Witnessing the heart as it cracks – UPDATED

It is not possible to remain unmoved as Rep. Charles Melancon (D-LA) finds the break point."Everything that I know and love is at risk."Watch it all. Melancon's sincere pain is a rebuke to the incessant political posturing we see out of Washington, and all the artless media outrage to which we have become so accustomed.In all seriousness--because this is a very serious situation--it seems that Chris Matthews' heart is breaking, too:Allahpundit writes of Matthews:But now that I’ve w … [Read more...]

Kentucky: No Power, No FEMA – UPDATED

Shadydowns:I know, an ice storm in Kentucky is not a hurricane in La. but still, thousands of people STILL without power, that’s heat and water. It’s cold here folks.Food is getting scarce in some places and I heard on the radio some places folks are getting water from streams etc.We not all a bunch of dumb rednecks who have no meaning or matter in this country. Where is the outrage about the lack of action? Where?Some pictures.Americans are freezing and dying but I guess I've missed And … [Read more...]

Katrina: Democrat, Ike: Republican

Over at Pajamas Media, Dr. Melissa Clouthier is having trouble integrating after Hurricane Ike even though, as she quickly admits, many are much worse off than she.Every home — and that is not an exaggeration — had at least one tree down. The community is called The Woodlands for a reason. Trees define it. The question was where the trees went. Many went through the roofs of their owner’s homes causing flooding.Saturday morning brought unrelenting rain, so a hole in the roof meant water dam … [Read more...]

100 Hours after Katrina

Well, it looks like NOLA thankfully has dodged a bullet (although we said that once before) and the Democrats fondest hopes for chaos seem weakened.I had the impression that Gov. Bobby Jindal was much more in charge, and organized, for Gustav than Gov. Kathleen Blanco had been for Katrina - but then, Jindal didn't need President Bush to call him repeatedly to beg the governor to call the National Guard.Gad...the press might even have to go cover the GOP convention in Minnesota, now!I … [Read more...]

Telethon Convention & More

The GOP Plan to turn the convention into a telethon/public service event is brilliant and I whole-heartedly support it. I hope it's exactly what they do. Of course it will be spun as "cynical opportunism and desperation" by the press and the Dems. But that should never stop you from doing the right thing.And really, it doesn't matter...no matter what happens, everything is Bush's fault, or McCain's fault, or, - "tee-hee God's apparently loving the Dems so much he will destroy lives and … [Read more...]

Quick hits from the Insomniac

The good thing about insomnia: in the wee small hours, you get caught up on your blogging and finally have time to link to all those things you've been meaning to. Got some email answered, too. Please forgive me if I have not responded; I try, but lately there is so much of it, that some does slip through the cracks.Happy 5th Anniversary: to American Digest. Vanderleun seems inclined to his couch for the summer. Not a bad idea as we gear up for what promises to be an eventful autumn … [Read more...]

The truth about the NOLA floods and Katrina

Pssst...Paul at Wizbang has the whole story, and no one seems to care. It might ruin the existing narratives, you know. (H/T GatewayPundit.Paul asks an important question - WHY did Congress hide information? Clearly something/someone being protected. Can't be Bush - if it could have hurt Bush it would have been used along with everything else they threw at him re Katrina. But Mary Landreiu and others got a lot of money outta congress to take care of the levees, and they clearly were not … [Read more...]

Police Chief Admits Katrina crime “exaggerated…”

NOLA Police Chief Eddie Compass finally talks straight about Katrina. Too little too late."In hindsight, I guess I heightened people's fears by me being the superintendent of police, reporting these things that were reported to me," Mr. Compass said of the unverified accounts of crime and disorder in flooded New Orleans that he repeated to the press and on "The Oprah Winfrey Show.""But there was really no way for me to check definitively. So instead I erred on the side of caution. I didn't … [Read more...]

Both Parties Entwined in Mediocrity

For some reason this is generating lots of traffic, so I'm reposting it; it must be striking a chord, today.September 9, 2005 Both parties entwined in mediocrityHave you ever gone to a doctor to be treated for one thing, only to find that you are suffering from something else, as well, and that both problems are rooted in an iatrogenic third situation - a problem caused by how physicians initially treated another complaint, entirely?Something like that is happening in America.Once upon a … [Read more...]

Katrina, this is getting boring!

Oh my Gawd! There's a tape of a briefing and Roy Nagin is "shocked, shocked."Let's review, again.Everyone thought the levees might not hold through a hurricane.Then they held.Does everyone forget that Hurricane Katrina passed New Orleans and the first reports were, "whew! That's a bullet we dodged!"The levees broke loose later, along with all hell. I think the president meant to say, "no one anticipated the levees to break AFTER THE FACT." Everyone anticipated them breaking DURING … [Read more...]