Anchoress Crashes and Burns. Film at 11:00.

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So, as sometimes happens in life, everything came to a head yesterday afternoon. After a so-so day at work, during which I made arrangements with my pediatrician to get a second cardiologist opinion on a situation with Buster (my brother is not long for this world, and my 15 year old is routinely clutching at his chest and turning purple - can we say stress overload?) I took a look at my schedule for the day. It included many errand-y, Christmas-themed type things, ending with the hour's drive … [Read more...]

God Bless Christopher Hitchens!

Hitchens, avowed atheist and virulent anti-Catholic would undoubtedly not appreciate the sentiment, but again I say, God bless him! As we watch the collective (and increasingly worrisome) breakdown of the Democrats, and we notice that not a SINGLE Democrat in a leadership position is telling these people to knock it off and "move on", Hitchens brings his own rigorous logic to the whole issue and calls Bush a champion of Secularism. And he's right. For all that American Christians of every stripe … [Read more...]

In the sickroom – And voting and Back

Blogging will be very light to non-existant today. After doing a week with my son's pneumonia and a weekend with S, I seem to have picked up an upper respiratory whatever, so I'm going to try to sleep/rest it away. I don't care how I'm feeling tomorrow, I'll be in that voting booth in the AM - voting to re-elect George W. Bush. Amen.UPDATE: Okay, so I dragged my disgusting self (I am a coughing, sneezing, hacking depository of whatever I picked up at the pediatricians office - and yes, I … [Read more...]

The press continues to block my view of Kerry

Had a chat with a person from Australia who insists that Kerry will be a better president than Bush, although he admits that he cannot tell me anything Kerry has done in the last 20 years that suggests he would be good presidential material or - more importantly - CIC material. "Elections are about the incumbent," he insisted, "if the incumbent has done a good job, you retain him; if he has done poorly, you fire him."Well.Firstly...I just can't understand how anyone can say they have no idea … [Read more...]

A Sense of Humor Helps

Was discussing this report of a bin Laden sighting with my pal and dearest little brother in Christ, Greg. He sighed in exasperation and said, "What is this guy, Bigfoot? Sightings? Don't they realize Bush is going to trot him out on The Tonight Show this Monday?"I needed that laugh. We're all too edgy these days, and I'm not meaning simply my family and our situation with S. I have friends - both Republicans and Democrats - calling me up in various stages of hysteria because the polls are … [Read more...]

The Book of Tobit is useful and under-utilized

Earlier, I wrote that I am in the process of putting together the liturgy for my brother's funeral.That's not just a hard sentence to write, it is a difficult task to set oneself to. It requires a willingness to say, "yes, I suppose this must be done, and better to do it now, when I am thinking clearly..." when one really doesn't yet want to...quite...believe that the end is near.Choosing from an approved list of prayers used throughout the Mass of Christian Burial is not difficult, even … [Read more...]