Politics & Religion until you puke

Lots and lots to read today, but I'll break it down for you, one section for religion, one for politics. Pols first - got this from Insty:You can read the lyrics here.SOTU Address: Obama "needs to come off as authentic".Come off? Perhaps this illustrates a big difference between Presidents Obama and Bush. Bush did not have to "come off" as authentic. He was authentic.Beltway Democrats (and to be fair, too many Beltway Republicans) do not understand it because they -as smart, … [Read more...]

Updates on Haiti, Kids & Ed – UPDATE

I hate to start off a Haiti round-up with an "I told you so," so I will wait to say it and urge you instead to go watch this very affecting video -watch the sigh of sadness this beautiful and resilient child breathes as she talks about the death around her; marvel at her composure, even as her eyes tell you the whole story- and then read the accompanying piece, and then come back, because the article touches on two things I've either been yammering about or praying about.Okay, you back?After … [Read more...]

Two must see videos

Both on entirely different issues, both courtesy of Radio PatriotAnd here … [Read more...]

2nd Haiti Quake; Ed's alive UPDATED

Some updates from Ed, a missionary in Petit Goave, Haiti, about 33 miles from Port au Prince, who yesterday was sounding depressed at the absence of any evidence of aid and relief in his corner.Ed has noted that the aftershocks and tremors have not ceased since the first large quake; this morning, Petit Goave was the epicenter of a second quake registering 6.1 on the Richter scale:UPDATE: The epicenter of this morning's quake was Petit-Goave, a historic town that was already decimated by … [Read more...]

The Living Psalm of Haiti -UPDATE

As so many turn their focus to the special (and possibly controversial) election in Massachusetts, I continue to receive updates from a Haiti-stationed missionary named Ed (via DeLynn), some of which I have shared with you here and here and here, and which cannot be ignored. Ed is outside of Port au Prince, and I have been particularly interested in his reports because, while Port au Prince is getting massive attention, there are people even 50 miles away from that epicenter whose lives are … [Read more...]

Notes from Haiti's Children – UPDATE

From missionary Ed, via reader DeLynn, some remarks from the children around him, in Petit Goave, which is away from Port au Prince, and has also been reduced to rubble:Mon 8:34 AM The weather is quite pleasant though the atmosphere remains very tense and on edge. We're going to start bringing more families in out at the school. Still no sign here in Petit Goave, of all the aid coming in. The tremors continue. LOTS of good outdoor church services yesterday. The Happy House is still upright … [Read more...]

Haiti: "Nothing on the ground, yet"

Another report -with pictures - from Ed, the missionary who is in Haiti, sharing in the suffering (thanks to his friend DeLynn, who passes it on to us...). Offered without comment:Saturday 11:56 AM Back on line. I can't believe it's Saturday. This has all been one long day. We are getting more news now as the phone lines are opening up, some good news, some bad news. Some folks are still alive, some are not. Daphne just found out that her uncle did not die.We are still having tremors but … [Read more...]

From Ed, in Haiti

:::Thanks to reader DeLynn, we are able to get bits of information from a missionary friend of hers who is living through the nightmare of Haiti, and is communicating on facebook, as he can. Immediately below is Ed's note for today, which I will keep on top, in italics. For the latest updates throughout the day, scroll below the italics. Please keep all of these people, and these trying to help them, and to bring medical care and relief, in your prayers. Times are tight, of course, but as … [Read more...]

"Haiti is the broken bloody body of Christ" – UPDATED

SourceGo here for my latest updates on HaitiUpdated from last night: The horrorDifficulty in Mobilizing. Yes, it's difficult; many roadblocks.The stunned peace begins to break down. Blogs for Victory notes:Looks like Haiti will become a de-facto American protectorate over the next few days as Haiti’s government is essentially collapsed and non-functional. If we’re going to do it, might as well be in for a dime, in for a dollar…get a UN resolution putting Haiti into trusteeship under A … [Read more...]

Haiti Burning Tires to Light the Night

:::This post will be continuously updated throughout the day, (Instapundit-style, bottom to top), so please check back!:::More rolling updates on Haiti here and hereThey are still having tremors: From reader DeLynn's missionary friend's facebook:3:24 PM It's a nightmare here. They are starting to dig mass graves for the many unclaimed bodies. Some areas,the smell is unbearable. We still are having tremors. Just now in fact. I feel that these little snippets I'm writing don't begin to … [Read more...]