Linking around: Bush/Obama/Press & more

Quote of the Weekend:Can Somebody Explain to Me how Obama sat in Wright's church for 20 years and managed never to hear anything, but hears 20 seconds of a Bush speech that doesn't mention him and perceives a shameful personal attack? - Andy McCarthyYesterday I wrote:What is very interesting to me is how quickly the headlines and stories have moved away from Bush and any full-text, contextual display of the speech to making it all about Obama. really is all about the … [Read more...]

Answers, Questions, Religion & Politics

A Salesian Priest with a new blog sends me this link - I thought it was a terrific video, but I couldn't shake the notion that this young priest looks (and sounds) like a young, fluffy-beared Tom Cruise:Q: So, any truth to the rumor that Pope Benedict's trip to the US may result in more priestly and religious vocations?A: Maybe. In the Midwest and South, the Catholic church is showing good numbers in both areas, but the coasts are suffering from a dearth of applicants. God certainly … [Read more...]

Answers & Questions Again

I started doing this back in April, and for some reason people like this Q&A format and keep asking for more, and more,'s more.Q: Anchoress, you wrote a frivolous piece about your soul and coffee; does that mean you're feeling better?A: Praise God, yes, I am finally emerging from my exhausted fog and my numbers this morning were markedly better. Thanks for your kind notes and prayers (which always leave me touched and humbled.) If this is the worst thing going on in my life, … [Read more...]

Clearing all the tabs…

I did it again! Opened up dozens of interesting stories and blog posts and now I have too much to write about, so I'll just link you to them!Siggy brings us the Heavy Metal Puppy: you won't believe your eyes.GM Roper says we ought to be smarter than we're proving ourselves to be. He's quite correct.Remember Sandy Berger and his theft of Top Secret documents on terrorism? The Clinton library ain't talking about it. It's amazing how many things the Clintons get away with not talking … [Read more...]

Chant: Good for BP & Stress

Gregorian chanting 'can reduce blood pressure and stress' reads the headline, and the story is both interesting and unsurprising:Stress levels could be reduced simply by participating in some Gregorian chanting, researchers claimed today.Dr Alan Watkins, a senior lecturer in neuroscience at Imperial College London, revealed that teaching people to control their breathing and applying the musical structure of chanting can help their emotional state.He said: "We have recently carried out … [Read more...]

Questions in the Blogosphere III

Q: Anchoress, if someone tells you that you cannot be credibly pro-life until you adopt a sick baby, and then you go out and adopt a sick baby (and then a second) and that person - who promised to become "pro-life" if you did it - never kept his end of the bargain, what does that mean?A: It means you can't form a conscience in fits and starts. You cannot become "pro-life" because of what someone else does, unless you are really willing to let their actions open up within you what you have … [Read more...]

Questions in the blogosphere

I'm kinda pooped from all the Benedict blogging of late. Meanwhile, a quick lookaround:From the Dept. of Silly Quesitons:Q: Did Laura Bush wear white to host the pope at the White House because she believes she is a monarch's wife or because she is signaling an assent to the rampant rumors that President Bush will become a Catholic when he leaves office?A: Cueing the Twilight Zone music, I'm going to hazard a guess: Mrs. Bush and Jenna Bush both wore black skirts to meet Benedict … [Read more...]

A Peckish Peek-Around

I'm finding myself out of patience with blogging today - maybe I have spring fever. I'm craving a cup of coffee and a walk through a woods - so here's a quick look at what I've been looking at online, and then I think I'll make myself a large cup of Mystic Monk Dark Roast and I'll travel-mug it outside:The other day I wrote about Bobby Kennedy, today at Inside Catholic Mark Stricherz writes about the death of the Bobby Kennedy CoalitionAlso relating slightly to something else I wrote last … [Read more...]

Enlightenment through a stroke & other links

This is a remarkable talk by a remarkable scientist, Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, who recounts what she learned from her stroke(Via Hootsbuddy)Feed your right brain! Pray - meditate - contemplate!Other interesting links:Is "Manmade" Global Warming Alarmism Al Gore's therapeutic solution to his 2000 loss?Can embracing the hard stuff carve out your heroism?If your religion has to threaten you with death to hold you, do you stay?Is the craft of journalism depressed or full of … [Read more...]

My piece at Pajamas Media

I interrupt my Triduum turn at staying away from politics just long enough to let you know that Pajamas Media is featuring a column of mine today which discusses Saving the Planet without Starving People - a look at what we can do besides burning corn and grain - to stay mobile. Hope you like. … [Read more...]