I’s only good when I’s bad. Or mad.

Got two interesting emails today. No, three.First one was from someone who said he/she didn't much like me and found me "unscrutable."Ironically, I'm not sure what the writer means. Please advise whether you mean I am "inscrutable" or "unscrupulous."Second one told me to be alert because if Sharon recovered from his stroke, it would be like the Beast in Revelation, "who also recovered from a head wound," and thus we would know that Sharon was the Beast.Hmmm...Joseph Heller once … [Read more...]

A nightful of Lulu’s

I'm not a poster-of-dreams in this blog, but I had a nightful of lulu's and they are still zipping through my head like scenes from a Tarantino movie watched under the influence of NyQuil, so I'm going to write them out and then you folks can laugh yourselves silly at my subconscious - or those three insightful bloggers Dr. Sanity (talking self-esteem and self-worship, today) or, Shrinkwrapped (exploring bear-baiting) and Sigmund (writing about misplaced hero-worship) can declare me certifiable … [Read more...]

Anna’s German Butter Cookies

Growing up, I knew a lady who seemed ancient when I was little, and who finally died about two years ago, a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday. She was from Germany, and a stern lady with ram-rod straight posture, who never smiled or laughed in all the years I knew her, and yet she was never unkind or ungenerous. Some people just aren't into levity, I think.Anyway, anytime I crossed her line of vision she would feed me, rather like an Italian mom. She made heavenly ham/butter/mayo … [Read more...]

My last “me” post for a while…

because I'm sick of talking about myself.Pathology report in: your basic benign tumor, praise God!I always "knew" in my gut that all was fine, but I have to admit that when I first encountered the nurse yesterday, I began to wonder...she was just being TOO nice, WAY OVER THE TOP NICE...when she asked my age and I told her, she carried on about how she couldn't believe it - I looked too good - she couldn't see a wrinkle on my face (believe me, they are RIGHT THERE...you have to be blind or … [Read more...]

Thanking God and You

I'm baaaaack...or I will be in a little while - I'm not "quite" ready to start writing again. The surgery went very well - the anasthesiologist promised not to sedate me beyond "a couple of Guinnesses" which I guess he figured makes me loopier than it really does, but basically he had me giddy enough to chat stupidly with the surgeons and nurses. I saw the lump, too; they showed it to me - bigger than I thought it would be.We wait now, of course, for the pathology report, but I still feel … [Read more...]

Goodies and Oldies

Unfortunately, for lumpectomy day, I'll be out of the loop and missing a great deal today, as Iraqis go to the polls - but the rest of you will be able to follow the proceedings. Pajamas Media will be leaning heavily on Iraq the Model to bring you the live play-by-play. I pray all goes well. This reporter says Iraq is completely different from what the press pedalsAaron also has lots of links and he's keeping close watch.We MUST be at a turning point, even the UK Times is … [Read more...]

Sedation, Web Awards and random stuff

Web Award voting ends tomorrow (Thursday), and I expect my little blog will be very quiet, as tomorrow is also lumpectomy day, and I'm going to be sedated (I'm not happy about this sedation, thing...) and who knows what - if anything - I will be writing. If I do write it will probably be pretty grumpy or loopy.Grumpier, loopier, I mean.So, if you have been voting for my for Best Conservative Blog I thank you - I have made a better showing than I ever could have hoped for. And if you have … [Read more...]

Aw, I’m Rudolph!

You Are Rudolph Sweet and shy, you tend to be happiest when you're making someone else happy.Why You're Naughty: You sometimes stick that nose where it doesn't belongWhy You're Nice: Christmas would be a sad affair without you!Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?H/T Happy Catholic.Meanwhile, If you're writing Christmas-y there is a carnival! … [Read more...]

Haven’t voted? Maybe more pictures?

Arghghg! I see that I am being trampled on at the Weblog Awards which is entirely what I'd expected would happen, but that doesn't mean it feels good.Am I going to have to haul out more family photos? Don't make me do it! I don't have a scanner! I'm hauling out the album, as I type!I have a picture of my paternal grandmother; she has a mustache, thick ankles and she's wearing men's shoes. She sits on a parkbench and somehow manages to have her hands on her hips, as she sits. This is … [Read more...]

Late to a tagging meme…

A while back I was tagged with a meme by both Julie at Happy Catholic and Amy Welborn and I didn't get around to it because it seemed like more energy than I could muster, and a little too self-revealing, too. But I'm feeling pretty peppy today, so I will finally answer it! Sorry I'm late, gals - I wasn't ignoring you, really!I CONFESS!I confess... that my dream in life is to live somewhere near the water. Actually, I would like to live on the water, in a houseboat. I would love a … [Read more...]