Anchoress quoted, but carefully…carefully

This is pretty funny - Ms Musings points to an article in the Chicago Tribune which quotes little ol' me, and my piece on the London attack.Christine writes, I give the Trib points for finding a relevant response to a current issue -- and for publishing a coherent excerpt -- but the minor edits still reveal the Trib's other problem with "Blog Spotting": a discomfort with real language...the paper drew the line at terms and phrases it considered too inflammatory to include. Turning … [Read more...]

Anchoress in rare bad mood. Ranting and mean.

I love that. The doc's office calls and says "your bloodwork is off, can't discuss it on the phone; the doctor would like to see you, would you like an appointment? We have nothing open until Tuesday!"You can just imagine the way I am muttering through my teeth right now.They'll call me if they get a cancellation tomorrow. Grrrrrr.I'm in a bad mood today and have decided to just stew over this for a while. Then I'll probably pray. But first, I'm stewing.And because I am in a bad … [Read more...]

Anchoress declared a “classy broad!” Her day is made!

I'm cracking up. A nice reader made a nice contibution to the honor system box and then dropped me a note letting me know about it. He said. "I don't always agree with you and sometimes I say I'm never going to read you again, but then I miss the way you go at it, and I like the way you treat your readers. I figure I can give up ten to keep a classy broad outfitted in bandwidth."Can I tell you how this made my day? The only think I would have liked more is if somehow he had sent me a … [Read more...]

Yes, I have succumbed

Back when I was on blogspot, I would occasionally get these cute emails from folks saying, "how can I donate to keep you in bandwidth," and I would get all flattered and thank them for their lovely and generous impulses, and remind them that Blogger was free, so they could just keep that buck or fiver or tenspot in their wallet!And...of can still keep the buck or fiver or tenspot in your wallet.But I'm off blogger now, and eating bandwidth like that unpleasant girl in Willie … [Read more...]

Navel gazing

Greg at What Attitude Problem has posted his answers to the personal preference questions asked by the obsequious James Lipton on "Inside the Actor's Studio."I'm in the mood to be a little goofy tonight, so I'll play along...1. What is your favorite word? Twee2. What is your least favorite word? Specific. It inspires lisps. I also don't like the word lisps.3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Praying the Divine Office.4. What turns you off? Ironing. Kill me … [Read more...]

The End is Near!

When Canadian Geese fall out of trees and onto windshields, we MUST be in end times!I've never seen anything like that in my life.I'm driving home from picking up Buster's latest prescription - and I see this giant Canadian least 25 lbs or more, fall through a tree, shattering the windshield of a passing car!I pull over to the side, to see if the driver is alright, and all I'm thinking is:WHAT THE??? CANADIAN GOOSE DO NOT SIT IN TREES!They don't do they?I couldn't … [Read more...]

I’m not too dumb to appreciate a compliment!

Once upon a time, I couldn't accept compliments; I would blush and stammer, and say, "oh, no, not really," (people must have found that so annoying...)I've learned how to accept a compliment and simply say "Thank you," to four folks I admire quite a lot.I still blush, but at least you don't have to listen to me stammer!Meanwhile, Buster, who was on the mend and had managed to both ably sing his Handel and play his sonata on Saturday, relapsed on Sunday, and so we're headed back to the … [Read more...]

You guys are killing me!

I'm setting up my blogroll right now (yeah, yeah, I know, I know the header is crooked and doesn't quite fit the page! I'm WORKING ON IT!!! Gimmee a break!)Anyway, I'm setting up with blogroll or whatever, and so I'm peeking in at all your sites...and I shouldn't be because it's slowing me down (even though on most days I DO try to visit all of you, anyway...that's not always possible, though) and I'm reading things that are just killing me.For example - Tim Blair writes on the passing of … [Read more...]

An apology and some self-recrimination

Self recrimination of a sort, anyway.First, the apology. A couple of kind fellow bloggers have sent me links to their writing over the past two days, and a few have sent address changes. I apologize if I have not yet gotten to reading/linking what you sent or to fixing your address in my blogroll. The first is because I have been sort of overwhelmed with some "real life" happenings as well as my own blog-move. The second is because I still haven't figured out how to do the blogroll thing … [Read more...]

A personal resolve to try to be more balanced

Trey at Jackson's Junction caught a very good blip, and it's really a keeper, from a compilation by MSNBC.After signing off, last night, I spent a lot of time thinking about the lessons of this pope, and where I fall short in them. Basically, I fall short all over the place. JPII managed to see people - first and foremost - as human beings, as imperfect created creatures, loved into being and called by their birth to vocations which are - ultimately - meant to love and serve the Creator and each … [Read more...]