Soros behind the curtain, illusions & the ’08 vote – UPDATED

On the endless go-rounds about illegal immigration I wrote a while back:What if it’s all an illusion, just like the Cinco de Mayo “nationwide protests” by Hispanics was an ‘06 (election year) illusion that had nothing behind it in ‘07 (no elections). What if everyone is being played a little bit, here, being prompted to emotional reactionaryism as a means of reaching into and infecting those Americans of good-will who until the “flashpoint” and the sudden hue-and-cry couldn’t be moved to hate? … [Read more...]

Immigration Debacle: All-or-nothingism begat nothing

Given the responses I got the last time I focused on this issue, I almost hate to bring it up...but here goes.I think Tony Snow is exactly right when he says here:"I deeply admire what [Mr. Bush] did on immigration and I think he's right," Mr. Snow said. "I think the policies the president outlined generally are the ones that eventually this country is going to adopt."Let us hope so, because the alternative "solutions" out there - "let everyone in and register them all Democrat" on the … [Read more...]

“So, Loser, where’s Part III?”

Part III is partially written (go here and here if you don't know what I mean) - I got jammed up yesterday and couldn't finish it, and with the death of the immigration bill I'll necessarily have to re-think where I wanted to go with it. Some appointments this morning will delay that.But I can make a quick observation...Remember when the Democrats won in November, and some of us said, "well, okay, maybe now that they've gotten control of the Houses the Left will stop feeling so put-upon and … [Read more...]

Rethinking Scooter Libby’s pardon

You know, the other day I wrote, that President Bush should just pardon Scooter Libby, already.Then Ed Morrissey wrote that while he had no problem with a pardon, we should be respectful of the fact that a jury weighed the evidence and found him guilty...and I thought, "Ed's right in that. If we're going to respect the rule of law, we have to take a jury's verdict with some seriousness, even if we don't like that verdict." He's written more here.Then I read this piece in the Washington … [Read more...]

Part II: Bush Betrayal & the Nation’s Soul

This very long post disappeared on me twice while I wrote it, causing me to re-write it, twice. Untold grief. If it reads a trifle rough, please excuse that. And damn all computers.This is long, but I hope worth reading:In Part I of what it appears will be a three-part carry-on, I wrote:And by the way, the press has noticed what sets you off, and they’ve been playing to your heat, and you’ve been responding to their bell-ringing like Pavlovian dogs, too.Big Lizards, along a similar ve … [Read more...]

Minutemen: Bush’s instincts better than some

Traitorous Jeb Bush and Ken Mehlman have penned a piece in support of the current illegal immigration bill. I know, I know, they're Bushies and not to be trusted, but I'm putting it out there for you to read, if you haven't already.I feel a rant coming on...and probably many de-linkings from the right. This may be a multi-parter.Does anyone remember a while back, when "The Minute Men" were going to shame the nation and President Bush into building a wall and settling the problem of illegal … [Read more...]

“Interesting that you’re not writing about it…” UPDATED

:::Scroll midway to update:::I got an email from a fellow a few days ago, urging me to read Bill Whittle's latest entry into his collection of remarkable essays, over here.As it happened, I was actually printing out the two-parter, entitled "You are not alone," as I'd opened the email, and I wrote back to the reader telling him, essentially, "thanks, I've got it."Today the reader wrote back saying, "Interesting that you're not writing about it."That's when I noticed that the header on … [Read more...]

Can we say “Ellis Islands, West?”

Big Lizard has a terrific post in which he wonders why none of the hardliner, "ship 'em all back - illegal is illegal" bloggers are so disinterested in the nightmarish hoops people must jump through in order to come here legally, and how necessary is real immigration reform is in this country. He writes eloquently, and you must read his whole post. Here is an excerpt:SachiMy wife was a legal immigrant; she jumped through all the hoops, did everything by the book. She got a green card; … [Read more...]

A workable immigration solution?

AJ Strata has posted an idea he has for a workable solution to the illegal immigration impasse that is tearing up the right. I like it. I don't know if hardline, "ship 'em all back, no matter what" folks can see their way to this, but it sounds good to me.The House can fix this problem by adding this necessary package to the Senate Bill. We should deport hard criminals (felonies) who are immigrants because they have shown themselves unworthy of our largess. The anger on the right is … [Read more...]

Van-the-Man, 3rd party talk, Newtie & me UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::I apologize for light-to-non-existant posting. We've had out-of-state company in for the funeral, etc, and I was wondering why I seemed to have no energy for even answering my emails - then I got my CBC today and realized WHY I was so tired...but I should be back on my feet in a day or so...or so.Meanwhile, plodding through my emails, I note that Van Morrison is promising (or threatening) to play this summer at a local venue and I was wondering if anyone has ever … [Read more...]