Dogs and God and Joy


REPOSTED. Because I miss my dog, who taught me so much.This is the kind of day where you stumble out of bed, put the coffee together, and make a soft-boiled egg for the sick dog, who should now be trying food. You make one for yourself, too. The dog watches you create her egg-and-bread, then turns up her nose at it, once you place it before her.As you prepare your own egg, letting the lovely hot yolk drip over a piece of crumbled rye bread, you gently try to coax the pooch into eating, … [Read more...]

Advent of the Super Genius!

my speed

Patheos is going to be launching a whole-site redesign, very soon. Long in the works, we expect to flip the switch sometime this weekend.What does it mean to you? Well . . .hopefully, not much. All redesigns have to shake out some bugs, but hopefully this process will be fairly painless.On my end, though, it's keeping me pretty busy and feeling a little changed to the desk. After calling it a night at about 2:00 AM, I realized I needed to avail myself of one of these. And one of these, … [Read more...]

Welcome to my Breakdown – UPDATED

mom calls

That's a song by Alice Cooper, right? Or lyrics?Actually I have another song, "Mama's Got a Squeezebox" in my head, but the words are "Mama's got a Burn Out..."The details aren't important, but I somehow managed to commit myself to several different, rather big, projects whose deadlines all fell between last Thursday and today. Actually, the big commitments end on Thursday, after I speak at a parish in New Jersey on Wednesday night (oh, by the way, I'll be speaking at Holy Cross Church, … [Read more...]

In the Arena, once more

Some of you liked the current-events discussion show "In the Arena" which broadcasts within the Diocese of Brooklyn (and livestreams here at and on which Yours Truly sometimes shows up.So, if you're at your computer tonight at 7PM (Eastern) or again at 11PM, scoot yourself over to here and watch the season debut, hosted by Jane Hanson.Just hit the orange "watch now" button in the upper right-hand side! … [Read more...]

"You mean radio…" -UPDATED

Performer Liz Lemon in HighDefMy husband is lounging about watching old episodes of 30 Rock, and he's hit on the Dealbreakers Talk Show episode, where Liz Lemon is prepping to debut as a talk-show host, and she's excited:Jack Donaghy: "Yes well, it's really happening for you Lemon. Between TGS and this, you're like a swarthy, big-hipped Kelly Ripa!"I've been listening in the background and identifying in a bit way with Liz Lemon who, upon telling people she is prepping a show keeps hearing … [Read more...]

A Balm for Fried Brains

Longtime readers know that when I get over-busy and overworked there is a crash and burn, (strangely enough, it's often an Crash-and-Burn-in-ADVENT) followed by a period of fried-brains-recovery that involves staring at beautiful fabric and period clothing, because despite my Tomboyish ways, somewhere within me there is a pathetically girly girl who is living in the wrong era and occasionally must be served.The past few days, which featured all my regular work, plus a few promised projects and … [Read more...]

Food-No-Touchees; Defeated Again!

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Cake

Thanksgiving a Cake!Is there a formal name for this phobia some people have about the foods on their plate...touching?It is common to see children squirm and pout when a piece of meat overlaps on to their green beans. Kids seem to instinctively understand that beans go here and potatoes go there and never the twain shall meet.Some adults lose that wisdom, as they grow older and less attentive. I do not count myself among their number.I may not eat at their table, … [Read more...]

Ah, Autumn! Gravestone Rubbings!

Oh, Autumn! My very favorite season. I love the crisp air, the crunch of brown leaves underfoot, the need to keep a light shawl handy as one is running errands, the wee creatures scurrying about, collecting their acorns for the long winter (and if the number of them falling from my oak tree is any indicator, it's going to be a cold, snowy one!) and I love the fuss and fun of Halloween!I love the howling winds, particularly in late October, when they remind us of the holy souls we'll remember … [Read more...]

"Someone's gonna die!"

I have been sitting here, working away at my desk, and all around me, for over a quarter of an hour, now, has been the smell of roses, even though there is not a rose in the house.It is delightful! I am delighted.Why does it happen, sometimes, that we smell flowers out of nowhere?Or is this something that only my mother and I have experienced?Of course, I find it a lovely gift and let it go.My mother, when she smelled flowers, would declare in a panicked voice: "I smell flowers! … [Read more...]

The Unthinkable: To Rome I Go!

Back in July I did one of my loud, obnoxious huff-and-puffs:Honestly, do I have to go to Rome and storm the press office of the Holy See, and sit the curia down and pull their hats off to smack them upside the head?Now, oddly--unimaginably--well...I'm going to Rome and will be visiting the press offices of the Holy See, to boot!And no, you smart-alecks, the picture above is not meant to indicate that my presence in Rome portends a coming darkness. Stop that!What happened is basically … [Read more...]