believe that our federal government has become oppressive in its … [Read more...]

If this is correct, liberty is almost gone -UPDATED

I am going to look around more before commenting further, but if this is correct then we're looking at something very bad, indeed....the democratically lead Congress has proposed the “Pay for Performance Act” which passed Thursday with even some Republican Congressman voted for it. ... The scariest part of the bill is that while you’re serving as a “volunteer,” you’re prohibited from participating in worship and church activities, political rallies and being involved in a union. In short, your … [Read more...]

Exile: The Past is Prologue


Pope John Paul II and Ignatius Cardinal Kung Pin MeiToday at mass, our priest - by no means a reactionary sort - remarked on the Gospel reading for the day, which was Jn 10:31-42. I took notes, but still am paraphrasing a little:"I think the men who wanted to stone Jesus were offended that he would come in their era, that he would intrude on their time with his messianic talk. Because it's one thing to look for and hope for Messiah, and quite another to have to encounter Messiah - … [Read more...]

"Abortion is a blessing!"

You know, it's so sick, I really didn't want to write about it. I linked to Amy Welborn and figured I'd let you folks find this monstrosity on your own, but I want to make sure you read it.These remarks were made before a NARAL audience, in 2007, but are only just getting some reaction, perhaps because of the current movement to suppress the conscience clause that protects doctors, nurses and pharmacists from losing their jobs, and Catholic hospitals from closing their doors.Or, perhaps her … [Read more...]

Miracles, Indeed – UPDATED

For the past few weeks I have occasionally mentioned a young woman named Heather who is battling a cancer diagnosed while she is pregnant. Some of you (including one seminarian) have kindly asked to be kept apprised of Heather's situation (and the baby's), and have kept her in your prayers.Yesterday the patient liaison person at her hospital sent this:We've all been praying for Heather...As you are aware, she had stage 3 cancer under her tongue. Since Heather found out about the cancer at … [Read more...]