Morning Prayer for April 3

For anyone who is interested, here is a podcast of morning prayer for Friday, April 3, as we near the end of Lent.Insomniac night, so please pardon the scratchy voice. I was very tired when I put it together.If you are looking for other podcasts, or the Rosaries, I have moved them from the right sidebar to left, for now. I haven't decided whether I like them there, or not.Someone asked me if - for next week and the Triduum - I would podcast some pertinent scripture. I'm thinking about … [Read more...]

Thorns, Surrender & Coming Out – UPDATED

The Recent Mrs. ChinsTwo of my brothers are gay, and both of them found that coming out afforded them great peace and freedom. No longer needing to hide a portion of themselves, unconstricted by fear and having escaped the deceptive "safety" of their hiding place, they became more at ease in themselves - easier to be around in general - and more fully the men whom God had created them to be. They also discovered that their coming out did not make them less lovable or beloved.So, their … [Read more...]

Prayer Penance and Pain – UPDATED

For reasons not worth getting into, there are times when my entire body is just one big ball of pain, where every inch of me aches. Usually it has to do with an incoming storm, or a weather system that is passing nearby.It happened tonight. We had a beautifully warm day, and I had no idea what the weather reports were saying, but I should have known we were due for rain because by suppertime I was almost blind from pain. After putting the dishes away I hit the sack, hoping an hour's nap … [Read more...]

Rosary Podcast: Sorrowful Mysteries

If you've ever watched Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, you'll realize you are watching the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, beginning with the Agony in the Garden.I am often asked by non-Catholics why we spend so much time pondering the Passion of the Christ, and not the Resurrection. Well, we do both - just as we, all year long and not just at Christmas, keep the mysteries of his Incarnation before us in various ways, through devotions and feast days, we ponder the mysteries of the … [Read more...]

Lent Prep: Confession Primer

Been a long time since you've been to confession?Well...Lent is comingSo are hard times.If you're feeling fretful, you may want to try incorporating some prayer and spiritual discipline into your life. And if you're Catholic, and you want to get back into church, and begin to re-engage with the sacraments, or simply to get the most out of Lent, you might want to try going back to confession.I confess, I love this sacrament and lately have been partaking of it once a month, both for the … [Read more...]