Clearing out the tab

I've got some deadlines to meet and a project I'd like to get started, so I need to stop futzing around, reading news and blogs and get to it. Here is what's been cluttering up my tab-bar for the last day or so - it's a bit of a jumble, sorry:Malta, shamelessly cribbed from CrescatBeautiful Malta! Where Doug Kmiec is the new US Ambassador after what Dan Gilgoff describes as a "strange religious/political" swearing in. Kmiec is the Catholic former Reagan WH Legal Counsel who campaigned … [Read more...]

The Leadership Void; we need St. Benedict – UPDATED

Deacon Greg sent this my way, noting, "this is extraordinary, and the piece mentions you, too!"Such a star, I am!What is "extraordinary" is the lengthy post Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley put up in his blog, addressing the criticism he has received for presiding (in a very minimalist way, it must be said) at the Funeral Mass of Sen. Ted Kennedy.For the record, I wasn't one of those suggesting Kennedy should not have a Catholic funeral; my gripe was with the sanctification of the man by … [Read more...]

A "defining post"

Over at Conversion Diary, Jen is asking bloggers to tell what they think is their defining post.Impossible. I've written over 5,000 posts, most of them forgettable.Some of the posts involving Dick Meyer columns might have been good, and their stream-of-consciousness layout maybe defines my writing here. It's all what is in my head of a moment; 99% of what I write here is first-draft-rough-cut blowing off steam, confessing sins or just pondering.Like, the time I found out I was losing my … [Read more...]

Do you say "the" or "thee" – UPDATES!

Growing up, I was taught that when you are following the word T-H-E with a word that begins with a vowel, then the correct (and, to my ear) more pleasant pronunciation was "thee" - long e.As in "please don't feed thee animals." One would never say, "please don't feed thuh animals."I notice an increasing trend the other way, though. Even in the video of Miss California, below, I note it.I hear it on television and in my own family. My sister recently talked about "theh old people." … [Read more...]

Podcast late: Almost burned down house!

I wrote here, that I would be recording a podcast of Vespers in 'about an hour.'Well, Vespers will be late. They're coming, just as soon as I write this and my hands stop shaking.Here's the deal: I'm fasting. No eating between meals, only two meals a day, yadda yadda, by the time supper comes around, yer girl is pretty hungry, a little lightheaded and goofy.My husband is having a "guys night out" which I encouraged. Elder Son is distracted. So, I decided I would order out - a pasta … [Read more...]

Sometimes I feel like Rose Castorini

Rose Castorini is a wonderful character in the film Moonstruck. Beautifully played by Olympia Dukakis (she won an Oscar for the role) Rose is the long-suffering wife of Cosmo (Vincent Gardenia), who is going through a mid-life crisis, and the mother of Loretta (Cher), a woman approaching her 40's with a case of the dowdies and a practical idea about becoming a bride.I've always loved the character of Rose because she is so real. Her first lines are uttered when she is awakened from a sound … [Read more...]

Dept. of O.D.T.A.A.

That would be the Department of One Damn Thing After Another.So, I went back to the ear doctor for a re-testing of my hearing loss. Although the recalcitrant infection is finally gone, there was no appreciable improvement - the hearing loss is still in both ears, though somewhat assymetrical. My doctor - who is very nice but younger than me (I'm getting to that age now, where cops and doctors are younger than me and call me, "ma'am," egad!) bit his lip and considered for a second and then … [Read more...]

Tin Cup Rattling is Ended

I just wanted to once again say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who generously contributed to help keep The Anchoress in bandwidth. I have tried to write individual thank yous, but I know that Amazon has not given me the names of all the donars, so I am at a loss as to how to thank you personally.To those of you who chose to contribute anonymously, please accept my sincere and heartfelt thanks. I cannot tell you how much your help is appreciated. I hope I may continue to deliver competent … [Read more...]

A reluctant rattle of the cup…

You guys know how much I hate rattling the tin cup - I hate it hugely and would much rather shake it for expensive blogs like Political Teen and Jackson's Junction who do all that heavy video-lifting, and need lots of contributions.But I find I do have to stand here, for the next few days, and very shyly and reluctantly hold out my tin cup for any spare change you might be able to throw at me as you pass by, via, of course, the Amazon Honor Thingie in my sidebar, and I thank you. … [Read more...]

Opinion, please, is taking ads “selling out?”

As some of you have noticed, I bit the bullet yesterday and shook the tin can, asking for any spare change you could throw this way, via the Amazon Honor System, to help defray my monthly bandwidth-overuse.And I have been blown away by your generosity. I always knew I had some of the kindest readers in the blogosphere - turns out I have some of the most generous, too. Amazon has alerted me to the names of some but not all of the donars. Those whose name I received have already been thanked … [Read more...]