Praying for the Pope & for All

Archbishop Timothy Dolan got a stand ovation in the middle of mass, this weekend, for his passionate defense of Pope Benedict XVI against what seems to be a concerted effort to undo his papacy, via distortion and a media rushing-to-judge.I have linked to John Allen's last several pieces on the "Benedict story" and urge that those who have not already made up your minds to read them and also take a gander at Fr. Raymond de Souza's spirited defense and timeline.The timeline is important. As … [Read more...]

Cultivating Silence

Today at mass, our priest decided that the Gospel Narratives of the entry of Christ into Jerusalem, his arrest, trial and crucifixion all spoke for themselves. He decided that instead of a homily we should try to sit in silence, reflect on all of it, and begin to become "acquainted with silence; learn to welcome it, rather than fear it."So, we sat in silence.And at the recessional, there was no song. Just silence.You could tell that people were uneasy. Silence is difficult, because if … [Read more...]

Palm Sunday and our Sins

Deacon Greg:They are a reminder - and an indictment. While we were standing here, crying out "Crucify him!," we were clutching the branches that we used to sing out "Hosanna." The palms reveal our very human duplicity. How easily we turn. How quickly we pivot from faithful, to faithless ... from belief to doubt ... from being disciples, to being betrayers.We start out acting like angels, singing "Hosanna." And we end up just being the mob.It can sometimes be that way throughout the church. … [Read more...]