More on Susan Boyle…

More information on the remarkable Susan Boyle, who I linked to in the post below and the story just gets nicer and nicer, and one just wants all good things to happen for her.It seems that Simon Cowell's people are already pursuing Boyle, who got a standing ovation from her church after her appearance on Britain's Got Talent.Before going on stage, Ms. Boyle admitted some self-deprecating facts about herself (she's never been kissed and lives alone with her cat, Pebbles). For those reasons … [Read more...]

Happy Easter!

He is risen! Truly, He is risen!The Morning of the Resurrection by Edward Coley Burne-JonesGraces of the ResurrectionJesus...says of his death: I go away, and I will come to you." It is by going away that he comes. His going ushers in a completely new and greater way of being present. By dying he enters into the love of the Father. His dying is an act of love. Love, however, is immortal. Therefore, his going away is transformed into a new coming, in to a form of presence which … [Read more...]

Pirates on Holy Saturday

A quiet day of sorrow; Christ has left us and descended into the netherworld. We remember this, and go about our preparations for tomorrow with hollow hearts.Pirates take another vessel: I am trying to eschew politics, but as we pray today, let us offer - along with prayers for others, prayers for our nation, and for our president who seems to be channeling Jimmy Carter's years. Last seen bowing to the Saudi King and flying a personal pizza chef into Washington to cook for him, is flailing … [Read more...]

Good Friday Linkaround

Christ of St. John of the Cross, Salvatore Dali (via Magnificat Magazine)I have a little bit on Good Friday below, but here is a link-around.In L'Aquila, the people who have survived the terrible earthquake are suffering through their own sort of Passion this Good Friday. Pope Benedict has visited, and they have been given a special dispensation to be allowed the comfort of Holy Mass on this day. Deacon Greg has an affecting picture.Richard John Neuhaus: Your "must read" of the day - … [Read more...]

Good Friday

There is, of course, no Mass on Good Friday, but there is an extensive Liturgy of the Word, which includes the long Passion from the Gospel of John. The extensive readings of the liturgy may be found here.Good Friday always makes me feel a little abandoned; we have no Eucharist, and without the Eucharist we have the word, but not the Word made Flesh.In the afternoon, there is Veneration of the Cross - a most moving experience - to see young and old, healthy and infirm sing the songs - … [Read more...]

Holy Thursday (w/Podcast)

So, this afternoon I had the pleasure of spending some one-on-one time with Buster, who came home from school asking if I wanted to take a drive to Montauk with him, revisit old haunts and eat some blueberry pie, as is our tradition.I worried a little about it. Why would he want to do that - does he have bad news to break to me?But no. He just wanted to retrace old steps, take a look at the very beautiful new church the parish of St. Therese of Lisieux has built in place of its old … [Read more...]

The Mystery of the Greatness…

"The mystery of the greatness of God is seen precisely in the fact that he can be small...Only when power is changed from the inside, and we accept Jesus and his way of life, whose whole self is there in the action of foot-washing, only then can the world be healed and the people be able to live at peace with one another." -- Pope Benedict XVIBuster just got home and I'm taking the afternoon off! :-) … [Read more...]

There is no way back…

The Lord is faithful. He comforts his spouse, the Church; he holds us with a firm hand, and leads us up to the way of death.It is a reality: what happened once is always happening; not always again but always the one same event; not today as then, but then and today. Yesterday we entered Jerusalem with the Lord. We spread out our clothing, our egoistic shells, on his way, and we met him in the bareness of a humbled self...There is no way back; we are here in the city which he rules, the … [Read more...]

Happy Passover!

Passover begins at sundown this evening and concludes at nightfall on April 16.Our friend and frequent commenter Hantchu, who resides in Israel, sends seasonal greetings, which I'll accept on everyone's behalf, and writes:We just finished cleaning and checking for chametz (leaven) last night, and the countdown to the Seder begins in earnest. We've been busy, busy, busy to the point of anxiousness GETTING READY for the last lunar months and even before, using up leavened products, putting … [Read more...]

In the beginning…Eden?

Some may have seen this already, but I was saving it for this week:Have we found the site of the Garden of Eden?David Lewis-Williams, professor of archaeology at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, says: 'Gobekli Tepe is the most important archaeological site in the world.' ... The site of Gobekli Tepe is simple enough to describe. The oblong stones, unearthed by the shepherd, turned out to be the flat tops of awesome, T-shaped megaliths. Imagine carved and slender versions of the … [Read more...]