What are your New Year Resolutions? UPDATED

In the comments section, Dry Valleys (a lovable resident lefty who admits he doesn't know how he has ended up hanging out here so often and actually enjoying it) mentioned New Year's Resolutions, and I thought - what a good idea, why didn't I think of that?I'd love to hear what everyone is resolving to do this year. As usual, I am resolving to do better on my diet (I have made a good start in December, actually) and to be more disciplined in both spiritual and physical exercise.But my most … [Read more...]

Excuse my rant

I can't believe it.Here we are; it's the 18th of December. It is bitter cold out there.And still they come.The men who do the yards.My immediate neighbor and I are the only two on the block who do not use the services of a weekly "yard team" - a gang of men, trucks and machines who arrive promptly, every Friday morning at 8 AM, to begin mowing lawns, blowing leaves making such an unholy racket that -while I am sure they are very good sorts of men- I have come to hate them like … [Read more...]

My Husband: An Appreciation

I wrote this in April of '08 about my husband, but every word is still true. As we take off for a weekend of togetherness, I want to tell you, again, what a wonderful man God has gifted me with, though I do not deserve him:I don't write much about my husband because he's a private fella; now and again I'll relate a period of puzzlement he may express regarding our children or the books that disturb his sleep, or some recipe-gone-wrong. I think once I referred to him as a "swell egg."But … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to me!

October is my birthday month and I am 51. It is also our Wedding Anniversary month; we are married 27 years.Both hubby and I are deeply in need of some time away from our respective daily grinds -I frankly cannot read or write another word of news, stagecraft and revealed lies. He cannot stand another droning meeting or another day of deadlines and incessant beeping. We're very grateful to be able to earn our livings -and we love our jobs- but between beepers, emails, teleconferences, … [Read more...]

You really can get anything at Amazon!

While looking at my Amazon reports this morning, I note that someone bought this, and thought, "wow, you really can get everything at Amazon!" Then I whispered up a prayer for your intention, whoever you are!I love to check out the Amazon reports, because people order things I would never have known exists. Like these adorable little bowls and this egg poacher. My egg poacher first belonged to my birth mother. It's about 60 years old and beaten up, and two of the little poachy cups are … [Read more...]

Clearing out the tab

I've got some deadlines to meet and a project I'd like to get started, so I need to stop futzing around, reading news and blogs and get to it. Here is what's been cluttering up my tab-bar for the last day or so - it's a bit of a jumble, sorry:Malta, shamelessly cribbed from CrescatBeautiful Malta! Where Doug Kmiec is the new US Ambassador after what Dan Gilgoff describes as a "strange religious/political" swearing in. Kmiec is the Catholic former Reagan WH Legal Counsel who campaigned … [Read more...]

The Leadership Void; we need St. Benedict – UPDATED

Deacon Greg sent this my way, noting, "this is extraordinary, and the piece mentions you, too!"Such a star, I am!What is "extraordinary" is the lengthy post Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley put up in his blog, addressing the criticism he has received for presiding (in a very minimalist way, it must be said) at the Funeral Mass of Sen. Ted Kennedy.For the record, I wasn't one of those suggesting Kennedy should not have a Catholic funeral; my gripe was with the sanctification of the man by … [Read more...]

A "defining post"

Over at Conversion Diary, Jen is asking bloggers to tell what they think is their defining post.Impossible. I've written over 5,000 posts, most of them forgettable.Some of the posts involving Dick Meyer columns might have been good, and their stream-of-consciousness layout maybe defines my writing here. It's all what is in my head of a moment; 99% of what I write here is first-draft-rough-cut blowing off steam, confessing sins or just pondering.Like, the time I found out I was losing my … [Read more...]

Nibbling at News & Adoring

Did I happen to mention that things are absurdly busy around here? I'm having a great deal of difficulty keeping up. I want very much to respond to Rick, and his comments in this thread, and I also have other things I want to write, including a review of a terrific book you need to buy, but today is going to be "one of those days" - not least because I have an opportunity to go to Adoration this afternoon and I won't miss it, but it will eat up lots of hours.I have to say that since my … [Read more...]

Everything is different!

Hi folks, back from retreat, and I have a lot to share - highs and lows and all in between, plus two books that, when read back-to-back pack a substantial intellectual and spiritual wallop...but must wait until later to write. Thanks for checking in with me while I was gone and I hope you didn't mind the reposts, too terribly.My email is terribly backed up, of course, but things will be back to normal, soon...well, not normal. It will be impossible for anything to be what it was, since … [Read more...]