Thank you, anonymous donor…

From time to time someone hits the Amazon Honor System button and is gracious and generous enough to leave a donation meant to keep the bandwidth rolling, and does not leave a name by which I can email personal thanks. Whoever you are, please know that I am very grateful to you, and very thankful for your gift, and for all the support. … [Read more...]

This time of year, my inner gay-man is out!

You folks haven't seen my inner gay man since last year's Oscars but he's in there, and he's just chomping at the bit trying to get out and gush or bitch at the gowns as Hollywood begins its season of self-congratulations.I miss my brother, S. He and I used to watch the "red carpet" walks while on the phone with each other, and no one was bitchier than he, particularly if a dress was so full of fronds and flowers that it seemed to be eating a woman alive. This year, I'm going to have to do … [Read more...]

A day for follow-ups and clarification

I am still trying to plow through a great many emails, and so I hope folks will be forgiving if they do not hear back from me - as much as I do try to respond to each email, I'm not always able to.Two emails today provide some helpful, or at least thought-provoking follow-up to previous posts. The first concerns Judge Cashman and his seemingly light sentence of a repeat pedophile. I - as had many others, responded with some outrage at this story which detailed that the Vermont judge had … [Read more...]

Christmas is really over…

In so far as the church calendar was concerned, the season of Christmas ended yesterday, with the Baptism of the Lord. - yes, we move quickly from the Epiphany and the appearance of the Three Kings and right on to Jordan and Jesus telling John the Baptizer to baptize him, even over John's objections...kind of like when a Catholic says, "do we really have to do that bow during the Credo, father?" And the priest shrugs and says, "it's in the liturgy."But for me Christmas is really over today, … [Read more...]

Sometimes providential…

I've been battling a flu for the past day or so - got a headache, chills, joint pain, swollen glands - the whole enchilada.So, I've been just leaving open windows to various stories, blogs and links I have wanted to share with you folks or comment on, and planning to do, at the very least, a round-up to include them all. Some of it is important stuff, like the list of 40 Democrat Senators who took $$ via Jack Abramoff, and the Damned if you do, damned if you don't nature of the left. Some is … [Read more...]

A million hits, a million thanks!

Reader Miquel, and Sigmund were both nice enough to advise me of what I had missed: The Anchoress has just passed the 1 million mark in hits since I started tracking in December of 2004 - so, in just a little over a year! This is far, far beyond any expectation I ever had when I started up.What were my expectations? Really, I had none. I still have no ambitions for the blog beyond maintaining my status as a "playful primate" in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. If along the way I manage to … [Read more...]

I’s only good when I’s bad. Or mad.

Got two interesting emails today. No, three.First one was from someone who said he/she didn't much like me and found me "unscrutable."Ironically, I'm not sure what the writer means. Please advise whether you mean I am "inscrutable" or "unscrupulous."Second one told me to be alert because if Sharon recovered from his stroke, it would be like the Beast in Revelation, "who also recovered from a head wound," and thus we would know that Sharon was the Beast.Hmmm...Joseph Heller once … [Read more...]

A nightful of Lulu’s

I'm not a poster-of-dreams in this blog, but I had a nightful of lulu's and they are still zipping through my head like scenes from a Tarantino movie watched under the influence of NyQuil, so I'm going to write them out and then you folks can laugh yourselves silly at my subconscious - or those three insightful bloggers Dr. Sanity (talking self-esteem and self-worship, today) or, Shrinkwrapped (exploring bear-baiting) and Sigmund (writing about misplaced hero-worship) can declare me certifiable … [Read more...]

My last “me” post for a while…

because I'm sick of talking about myself.Pathology report in: your basic benign tumor, praise God!I always "knew" in my gut that all was fine, but I have to admit that when I first encountered the nurse yesterday, I began to wonder...she was just being TOO nice, WAY OVER THE TOP NICE...when she asked my age and I told her, she carried on about how she couldn't believe it - I looked too good - she couldn't see a wrinkle on my face (believe me, they are RIGHT have to be blind or … [Read more...]

Thanking God and You

I'm baaaaack...or I will be in a little while - I'm not "quite" ready to start writing again. The surgery went very well - the anasthesiologist promised not to sedate me beyond "a couple of Guinnesses" which I guess he figured makes me loopier than it really does, but basically he had me giddy enough to chat stupidly with the surgeons and nurses. I saw the lump, too; they showed it to me - bigger than I thought it would be.We wait now, of course, for the pathology report, but I still feel … [Read more...]