Denver is Burdened with His Guilt…

As Deacon Greg points out, this video is a nice Lenten reminder that we have the means of unburdening ourselves and making things right.The video was cute and also a little sad for me; I hated seeing Denver so burdened. I believe God hates to see us so burdened by our sins, too. And the owner makes a good point with the second dog who "let it happen." We are supposed to help each other through our worst temptations.I doubt very much that the videomaker was trying to produce a … [Read more...]

Nun Humor on Fasting, More – UPDATED

By a Benedictine with a sense of humor.Benedictines -- at least the "old school" ones -- are bound by their vow of poverty to waste nothing, even unto making a little pile of their breadcrumbs and such from each meal and consuming it. So, for them every crumb does count...especially in Lent, when the fasting is (again, for "old school" Benedictines and more traditionally-minded monastics) fairly regimented.In his Holy Rule, Benedict writes:The life of a monk ought to be a continuous Lent. … [Read more...]

Big Fat Tuesday Lenten Linkfest!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, of course, and today is Shrove Tuesday, aka Fat Tuesday, so let's take a look at the wealth of excellent posts and articles that the internets put at our disposal about these vital, and vitally important days. I suspect I am not the only one who is feeling grateful that this season of repentance, quiescence and discipline is upon us. Personally, I feel like I need it. But it feels like the whole world needs it too, doesn't it? I can't tell you how many emails I've … [Read more...]