Don't prosecute assaults, thefts & burglaries?

Reader misogynist - who is a libertarian sort - sends this along with the note, "this is some scary stuff, right here..." Misdemeanor crimes such as assaults, thefts and burglaries will no longer be prosecuted in Contra Costa County because of budget cuts, the county's top prosecutor said Tuesday. District Attorney Robert Kochly also said that beginning May 4, his office will no longer prosecute felony drug cases involving smaller amounts of narcotics. That means anyone caught with less than a … [Read more...]

Proposition 8 and Believers

As I leave for retreat, I note it's getting pretty hot in California and elsewhere regarding Proposition 8. Almost sad to be incommunicado as the debate rages. Does seem to me, though - from a strictly legislative point of view, anyhow - that the "will of the people," is supposed to mean something. Had gay marriage been approved, that would certainly (and justly) be the case, wouldn't it? As my Li'l Bro Thom said to a co-worker at his job (about a different but similar issue) "...this is a … [Read more...]

Live-blogging the final Debate?

No, not me. I haven't the stamina to watch-and-blog because I get too anal about trying to get "everything." Not worth making myself nuts over. While you're waiting though, take a look at what the Ohio Secretary of State thinks is Democracy in Action, and get a load of Gay Patriot's state-by-state electoral fraud post. It ain't pretty. I see the press already has their talking points from Lord Obama. If you're looking for liveblogging, it's usually fun times for that over at Althouse's … [Read more...]

Ohio: A wee Banana Republic?

Yes, an obvious exaggeration, but this Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, needs to lose her job, yesterday. Almost as if she anticipated a court ruling a few hours later, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner promised yesterday to give county elections workers access to a list of possibly problematic voter registrations. She'd been sitting on them, you see. Something like 200,000 of them. She's been told to provide by Friday; says can't do it until Monday at least. Gotta buy … [Read more...]

ACORN, Media & the Angry Right

We're watching the press out-and-out lie in its reportage. We're watching YouTube censor what may negatively impact their man. Networks will sell 1/2 chunks of airtime to the Obama campaign, but will not run an ad by his critics. Ann Althouse notes that basic accurate transcription appears to be beyond the press' capability. No wonder the GOP rank-and-file are edgy, and angry. They know what "free speech" is. They've been gritting their teeth and respecting the first amendment for the last … [Read more...]

Holy Eucharist & "Crackers" – UPDATED

Medal-Cross of St. Benedict Is it too much, really, to ask reporters to get it right? They always seem to write some variation of this: ...he smuggled a Eucharist, a small bread wafer that to Catholics symbolic (sic) of the Body of Christ after a priest blesses it... No. We believe it is the Real Body and Blood of Christ, after consecration. Not a "symbol" after a "blessing." Is that so hard to get straight? Don't know how I missed this story, but I almost wish it had not been brought to … [Read more...]

I thought the GOP was the dumb party

I know that Democrats and members of the left are supposed to be our intellectual betters, and that those of us center or center-right are all "knuckledragging neanderthals" (Ted Kennedy, circa 2002) but the Dems seem to be making some very dumb unforced errors, heading into the Fourth of July Weekend and their National Convention: 1) Only Fox News reported positive news from Iraq. Because God forbid we should hear it (and think well of our troops) as we head into Fourth of July! The … [Read more...]

Is Canada the Stepford Nation?

Okay, so Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Kate, and Kathy and other writers are being hounded for daring to presume a freedom to express themselves in a country that has fixated on "being nice" over being "sensible" or "honest" or "provocative" or even "cranky" if one wants to be cranky. We already know that extremely liberal, extremely "nice" Canada claims authority over the public utterings and mutterings of its people (unlike, for instance, the "fascist" regime down in DC who, belying their … [Read more...]

Your Afternoon Chesterton

Yes, I'm on a kick, but don't stop me - this stuff is good for us. "Idolatry is committed, not merely by setting up false gods, but also by setting up false devils; by making men afraid of war or alcohol, or economic law, when they should be afraid of spiritual corruption and cowardice." - G. K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News 9/11/09 … [Read more...]

"Familiarity & Yearning"

At Fausta's Blog, she links to this lovely short film, a sweetly evocative scene of the joys of anticipation to which we - in our era of immediate gratification - no longer allow ourselves. Perhaps that is why it made one of Fausta's reader's weep; perhaps we miss anticipation in our move to easy cynicism, and we miss the intimacies of family which allow us to know each other so well that we may both tease and enjoy each other. And in the background, Bryn Terfel singing the Welsh … [Read more...]