Yep the KGB tried to kill JPII

It's not a surprise, but good to finally have it confirmed.The world will not see his like again. … [Read more...]

What can we say about Terri and Felos? And the pope?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this - I haven't looked around the blogosphere yet, but I'm quite certain that someone has beaten me to it.Nevertheless...He is not swallowing well.He is not talking.He is not walking.Whew, I am SO GLAD he's the pope and is at least being treated respectfully, that he is not some poor woman in Florida with a lawyer going in and out of the room giving reports about her "serene and beautiful death," complete with details of urine output and morphine … [Read more...]

Ignorant. Foul. Adolescent. Idiotic. Offensive. Ugly.

So - Matt Taibbi thinks he's found fifty ways the pope's impending death/death is funny.I won't link to it - it's such a waste of time.For my delicate readers, please skip this post, because not only am I going to quote this tawdry, pathetic asshole, but I'm going to use the word asshole, too.I guess I'm just not sophisticated enough to enjoy this dweeb's "humor." A few samples of what passes for sophisticated "wit" from this member of the "tolerant left."49.After beating for the last time, … [Read more...]

Curses! Newsweek’s Chris Dickey is foiled again!

Okay, I'm just having fun with that title, but I cannot help but think, when I read this, that Newsweek's Christopher Dickey must be grinding his teeth:Pope John Paul has started speaking again after his recent throat surgery, is mentally alert and making decisions about the running of the Roman Catholic Church, a top cardinal said Tuesday.The announcement by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to reporters in the lobby of the Gemelli Hospital minutes after seeing the Pope stunned many, since even some … [Read more...]

My newest pen pal, His Holiness

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 28, 2005 ( The Holy See opened an e-mail address for those wishing to send a message of closeness to John Paul II, re-hospitalized since last week at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome.The address, announced on the Vatican's Web page, isjohn_paul_ii@vatican.vaYou know he's just sitting there tapping his fingers waiting to hear from yours truly, right? :-)But hey...if you have his email address, don't be a stranger, drop a line! … [Read more...]

The holiness of BE-ing

Newsweeks Christopher Dickey makes report that is so odd, I wonder why Newsweek printed it, because it seems terribly unfocused. Reporting on Pope John Paul's seeming refusal to pack it in, Dickey writes:Even as the aged pope's body shuts down in the late stages of Parkinson's disease, his will to live—and to impose his will on the Roman Catholic faithful—remains as stubborn as ever.In the days before he was readmitted to the hospital...the pope insisted on making public appearances...The pope al … [Read more...]

Fatima and John Paul II

A reader named Jim alerted me to this terrific article by Joseph Bottum, who will soon be taking over editor's duties at First Things magazine (the second time this week someone has referred me to this publication - I will have to check it out - feeling nudged by the Holy Spirit).Bottum writes a piece that is very informative for those who are not familiar with the story of Fatima, and what happened there. And if you are familiar with it, you may come away with a fuller appreciation of the … [Read more...]

John Paul II: The Lion in Winter

You have to hand it to the old man. His mind, sadly encased in a disobedient body, is still hardy, and he still has something to say, no matter how the Secular Humanists of Europe and the American Left might not want to hear it, no matter how it might tick off people who are too busy reacting and kvelling to really hear what is being said, no matter how much it might offend the increasingly prickly and defensive media.He has written a new book, Memory and Identity: Conversations Between … [Read more...]

Buckley: Let the pope die!

William F. Buckley speaks for many, I think, in this essay wondering why, if the Pope was so near death recently, he was not simply allowed to die.That sounds colder than Buckley is meaning, of course. He relates a nice anecdote about John Paul II and then wonders about it, that's all. I remember him as he was leaving Havana to return to Rome. Fidel Castro was there to recite the diplomatic amenities. The pope was standing on the gangway of his airplane and suddenly rain fell. As John Paul spoke … [Read more...]

Wojtyla! Wojtyla! Wojtyla!

Somehow, I don't think I was the only one who, seeing the wonderful, almost eerie pictures of the dove who would not leave John Paul alone, considered that it might be a sign that this transparently holy man would be soon called to heaven.I have thought for a long time that he would be with us until some important event took place, that through all of his illness and suffering, there was a reason he was still alive. Could the Iraq elections have been that event? For all that "the Vatican" (which … [Read more...]