Lenten Retreat Day 6 AM

Bare arms of Advent reached out in supplication toward an empty sky and prayed "open up O earth and let the savior bud forth"Budding arms at Lent's closing hail the promise of new life hint at resurrectionBeyond the sky-dust gloom the palest -so pale!- of lights penetration dense barriers rolled back with mustard-seed strengthPiercing light is key the True light pierced poured forth radiant beams five-point illumination light for the world making all things newIn your light we see light … [Read more...]

A 360 View of the Holy Sepulchre – UPDATED

I'm unlikely to ever get there, so I found this completely mesmerizing.And when it finally showed the Tomb where Christ was lain, and where He rose...well...silly me. Sitting here suddenly awash in tears.Enjoy.UPDATE: It occurs to me that some might benefit from knowing about the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C. which contains a replica of the Church of the Sepulchre. If you don't think you'll ever make it to the Holy Land, consider checking this place out. My husband and I … [Read more...]

Stations of the Cross: a Treasure

When we talk about "treasures of the church" I always think of the Stations of the Cross, which is one of my favorite devotions.When you are feeling stressed and need to be taken out of yourself (or you need to find meaning in what you're going through) the Stations of the Cross "walk you through" the Passion of Christ, and it is staggering how often whatever you are bringing to that Via Dolorosa finds its expression on the cross with Christ.I remember once, praying in a hospital chapel … [Read more...]

"Fear is useless, what is needed is trust."

Pondering the possibility of America being "remade" under the auspices of a Health Care Non-Vote-Deeming, I found myself thinking of St. Patrick, and the conflict between the English and the Irish; the Irish famine and the longview of God, which we cannot see or understand.SourceMany in America -a distinct majority, if polls are to be believed- are against the Health Care reforms we call "Obamacare" and they're angry about the manner in which the Democrat-run Congress is trying to force … [Read more...]

St Patrick's Breastplate & Lent

Reposted from 2007It is not what thou art, nor what thou hast been, that God looks upon with his merciful eyes, but what thou wouldst be. – The Cloud of Unknowing.Keep before your own eyes that which you would wish to be. Don’t be distracted by what other people are, but keep focused as much as possible, on your own soul. We all have regrets. We all wish we’d not done some things in our lives (many things, in my case). We all have things we hate about ourselves.But we were all born for a pu … [Read more...]

The Value of a Good "Mea Culpa"

Reposted, by request, from 2007:It's struck me for a while, now, that we Catholics, who begin each Mass with a Penitential Rite meant to free us from the lesser - not grievous or mortal - sins, have been short-changing ourselves by our choice in how we do it.In most parishes today, the Penitential Rite will be a series of affirmations tied in to the Kyrie, so you might hear something like this:"Lord Jesus, You are the Light of the World and our Salvation, Lord Have Mercy" (to which the … [Read more...]

And quieter, still…

If the lost word is lost, if the spent word is spent If the unheard, unspoken Word is unspoken, unheard; Still is the unspoken word, the Word unheard, The Word without a word, the Word within The world and for the world; And the light shone in darkness and Against the Word the unstilled world still whirled About the centre of the silent Word.O my people, what have I done unto thee.Where shall the word be found, where will the word Resound? Not here, there is not enough silence Not on the sea … [Read more...]

Lenten Retreat Day

Took this with my phone. Came out well, didn't it?I know, I'm very quiet. Sorry. It's a quiet Lent. I feel so disinclined toward reading or writing about politics, and spiritually this has been a very stillpoint/nothing, emptying sort of Lent; often (and this may come as no surprise, to some of you) there is just nothing going on in my head. You could roll bowling balls through there and hit nothing. Drop a penny on my skull, you'll hear an echo.As I said, some of you may have … [Read more...]

Random Lenten Thoughts – UPDATED

I love spending time going through my various "Quotations" books. I have Bartlett's,of course, and many others, some from the popular culture, some from politics, some from business and so forth. I have always wished to be better-educated than I am, and I find the "quote" books to be an expeditious way of familiarizing myself with the thoughts of writers, philosophers, thinkers; often reading a provocative quote from a writer will be the springboard for a brief obsession - a flirtatious and … [Read more...]

Breaching the Resistance of the World

I've written many times, albeit rather clumsily, on the notion that abortion prevents the absolute love of God, ever ancient, ever new, from entering into the world, and thus serves darkness, not light. I feel compelled to write more about that, in the coming days, but for now I must share this incredible insight by the servant of God Madeleine Delbrêl, a French laywoman and writer who died in 1964, and who manages -at the end of this excerpt- to say what I have meant, so succinctly, albeit, … [Read more...]