Protesting with Detachment, MLK-style -UPDATED

Early yesterday evening, I wrote:You know who could put a stop to the bad feelings arising in this country? President Obama, who is supposed to be the leadership. Just as Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton backed off when they realized America was not into having their Healthcare taken over by the government, Obama could say, “you know, I’m moving kind of fast here, maybe we’ll shelve this for a while and concentrate more on putting people back to work, which is urgent.”Such a move would be an … [Read more...]

"You can't talk to them…"

This is nonsense.(H/T ArmyWifeToddlerMom and reader Dick T.Because I want to assume the best, and not the worst, I'm going to assume that the police officer, who would not allow people to converse and who apparently did not want the vid-taker to discuss Obamacare with anyone, was simply trying to make sure nothing got out of control.What I don't understand is why conversation between peaceable people should require a police presence? Clearly these ladies were no threat to anyone and were … [Read more...]

Obey-mian Representative Democracy

SourceI'll say this for Life Under the Obama Regime, the inclusion of communist-inspired propaganda art has certainly upgraded and enlivened political expression. This is much more captivating (and substantive) than, for example, the played-out Bushian beheadings and vampires. (H/T)Then there is the spreading Joker, which apparently has been collecting new captionsArt appreciation aside, does anyone remember the recent demonizing of corporate fellows who dared to take private jets to … [Read more...]

Chronic Pain, Insurance & Neo

NeoNeocon goes deeply personal to chronicle a horrendous-sounding injury, years of pain, and how this is relevant to what may be in our own future. It's long, but please give it a read. Neo was told there was "nothing" that could be done and that pain management would be difficult as well. Finally - after years - she had surgery. But this is pretty sobering when our president is saying, "maybe you won't need the surgery, maybe you just take the painkiller."It was actually my injuries that … [Read more...]

"Immoral Villains!" sez Nancy "Queeg" Pelosi – UPDATED

Okay, I've decided that Nancy Pelosi (whose Native American name might be "Stands With An Angry Little Fist" ala "Dancing With Wolves") is beginning to sound like a paranoid lunatic who can find a convenient villain any time she needs one, as Tom Elia points out here.Thus spaketh The Pelosi:"They are the villains in this," Pelosi said of private insurers. "They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening. And … [Read more...]

Health Care Propaganda Rocks! – UPDATED

Earlier today I posted the latest USSR-inspired art project coming at us by The Capitalists Who Are Eager For You To Obey, and lamented my lack of artistic skills, which prevent me from spoofery.Comes to the rescue, reader Brian Johnson. Ta-dah!Brian has come through for me, before. I may have to put him on payroll!UPDATE: Beyond the propaganda, Some Have Hats links to some of the highlights of the Health Care Bill:Pg 22 of the HC Bill mandates the Government will audit books of all … [Read more...]