Hide the Decline

This would have been even better if they'd have managed to mention carbon-offsets and private jets (see how easily they go together?) but I still think this is pretty good on short notice:(Via Glenn Reynolds who seems to be gettin' on the NY TIMES's last nerve!)Related: Alarmism and Fraud Rand Simberg Taking apart the smoking gun Climate Emails and the Politics of Science Climate and Transparency Climategate and the Social Validation of Knowledge It's all Bush's Fault … [Read more...]

Climategate Implosion is Bush's Fault

There is a lot to read about Climategate, but none of it is in the Mainstream Media, with the exception of the Obama-Administration described "not real news" organization. That would be Fox News, which is covering the story.The New York Times, in a stunning bit of hypocrisy, says they won't report on Climategate because they didn't like the way the information was discovered. To the NY TImes, the real story, if they ever deign to cover it, will be about the method in which the story was … [Read more...]

There has always been weather

Call it Climate-gate!And call Al Gore, Ahab.Call me Ishmael.I will be ashamed if my readers did not already know (as we have discussed for years) that the Global Warming Hoax was/is, as we have always know it to be, a hoax. An effort to defraud nations and assist in the tireless (and creative) leftist international movementOr, that seems to be the general trend of the news.One suspects this hacking had much to do with the sudden collapse of the world-wide global warming boondoggle and … [Read more...]

Global Warming Fakery & Gore

Lots of people talking about this admission by the BBC that the earth has been cooling, not warming) for over a decade.Longtime readers know my thoughts on this hooey; I am glad to see this.There is lots of new information coming out indicating that the whole AGW boondoggle was, always, a boondoggle, ("yeah, that earth shaking data? We lost it! and those hockey sticks? Um, kinda...never mind about that!"That makes me glad, all this boondoggle-unveiling.Glad doesn't feel like much, … [Read more...]

Brilliant Artists are Privileged

Now, this is a curious thing. The Rhetoritician makes the valid point that Hollywood wishes to excuse men like Roman Polanski from their wrongdoing, but will work to destroy men like Mark Foley for theirs.Recalling Orwell's Animal Farm The Rhetoritician entitles his piece Some are more Equal than Others.Looking at pictures from U2's big concert in DC last night, I am seeing a pattern emerge.I am a fan -a big fan- of U2's music. I still think Achtung Baby and Zooropa are two of the best … [Read more...]

Save the Lightbulb!

I'm totally with Julie in every respect. My husband has those damn spiraly things all over the house (not in my office or at my nightstand; I won't have them, the lighting gives me headaches). I too am hoarding incandescent bulbs. … [Read more...]

Al Gore Hearts Tarantino's Footprint

Al Gore, who hasn't been getting much attention, lately, is going to get into a few headlines by helping Quentin Tarantino promote his new film, Inglorious Basterds, in Tennessee.Lawrence Bender, producer for Quentin Tarantino's new film, Inglourious Basterds, asked the former vice president to host a Nashville movie premiere tonight, and Gore was happy to do it, reports spokeswoman Kalee Kreider.The connection: Bender was one of the producers behind Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth. … [Read more...]

Iranians use Michael Jackson to get attention

The clever Iranians have figured out that the only way to get the attention of the press today is to do a Michael Jackson Merge, intersecting their story with his.More on the excessively pop-minded press by Francis Beckwith.If we could just get these Iranians freed up, maybe a few of them could teach us how to throw stones and stuff at this absurd rogue congress, before they completely destroy our own country with their fake climate bills that Obama has already promised will lead to … [Read more...]

Our freezing summer makes me gripe

It's freezing here; we can't swim, can't have the windows open. Every day is cold. It just convinces me more than ever that solar flares (or the lack of them) have more to do with the ever-changing climate of planet earth.And more resentful of policies, programs and restrictions put in our way, in service to the hoo-hah of Mr. Gore. And why this ticks me off, too. And this. And why not, anymore?I am most seriously unhappy today.The prescient satirical genius of Paddy ChayefskyIn … [Read more...]

One of THOSE round-ups

Yes, this is going to be one of THOSE round-ups, where I clear off all my open tabs of things I just read, and pass them off to you; covering everything from my personal stuff to a video recommendation or two.Fluff: Ann Althouse is running the inevitable captioning thread on this picture. Now I am on record as finding Michelle Obama to be an attractive woman with a mostly pleasing sense of style (but dubious judgment, as in wearing $540 sneakers to a food bank). But I have to admit, my … [Read more...]