Predictions for the next 24 hours…

I ain't sly enough to actually make a prediction on the scale of Ed Morrissey's; he calls for a close race with McCain/Palin squeaking out a win.And - while I agree with her prediction - I won't take Kate's rather easy road on this one; of course she is correct.Okay, here's one prediction I'll make: If McCain/Palin wins, the press and the Dems will stroke out and Obama will play The Ultimate Chutzpah Card and say that at least 14 states (the big ACORN states) must be challenged because "the … [Read more...]

No Coal Power, No Questions in Obamaland – UPDATED

I don't know why the McCain camp is not running constant ads - at least in PA and Virginia, highlighting Obama's admission that - given the opportunity - he'll bankrupt any new coal plants.The press, of course, is mum. As we see with the LA Times, which arrogantly will release neither tape nor transcript of Obama speaking at an Israel-bashing event (can you just imagine how quickly they'd deliver same were John McCain speaking instead), they have no interest in actually covering anything … [Read more...]

Obama: Yes to Iran, No to WFTV

A reader who asks for anonymity but refers to himself as "a product of Pittsburgh Steelworkers" writes about his discomfort over Obama:Dear Anchoress:An observation about Barack Obama that bothers me enough to write somebody an email.Barack Obama said during the first debate that he would sit down and talk to Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism, without preconditions because he did not believe in the notion that by not talking to people we are somehow punishing them.Then when a Florida TV … [Read more...]

Noonan for Obama's Press Sec'y?

After the veep debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, Peggy Noonan looked like the sad lady at the end of the bar when she peered up at Brian Williams and said "she killed."One might have thought that Noonan, a avowed conservative and loyal keeper of the Reagan flame, would have been pleased with Palin having "killed" in the debate, but no - that was not the impression Noonan gave.A pal of mine who writes for a "prestigious" magazine - if any of them that, anymore - confessed to me that … [Read more...]

Tito: "This country has given me so much…"

Tito the Builder is cool.He's a nice change from the O-supporting digital brownshirts, too.H/TAn attitude of gratitude instead of entitlement. A patriot's love of country. An individual's understanding of personal exceptionalism. A guy who truly embodies the transformative power of genuine hope; the sparkle from the wheel.Some background on Tito Munez, the guy who came to America and said, "all I need is a chance."You go, Tito!Related: Class Tells; Class Wars Do NotI have a … [Read more...]

Press coverage negative on McCain?

If this does not frighten you — regardless of your political affiliation — then you deserve what this man will deliver with both houses of Congress, a filibuster-proof Senate, and, to quote Senator Obama again, “a righteous wind at our backs.”That a man so clear in his understanding of the Constitution, and so opposed to the basic tenets it provides against tyranny and the abuse of power, can run for president of the United States is shameful enough.We’re just getting started.Bill Whittle, to … [Read more...]

Our Unfree Press – -UPDATED

I have written often and often about the dangers a nation faces when its press is not free:It’s so tiring, you almost don’t want to bother saying it. But we have to keep pointing it out, this mad descent of the press, and not grow weary or complacent. The only way to keep the press honest is to keep it accountable; that is our responsibility - yours and mine - a free press is an unencumbered, detached, open and honest press. And we must have it; we must insist that our press be free - una … [Read more...]

The stupidest girl in the world

Had a doctor's appointment so I missed this when it broke.I'm so glad I followed my gut and didn't buy into this story:How stupid and/or needy is this kid?Police sources tell KDKA that a campaign worker has now confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter "B" in her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker.Ashley Todd, 20, of Texas, initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield and that the suspect became enraged and started … [Read more...]

McCain Volunteer attacked & maimed? UPDATED

Well, the blogosphere is all abuzz (even if the national, mainstream media seem not to be) about this alleged attack on a 20-year old McCain volunteer, which started out as a mugging, and - perhaps - became an assault and "branding."Glenn Reynolds says: this is so serious that I predict it will get almost one-tenth as much national coverage as something some guy may have yelled at a Palin rally once.I did not jump on the story because I'm a New Yorker and my first thought was: Tawana … [Read more...]

Going after Joe the Plumber & America w/ UPDATES!

To my way of thinking, Joe the Plumber - singing the psalm of the common man, and representing the views of the middle class and what we once used to call "the Silent Majority" - has completely terrified the left, the Obama camp and the press.And so...he must be destroyed. So what happens to Mr. Wurzelbacher for expressing his views?Reports in the mainstream media appear claiming that he is unlicensed (even though he doesn't need one as an employee of a business or as a contractor working on … [Read more...]