“Illegals” hysteria & the place I can’t go

I had doctor's appointments most of the day, and while I was in the car I kept switching around on the radio. I pulled up Rush and couldn't listen more than a few minutes. What I heard was a disappointing, strange, paranoia-feeding rant on how the "moderate Republicans and Democrats in the Senate" have a deliberate plan afoot to "enlarge the number of victims and people who will need welfare services" so as to "enlarge government..."It's all a plot and a conspiracy, you see...nothing could … [Read more...]

House and Senate “moving toward each other?”

California Conservative thinks perhaps they are moving toward each other on immigration.Considering how pissed off America is with all of them, that might be wise. I'm thinking there must be some ground between the "no amnesty" rock and the "give it all away" hard place.Writes California Conservative:Jim Sensenbrenner is exactly right about it being difficult, if not impossible, to “have legal proceedings to deport 11 to 12 million people.” If he’s saying that nothing “is a dealbreaker” at … [Read more...]

The Essential President Bush

A much-esteemed, long-neglected friend sent an email this morning, which was delightful to recieve. At one point he mentioned this post from yesterday and wrote: I think (President Bush) has lost his bearings. but then, so did Moses from time to time, it's quite understandable.That made me wonder a little - has President Bush lost his bearings, or have we? Is it President Bush who has broken faith with "his base" or have they?When I read my friend's line, I thought of a line from Pride … [Read more...]

Immigration: Solomon asked for “an understanding heart”

Perhaps America, like Solomon, needs to raise its hands to heaven and ask for the same - for Wisdom. And we'd better ask soon.Why? How about for Wisdom for the Nation on the issue of Immigration (or, as a pal emailed me, "migration...")This seems like a situation in which partisanship should be put aside in favor of a genuine, workable and realistic solution that will recognise both the dignity of the human beings we're dealing with, our duties to our nation and to our core values, and our … [Read more...]

Speaking of which, here’s a roundup

So, Andy Card has resigned. Do you care? I don't. I expect the only people who will care are those who like to pontificate, speculate and buzz - think Chris Matthews and his pals. For the rest of us, I think this story is a big yawn, but ABP has some insider skinny and Joe Gandelman has the definative round-up.Speaking of Who Cares, Siggy wonders if anyone cares about Sexual Abuse of Students in our Schools. I think they only care if it's happening in a church, Sig.Speaking of churchy … [Read more...]