Christopher Hitchens: A Singular Voice Silenced – UPDATED


The dreadful day is upon us.A while back, I wrote:It will be a dreadful day when this singular voice can no longer reach us via any media but memory.And now, Vanity Fair announced that Christopher Hitchens is dead.I like the picture Pat Archbold used In his piece, and so I am stealing it, and I agree with much that Pat has written:Christopher Hitchens now knows the truth of it. . . . Hitchens may have been most famous for his outspoken atheism. A year and a half ago when … [Read more...]

Hitchens' Singular Voice – UPDATED

If you have not yet read Christopher Hitchens' latest piece in Vanity Fair, on the failing of his physical voice, stop what you're doing and go read it. It is a gorgeous, generous, melancholy, funny, graceful, grateful and even -- dare I say it -- God-whispering piece.In the medical literature, the vocal “cord” is a mere “fold,” a piece of gristle that strives to reach out and touch its twin, thus producing the possibility of sound effects. But I feel that there must be a deep relationship with … [Read more...]

Hitchens; Hairless, Hale & Hearty – UPDATED

Hitchens, July 2010 / Photo by John HubaChirstopher Hitchens, in the midsts of a poison cure which would befuddle reason and leave most of us whimpering in our safe corners, manages, still to write with great beauty, humor and power. He writes with address.The notorious stage theory of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, whereby one progresses from denial to rage through bargaining to depression and the eventual bliss of “acceptance,” hasn’t so far had much application in my case. In one way, I suppose, … [Read more...]

Hitchens and the Subversive Liberty of Prayer

Over at Hot Air, yesterday's quotes of the day were all about the oddly controversial issue of whether or not Christians, or any people of faith, have any business praying for Christopher Hitchens as he battles cancer.The topic has generated a great deal of surprising commentary, even here on this blog; at Hot Air, they are highlighting quotes from Fr. Robert Barron, whose Word on Fire videos i sometimes post here, and from this really excellent exchange between Hitchens and Hugh Hewitt.They … [Read more...]

The Hitchens/Prayer Debate

It seems the New York Times has noticed the debate as to whether people of faith should pray for Christopher Hitchens. I like this; it reflects my feelings, exactly:Jeffrey Goldberg, a colleague of Hitchens’s at The Atlantic Monthly, consulted the rabbinical authorities and decided that prayer was O.K. On his blog, Goldberg quoted the advice of David Wolpe, a Los Angeles rabbi who has publicly debated Hitchens on a number of occasions: “I would say it is appropriate and even mandatory to do wh … [Read more...]

Hitchens' Challenge – UPDATED

I've been feeling called to pray for him over the past few months, on and offNow, my prayers for him will be daily, on.Hitchens has recently had to cancel speaking engagements discussing his recently released memoir, Hitch-22: A MemoirA look back at a post on this maddening, fascinating and brilliant writer, whose prose I so admire:HITCHENS' WHACK-A-CHRISTIAN DEBATE TOURBecause people know I greatly admire his writing (and often, his reasoning) my email is overflowing with missives … [Read more...]

Random Must-Reads

Collected in my tab-bar since I started feeling cruddy - might as well share with you all the things I have either read or "been meaning to get to reading..." All submitted mostly without comment, because I'm still not 100%."We are at war...":The president went on to say that while America will strengthen its defenses, "we will not succumb to a siege mentality that sacrifices the open society and liberties and values that we cherish as Americans, because great and proud nations don't … [Read more...]

I like this vid & link-around

Like this video which I found at Deacon Greg's Place, which I hope you peek in on every day!Do you remember when you were a kid, and you'd want to bring a book with you to supper, and your mother would yell at you to get the book off the table and then give you an Irish love-tap with the back of her left hand so that your head would snap back and hit the wall, and the wedding band would leave a mark on your forehead?No? Oh. That's how I remember it! Anyway...I knew there was a reason I … [Read more...]

More Ice storm & More

The severe ice storm that has crippled parts of the midwest and devastated Kentucky is getting a little more attention from the press than it has since last Tuesday, when the storm hit. This is the Monday after.Time Magazine writes a professional-sounding piece that is completely devoid of emotion, mentions President Obama exactly once (in passive voice) and never ever strays into unfair wonderings such as "why isn't more being done," or "where is the President, why isn't he present here," or … [Read more...]

If you were First Lady…UPDATED

Inauguration is fantasy time!Over at Inside Catholic, Zoe Romanowsky has asked a great question:As a fun Monday exercise, let's pretend for a moment you were becoming First Lady tomorrow (or First Gentleman because you know that's going to happen one of these days.) What would you choose as your cause? (And you're not allowed to say "abortion" because (a) that's too easy, and (b) it's "controversial" so it wouldn't be considered an acceptable First Lady cause.)My issues would be Music … [Read more...]