Building on what you’ve built: A GREAT Story


My Patheos colleague Tim Dalrymple has a story and video that really should make everyone stop in their tracks and think about what we all mean when we say (or sneer) at each other: "success", "capitalism", "share", "evil corporations", "collectivism" and "church."We get caught up in words like those -- particularly in an election year where, suddenly, words like "hard work", "build", "success", "welfare", "human dignity", "profit", "business", "hand-outs", "hand-ups" and "community" are … [Read more...]

Obama’s Politically Expedient “Heroism” – UPDATED

The man who had his hand forced is now a hero hearing the hosannas of a very worldly world:Reality check: Obama manipulated gay voters, kept them at a distance and hoped they would settle for the occasional wink and a nod. But he has found himself in a campaign with dwindling enthusiasm and a narrowing electoral map; he needs this group's enthusiastic support and high turnout in November.Even so, it took Vice President Biden's moment of honesty to force the president's hand. Obama did … [Read more...]

Why Tyranny Fears Art – UPDATED

About ten years ago, maybe longer, I read an interview with U2's Bono, and he said (paraphrasing from memory) "art and lovemaking are the ways to touch God."I think he meant that art and lovemaking were transcendent because they are both activities are a means of self-revelation - that they take us out of ourselves and make us vulnerable in an act of creation, or co-creation, and there is tremendous power in that.Well, I happen to think - if that's what he meant - that Bono was correct. The … [Read more...]

Aftershock; Haiti, Hardship, Help & Hope

After ShockI wrote recently again about the neverending suffering of Haiti, and the remarkable resiliency of the people and the children who live in conditions unimaginable to the rest of us:The question is always "what can we do?" and the answer always feels a little hopeless; yes, by all means, we can and should send help to relief agencies. We should keep the people of Haiti, especially the children, in our prayers. Reading stories like this, what can we do but keep them humbly in our … [Read more...]

Benedict & the UK; The First Fruits

Benedict Speaking on Hildegard of Bingen, 09/08/10English and Welsh bishops are urging Catholic parents to dress their children as saints this Halloween.At first consideration, that might not seem too remarkable. But when one takes into account how timid Catholics have been in the UK in recent years, perhaps it is remarkable indeed. Perhaps the Halloween suggestion reflects some of the first fruits of Pope Benedict XVI's recent visit to England and Scotland. British journalist Paul … [Read more...]

Mario Sepúlveda Espinace Returned Bearing Gifts

A makeshift altar near the mineshaft in Chile, cribbed from hereObviously, we are all watching the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners--Operation San Lorenzo--and it is so moving and inspiring - a rare moment when the world can rejoice together. Heroes from all over the world have gathered and drilled as millions throughout the globe prayed and hoped, and then, finally, we watched that exquisite moment when the first miner to ascend, Florencio Ávalos Silva and his wife and son embraced. … [Read more...]