Climategate Googlegate linkfest

I am seriously behind on real work and the dog has decided that whole-house vacuuming must now occur twice daily as she sheds like nothing I've ever seen.This is what life is like with a Border Collie. Smartest dogs in the world, but you have two choices: vacuum so much that the machine begins to feel like an extension of your arm, or don't vacuum, put on some Star Trek gear and call the mounting hair balls "Tribbles."So let me drop off all these links to climategate, beginning with the … [Read more...]

H1N1 Vaccine Contaminated?

As we have seen with Climategate (and with the ACORN expose), the US Press does not report on stories it does not like; perhaps that is why we have not seen headlines about what this Benedictine nun, who is a medical doctor, specializing in internal medicine, is saying. [English Subtitles]Stick with this first video, as Sr. Terese Forcades, OSB, begins with her credentials and some flu/virus basics. It ends with a bang. Then move on to video two:In video two, Sister talks about … [Read more...]