Climate Change; Endlessly Fickle -UPDATED

According to this piece, the Icelandic volcano spewing tons of ash and who knows whatall is not sufficient to change the climate.The volcanic ash spewing from an Icelandic mountain that’s disrupting air travel across Europe may be hundreds of times less than what Mount Pinatubo disgorged in the Philippines in 1991, altering the world’s climate.The impact of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is likely to be “virtually non-existent” on the global climate because the eruption is too small and gases a … [Read more...]

Pratchett from 2004: "Too Big to Fail"

It's not prophecy. It's not a fine or proved economic theorem. It's not even life imitating art. It's simply the way one Master Grifter recognises the cynical underhandedness of another Master Grifter. And how a very smart novelist understands the constant con:From Terry Pratchett's inventive and smart novel Going Postal, at that point where the sympathetic shyster, Moist von Lipwig, charged -on pain of death- with re-tooling the defunct Ankh-Morpork postal service, understands the depth … [Read more...]

Matt Lauer Picks & Chooses "consensus"

"Earlier today, I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces. Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors" - President William Jefferson Clinton 12/16/98Karl Rove and Matt Lauer apparently went at it today about whether "Bush lied" about WMD.Lauer has decided he will stick to the narrative established by the media and Democrat … [Read more...]

US Press Deserves its Darwin Award -UPDATED

Ed Morrissey is wondering, as I have in the past, when or if the American press will begin to beat its breast over failing to learn from "the lessons of Iraq" when it comes to the Climate Change boondoggle. He wonders if they will ever kick into an grown-up journalistic mode and actually report on the collapse of the Global Warming movement they helped to build and sustain through their unquestioning support of the narrative.In the years after the the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the subsequent … [Read more...]

One of those bad daze…

you know, when you wake up with a sore throat and coughing and such...bleah. Spring can't come soon enough.The Dog Ate My Global Warming DataSource.Insty has more links and still mores links on the breakdown.WaPo finally notices. NY Times still does not (the true believers, were they in the bunker, at the end, with Hitler?)Ah, more crumbling...and more.Ed Morrissey: Was there any actual global warming to begin with?I want me freaking incandescent bulbs back, and I want them … [Read more...]

Christmas Climate: Lie down and die

SourceThe Christmas season is domestic; and for that reason most people now prepare for it by struggling in tramcars, standing in queues, rushing away in trains, crowding despairingly into teashops, and wondering when or whether they will ever get home. I do not know whether some of them disappear forever in the toy department or simply lie down and die in the tea-rooms; but by the look of them, it is quite likely. Just before the great festival of the home [Christmas], the whole population … [Read more...]

Cognitive Dissonance & Obama's Powergrab

NPR does not understand why the public is not more panicked about Global Warming.It's the cognitive dissonance, stupid! As we watch the world's chummy elite eschew video conferencing in order to gather in Copenhagen while amassing a huge carbon footprint with their planes, trains, automobiles, printed programs, photographers, kleig lights, etc, we find it difficult to believe that the rest of us must hang our laundry out to dry and give up our incandescent light bulbs in order to save the … [Read more...]

Staying on top of Climategate

Vanderleun calls it: "Something Wonderful."Check out Ed Driscoll's Really excellent video.Then see how the staggering Barbara Boxer tries to frame thingsA Professor of Meteorology at MIT should Call Mrs. Boxer and clue her in...he can tell her about the important typoWhat it's like to be the guy who got shut-upJames Delingpole: It's all Unraveling, Now -well, but the press still controls the conversation.Bret Stephens: Follow the Money, as alwaysDerek Lowe: On Scientific … [Read more...]

Why is Obama still going to Copenhagen?

Honestly, for a brief moment, I entertained the notion that maybe, just maybe, Obama was going to spend the time and money necessary to go over the Carbonhagen - oops, - Copenhagen in order to surprise us and do something dramatic, like denounce the bastardization of scientific method in order to advance a political agenda.Think of it. The "whole world" of true believers, who are completely in denial -almost "Orwellian" denial- about how badly their "settled science" has been wounded, gather … [Read more...]

Climategate Googlegate linkfest

I am seriously behind on real work and the dog has decided that whole-house vacuuming must now occur twice daily as she sheds like nothing I've ever seen.This is what life is like with a Border Collie. Smartest dogs in the world, but you have two choices: vacuum so much that the machine begins to feel like an extension of your arm, or don't vacuum, put on some Star Trek gear and call the mounting hair balls "Tribbles."So let me drop off all these links to climategate, beginning with the … [Read more...]