My Biggest Fan

Few people in my family (and almost none of my friends) read my blog; I don't mind it - people are busy, after all, and I'm not that interesting, anyway.But every once in a while, I'll send my husband a link to something I've written, because I think he'll enjoy it.Today I sent him this piece about the wussification of the workplace.He said "I thought it was well-written, but are you veering off, now, into other subjects? I thought you just wrote about politics and religion. And … [Read more...]

Asking the Age-Old Question -UPDATE

Reader Brian J, who has supplied this site with mock movie posters and fun graphics (always surprising me; I don't think I've ever asked him to do any of it for me) has expanded his repertoire to include flash animation.My first video! Such a star, I am!And in answer to the age-old question, I guess . . . a chamber pot?Must have been ugly outside the window.Thanks, Brian!UPDATE: To those who can't make it out, the last line is "freaky." Which I certainly am, so...there you go. … [Read more...]

Re-recorded the "Treasury" Podcasts

Because the originals seemed to be set at too low a volume, I just got done re-recording all of the podcasts for the Treasury of Catholic Prayers.So, for those who complained (and who did not), please re-download what you like. I have added a few more prayers, and completely re-recorded the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because the first one included me gassing away interminably about I-forget-what. Now you can have just the prayer, without the rest.Oh, and I also recorded The … [Read more...]

The best thing about being a writer…UPDATED gives you an excuse to have a pretty notebook like this one in your purse:Then you can fill your notebook with all sorts of things you want to remember. Train schedules, addresses and phone numbers that you need all the time but simply can't remember. Random thoughts. Snippets of conversations you want to think more about. Bad poems written by yourself; better poems written by others. Quick little prayers. Things you have observed around you and pondered, and will want to revisit … [Read more...]

Old and New On the Square's

"On the Square" is, of course, the featured daily article of First Things Online, and I am remiss in that I had intended to link to the Ronald E. Osborn two-parter posted on Monday and Tuesday. Entitled Obama‚Äôs Niebuhrian Moment, it is a long and rather magnificent exposition of the influence of Reinhold Niebuhr on President Obama, as exposed in his Nobel-Prize acceptance speech.In his December 10, 2009, Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, President Barack Obama offered a vigorous defense of … [Read more...]

Lord, Don't Trust Lizzie! UPDATED

When writing about nuns on sleds, I happened to mention that my randomly-pulled patron saint for 2010 is St. Philip Neri, of whom I am not well-informed, beyond the fact that he was known to be "cheerful and charming."Since a lack of both charm and cheerfulness has generally defined Lizzie, I have been assuming that Neri and I would make an uncomfortable team; I am certainly open to being taught those habits (or traits) if they are in fact teachable, but I believe good St. Philip will find me … [Read more...]

My best blog post of 2009?

Glenn Reynolds notes that some bloggers are re-running what they feel are their "best" blogposts for 2009.Half the time, I can't even remember what I've written. I'm always amused when my Li'l Bro Thom reminds me of a line I've written, or someone emails that a particular post really "worked," for them, and I go back and re-read it and think, "hey, that's not bad; forgot I wrote it." Generally, the stuff I think is really good gets little attention and the stuff I think of as … [Read more...]

What are your New Year Resolutions? UPDATED

In the comments section, Dry Valleys (a lovable resident lefty who admits he doesn't know how he has ended up hanging out here so often and actually enjoying it) mentioned New Year's Resolutions, and I thought - what a good idea, why didn't I think of that?I'd love to hear what everyone is resolving to do this year. As usual, I am resolving to do better on my diet (I have made a good start in December, actually) and to be more disciplined in both spiritual and physical exercise.But my most … [Read more...]

Excuse my rant

I can't believe it.Here we are; it's the 18th of December. It is bitter cold out there.And still they come.The men who do the yards.My immediate neighbor and I are the only two on the block who do not use the services of a weekly "yard team" - a gang of men, trucks and machines who arrive promptly, every Friday morning at 8 AM, to begin mowing lawns, blowing leaves making such an unholy racket that -while I am sure they are very good sorts of men- I have come to hate them like … [Read more...]

Why I am not a novelist…

Over at Twitter, Kim Priestap wrote:The bad news: my 4 year old daughter has a stomach bug - again. The good news: I'm at 3600 words in NaNoWriMo.To which I replied, with great compassion:sorry about your daughter. what is nanowrimore?Ah...this sounds like fun, but not for me.I have written three or four complete novels in my life, and trashed all but one of them. Totally trashed, as in not one word still exists.I have one book still in a desk drawer; I wrote it so long ago, that it … [Read more...]