Catching Up – UPDATES

Some interesting updates to the ongoing story of the NY Times and the Pope.Currents TV has a telephone interview with Fr. Thomas Brundage, the priest who adjudicated the Milwaukee case in question but was never contacted by the Times, and who wrote, among other things:"...the fact is that on the day that Father Murphy died, he was still the defendant in a church criminal trial. No one seems to be aware of this."What people also do not seem to be aware of is that, while the statute of … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Lev on the Looping of History

One gets the sense that if Edmund Burke showed up today, he'd look around and say "meh, I've seen this before; know how it ends."This is excellent; a piece by Elizabeth Lev which takes a gander at history and finds some astonishing parallels with the present moment.In 1790, most of the world was congratulating France for what seemed like a successfully completed revolution. The hated King had been brought to heel, and change had swept through an oppressed nation, offering hope for a … [Read more...]

Clarity & Spirited Defense re Pope -UPDATED

CLARITY After adding a link to this post, I decided that this piece by Jimmy Akin deserves to be more than a footnote in a blogpiece.I am not saying that the Holy See’s handling of abuse cases can’t be legitimately criticized. I’m not saying that then-Cardinal Ratzinger/now-Pope Benedict XVI didn’t experience a learning curve on this point. And I don’t know what else is out there that remains to be discovered.But I am saying that the media is getting this story wrong, particularly in the case … [Read more...]

Murphy Case: NYT Never Talked to Judge – UPDATES

In a remarkable piece, we get a sense of confirmation, that the New York Times and the mainstream press are doing their best -during Holy Week, as usual- to (at the very least) foment disgust at the Pontiff and the Catholic Church and/or (at worst) create a climate that "demands" a papal abdication.But curiously, as the media talk endlessly about an extremely sick case out of Wisconsin, the Times -which "broke" the story- seems to have been very selective in their sources. Fr. Thomas … [Read more...]

Podcast: Mass Readings of the Day

Ah, you knew I couldn't keep totally silent, right? Finally found a good cord for podcast recordings, so I thought I would give you the mass readings for the day, which are from Isaiah 49:1-6 and John 13:21-33, 36-38.I've included the Responsorial Psalm, too, which is number 71.It is Holy Week, after all.Sorry about the "Master, where are y'goin'?" We New Yorkers do have a problem, sometimes, with those g's. … [Read more...]

Randomness & Event Horizon – UPDATED

Getty ImagesRarely has the introduction of a work of art struck me as so exactly suited to its times as Antony Gormley's Event Horizon, whereby we find ourselves encountering a naked fiberglass-and-metal naked man at random spots in the city.From March 26 to August 15, New Yorkers will be encountering this form -made from body casts of the artist- amid their daily meanderings. As morning fog lifts, his eerie-but-beautiful silhouette will be visible. Those texting as they walk may bang into … [Read more...]

The Vigil of "Yes"

When I decided to turn this into an Online Retreat Day, I confess I had not thought much about it ending on the vigil of the Feast of the Annunciation, one of the most important feast days of the church. But it always good to complete a day of prayer with meditation on this particular moment. Without Mary's fiat to set the whole mysterious pageant of salvation into its culminating track, where would we be?Our good friends, the Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ celebrate this vigil with a special … [Read more...]

The Dark Light of Time, Memory & Meaning

"Nature abhors a vacuum."Had a conversation with young atheist who has trouble accepting that there might be things both natural and supernatural.Supernaturalism is, to him, unprovable, and therefore impossible.They always amaze me, these "wide open" minds who put so many limits on what can be believed, and rely so heavily on science, which is -at its core- a trying to understand all, because in truth we understand so little. Science itself -like all understanding- is ever-evolving.Why, … [Read more...]

Retreat 1 PM: The Difference God Makes

H/T"He who loves God loves everybody. He who hates God hates everybody." -- Mother AngelicaThe only hate worth fearing is the hate within our own hearts, which can destroy us. The rest? Pfffft! … [Read more...]

Retreat Day 10 AM: The Cross that Heals

Photo: Gregory A. Shemitz "When the dire venom of beasts came upon them, and they were dying from the bite of the crooked serpents, your anger endured not to the end. But as a warning, for a short time they were terrorized, though they had a sign of salvation, to remind them of the precept of your law. For he who turned toward it was saved, not by what he saw, but by you, the savior of all. And by this also you convinced our foes that you are he who delivers from all evil." - Widsom … [Read more...]