I Never Told You! My Column Won an Award!

Ora pro nobis award

Earlier this year when I was really involved with the pneumonia, I learned that "Ora Pro Nobis", my regular column for The Catholic Answer, had been honored with an award from the Catholic Press Association:Really cool, right? Hey, I am grateful for any kind word! And 2013 was the year I really got comfortable writing stuff like this, and this, and a few more.As I never cease to tell you when each issue comes out, it is an privilege to write regularly for The Catholic Answer, which … [Read more...]

Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck Have Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

Batman says, "Get help, Keaton. Get help!"

And here is why:Michael Keaton Isn’t Jealous of Ben Affleck: ‘I’m Batman, I’m Very Secure in That’Unlike Christian Bale, who most recently portrayed the superhero in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy, Keaton told the ShortList that he’s not jealous that Ben Affleck will soon be donning the cape and cowl in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”“No,” he simply said when asked if he feels envious. “Do you know why? Because I’m Batman. I’m very secure in that.”Yeah, no...scre … [Read more...]

Should I adopt this doggie?

Alle missing mommy

Ya'll remember my dear beloved, Alle, right? She was the best, smartest, sauciest dog ever; my best friend, who was even graceful in her leave-taking...I have missed her dearly. When we talk about possibly bringing another dog into the family, I keep thinking, "I'm not ready."But then, last night this good boy came across my line of vision.I am so tempted to run and adopt him.I'm also hesitating, because he looks so much like Alle (as though he could be her … [Read more...]

How Batman Prays: The Prayer Hack Series

Image source

So, Tom McDonald has been running a really fascinating and fun "prayer-hack" series, wherein he queries folks on their prayer habits.He asked me to participate, and I said okay.Then he asked his first question, and it was existential crisis, all the way through...Q: Who are you? ​A: I’m Batman.​You can Read it all here...Related: Batman vs the Anchoress DC Comics and The Anchoress … [Read more...]

Chose the Red One! But I Have Another Question…


The Deed is Done!Despite all the great suggestions -- both here and on Facebook -- which ended up giving me lots of places to go and waste time while oo-ing and ah-ing over stuff, and feeling quite the covetous-and-materialist thing, I had to go for the tried-and-true, and ordered the red Baggallini.So, red it is; Baggallini it is, again. Thanks for your input though; it was fun to talk about something besides church and a-world-in-crisis. Refreshing!Sometimes we must take a … [Read more...]

Please help me choose a handbag! Really.

inside bag

Okay, all you girly-girls, I need some help! In a world full of crisis, I need to take a break and find a new handbag, and I am just no good at this. You gents are excused as you will no doubt find this completely frivolous.I've been carrying around this black Baggalini for at least 5 years and, while -- as you can see -- it's held up very well, it is getting a bit frayed around the edges, and I do have to be seen in public at church (and occasionally at business) so I need something … [Read more...]

Anchoress Blog Hits the Big 1-0!

10 years

This morning I realized that it was just about ten years ago that I was ignobly kicked out of a political discussion forum and found myself needing to opine endlessly, without a vehicle for blabbing. As we all know, no one puts Blabby in a corner, so Blogspot accessed -- the easiest blogging tool for a technophobe like me to handle -- and thus was thrown together The Anchoress Blog:In the beginning was the persona, and the persona was weird. And the persona was anonymous because I already … [Read more...]

What this ridiculously serious world needs…

silly reading glasses

...is a seriously ridiculous pair of reading glasses to lighten the mood around here! … [Read more...]

Garlic? Honey, I’m like buttah. Like BUTTAH!

like buttah

You know...all fat and salty!Anyhow, back in September I did an interview with Jonathan Merritt at the Religion News Service, talking about idols and the pope and whatnot, and today the piece has dropped:Pope Francis craze may be idolatry, says Catholic writer Elizabeth ScaliaElizabeth Scalia claims to be a shy person, happy to hang in the background. But the popular Catholic Portal editor at Patheos, writing as “The Anchoress”, doesn’t shy away from offering opinions as strong as ga … [Read more...]

Foreword by Dolan; Artwork by Bach; My New Book Drops!

Cover art by Jason Bach

It was just about one month ago that I became aware of Jason Bach, and it was via this brilliant and timely cartoon that went internet-viral.And I thought, "what a talented young man!" and I perused his archives and got in touch with him and saw more of his work and thought, "I have a new book coming out and I have no idea what the cover should be. But I know I don't want it to be a picture of me..."Why not? Well, because the book is a collection of essays and columns from 2005 to the … [Read more...]