James Foley, Martyrdom and the Subversive Freedom of Prayer UPDATED

A great deal has been written about the late James Foley, his beheading at the hands of a barbarous Islamic State: the moving response from this band of Syrians, the Jesuit education which, along with the example of his family kept him grounded in his faith; his own words on the power of prayer, written in previous captivity.The story is tragic and infuriating -- every bit as nation-stirring as the similar murder of Daniel Pearl, all those years ago, when bloody "war on terror" was still in … [Read more...]

Les Moonves! Heads up, over here, please!

Some of you know I routinely give Les Moonves advice on what he can do to improve CBS news (and he should feel complimented - I don't even consider ABC or NBC worth my precious time...). He has apparently - upon deep consideration, I'm sure - decided NOT to take my selfless advice that he hire Delia Gallagher over Katie Couric. Ah well, some people have to learn the hard way...Nevertheless, I'm going to continue in my tireless quest to restore CBS News to its former glory, this time with a … [Read more...]

Wise commentary from Jonah and Ledeen

In a really splendid column, Jonah Goldberg writes of the void multiculturalism has wrought in British identity, and what is left to fill it....a person can move to this country and complain that the British flag is oppressive, and the Brits don't have the national spine to laugh the complaint away. Britain has given in to the "besetting temptation of all politics to concern itself with the immediate present at the expense of the future."Now the future is here. Islamism is filling the … [Read more...]