Ah, Autumn! Gravestone Rubbings!

Oh, Autumn! My very favorite season. I love the crisp air, the crunch of brown leaves underfoot, the need to keep a light shawl handy as one is running errands, the wee creatures scurrying about, collecting their acorns for the long winter (and if the number of them falling from my oak tree is any indicator, it's going to be a cold, snowy one!) and I love the fuss and fun of Halloween!I love the howling winds, particularly in late October, when they remind us of the holy souls we'll remember … [Read more...]

"Someone's gonna die!"

I have been sitting here, working away at my desk, and all around me, for over a quarter of an hour, now, has been the smell of roses, even though there is not a rose in the house.It is delightful! I am delighted.Why does it happen, sometimes, that we smell flowers out of nowhere?Or is this something that only my mother and I have experienced?Of course, I find it a lovely gift and let it go.My mother, when she smelled flowers, would declare in a panicked voice: "I smell flowers! … [Read more...]

The Unthinkable: To Rome I Go!

Back in July I did one of my loud, obnoxious huff-and-puffs:Honestly, do I have to go to Rome and storm the press office of the Holy See, and sit the curia down and pull their hats off to smack them upside the head?Now, oddly--unimaginably--well...I'm going to Rome and will be visiting the press offices of the Holy See, to boot!And no, you smart-alecks, the picture above is not meant to indicate that my presence in Rome portends a coming darkness. Stop that!What happened is basically … [Read more...]

Love Has Limits, Now?

In E. L. Doctorow's The Book of Daniel, a novel loosely based on trial and execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the children of arrested spies are put into the unwilling keeping of a distant relative - a woman who accepts the responsibility and then stumps off, saying, "I'll do my best, but that's all!"Reading it as a teenager, that was my first exposure to the idea that people could choose to put limits on love.Of course, the idea has gained some traction, particularly in the past 4 … [Read more...]

Receiving Communion at Age 6?

Horrible Little Girl on a Great Day, Age 6There is a question being bandied about, thanks to A Cardinal's Musings::Children today are maturing so quickly and are exposed to so many different influences that it might be time to consider allowing them to prepare for and receive their first Communion even before their 7th birthdays, said the head of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments."A child's first Communion is like the beginning of a journey with Jesus, in communion … [Read more...]

Listen to Lizzie

I don't know why you should; no one else does, and I've admitted to God more than once he mustn't listen to me either.But if you find you want to, and you're in the Louisville, Kentucky area, I'll be once again talking to Mike Janocik at WLCR AM 1040 on this piece on marriage in a relativistic age, which I hope to write more about, anon.Also, if you missed it, Melissa Clouthier chatted it up on her radio show a couple of weeks ago; it wasn't the raucous and rambunctious time had by Melissa, … [Read more...]

Lizzie's New Adventure!

Recent weeks have brought some new opportunities and looming adventures my way, and I will be rolling them out a little at a time, just to keep you in suspense, but today I can tell you that in addition to blogging here at First Things and contributing the occasional On the Square piece, I will also be managing the Catholic Portal over at Patheos.com.Some of you may recognize Patheos from my blogroll, and recent links by this and other blogs, including Hot Air and Instapundit have made to the … [Read more...]

The View Before My Eyes

Last minute plans for a getaway, in the general vicinity of Colonial Williamsburg. We are fortunate that my husband had lots of travel points; needed the break.A fine pub, indeed! Took that picture with my phone. Came out well, didn't it?Happy Catholic has a really GREAT picture thoughBlogging will be sporadic! … [Read more...]

Cough, cough

So, I thought I was much better and went about my normal routine.Now, I can't stop coughing and their is a green tinge to my world. Blogging will be light.But if you would like to get a sense of what I am doing, right now, go here for the rain, and then go here for the music.You'll thank me, and be glad.I will cough back at you, in return, and look woeful, until I have your pity. … [Read more...]

Draw Mohammed? No, but…

I know today was declared, "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" on the interwebz, but the notion stuck in my craw a little bit. I tend toward Ann Althouse's view:I don't like the in-your-face message that we don't care about what other people hold sacred. Back in the days of the "Piss Christ" controversy, I wouldn't have supported an "Everybody Dunk a Crucifix in a Jar of Urine Day" to protest censorship. Dunking a crucifix in a jar of urine is something I have a perfect right to do, but it would … [Read more...]