If you missed Lisa Hendey’s Rwanda Journaling…


If you didn't have a chance to see them -- or if perhaps you only saw one or two come through your social media timeline, and not the rest -- please do take some time this week, perhaps over a long cup of coffee, and read the excellent journaling Lisa Hendey did throughout her trip to Rwanda.Lisa, who has partnered with Catholic Relief Services for a couple of years, spent an intensive week in Rwanda after being chosen for an Egan Fellowship, and the pictures and stories she has delivered to … [Read more...]

Haiti, Two Years Later

Haiti where we have church now

Currents, the daily Catholic news program produced by the Diocese of Brooklyn, observes the second anniversary of Haiti's devastating earthquake by interviewing Father Jean Moise Delva who, sadly, reports that not much has changed."It was very sad to see the atmosphere, and the way people are living," Father Delva says. Noting that 2.38 billion dollars have been spent he notes the difficulty in distributing aid. Haitians have seen almost no building connected to that expenditure. More than … [Read more...]

"Americans Know Nothing of Suffering"

I think we all get our turns in the crucible and suffer in different ways, but G. Dalrymple, writing of his experiences in Haiti, puts the complaints of day-to-day living into context:* I was approached by an elderly woman on our first day at Petionville, asking for some food. I had none to give her, so I approached a US soldier who was there and asked him about where there might be a food distribution so the woman could get food. He said he had no idea…the UN used to do that, but the Haitian g … [Read more...]

Aftershock; Haiti, Hardship, Help & Hope

After ShockI wrote recently again about the neverending suffering of Haiti, and the remarkable resiliency of the people and the children who live in conditions unimaginable to the rest of us:The question is always "what can we do?" and the answer always feels a little hopeless; yes, by all means, we can and should send help to relief agencies. We should keep the people of Haiti, especially the children, in our prayers. Reading stories like this, what can we do but keep them humbly in our … [Read more...]

O Come, O Come

Emmanuel, God-With-Us...Emmanuel, born in Haiti the day after quake in which father died. He did not survive/Photo, "Missionary Ed"Stricken with some sort of bug, over here, and it has me under the weather and working at half-speed. But while I try to pull myself together, here is one of the best versions of this haunting call I have ever heard:Video via Matt Labash, who is looking at this Christmas with a perspective permanently changed thanks to his post-earthquake trip to Haiti, his … [Read more...]

Morning Plots & Errands

Isn't that great? Reader Brian J (who also made the Nun News Network graphic and the Rush/Bullock/Baseball one) sent that over and I love it. In terms of who is in or out, I have always been "out" and my advice on pretty much anything is worth about a nickle, so it's right-on in every way.This morning is going about working at a local hospital, as I mentioned here.Then, I will be dedicating some serious time toward developing two ideas we have talked about here:1) Funding scholarships … [Read more...]

Haiti: 100 Aftershocks Later (Updated Pictures)

Pretty Little Girl Near Blue Tarp all photos by EdSix weeks after the horrific earthquake that has shaken Haiti to its knees, our friend Missionary Ed writes:12:17 AM Just had a hefty, albeit short, tremor. Woke everybody downstairs up. I never knew this about earthquakes. I knew you could have a couple of aftershocks in the first day or so, but not the well over 100 aftershocks that we are still having 6 weeks later...Those people in his community of Petit Goave whose houses were not … [Read more...]

Will soft bigotry hurt Haiti?

Brian J. Stevens, a former reporter with the Haitian Times newspaper writes at America:. . . As non-governmental organizations and foreign governments flood the country with desperately needed food, water and medical supplies, Haitian voices once again do not appear to be playing a role in helping to direct the aid where it needs to go. Residents of the southern Haitian city of Grand Goave told the Inter Press Service News Agency that there is “a network of seven neighborhood leaders for each … [Read more...]

New Face at Ed's Church

Over in Haiti, in Petit Goave, Missionary Ed says there were some new faces at church today.Hello, my entire world has crumbled around me, but I still managed to put on my best clothes for worship.Beautiful child...humbling picture.Meanwhile, the UN is just doing a bang-up job with their relief efforts. Or notWrites John Bolton:Many people ask why, instead of the United States invariably taking on the burden of “first responder” to humanitarian disaster, the United Nations shouldn’t … [Read more...]

My Wallpaper from Haiti

I love these two Haitian children. I don't know who they are, but they are so beautiful, so charming -and they remind me of my sons in demeanor, the straightforward older one, the little hotdogger behind him.They have been on my desktop since I posted this piece, an update on Haiti, mostly from the perspective of Ed, a missionary in a city called Petit Goave.I get updates on Petit Goave, and Ed, from a reader named DeLynn, and each time I open one of her emails, it is with a feeling that is … [Read more...]