Welcome Archbishop Dolan!

Archbishop Dolan Knocks, as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton looks on (shamelessly cribbed from Rocco)“I was at the vespers when he was installed as bishop [of Milwaukee]. And there’s a part where the bishop knocks on the door. Most do it timidly. Tap, tap. Not him — ‘Bang! Bang!’ It echoed through the cathedral and let everyone know that Timothy Dolan was there.” –Rev. Steven M. Avella, history professor at Marquette.In keeping with his apparent habit, Archbishop Timothy Dolan knocked resoundingly la … [Read more...]

Feast of the Annunciation

"The Angel of the Lord appeared unto Mary," R: And she conceived by the Holy Spirit -- The AngelusA nearby parish rings the Angelus bells twice a day, and I love it. Sometimes in Manhattan, you can hear a church ringing the Angelus. People hurry by; possibly few of them even hear the bells, and those who do may think they are simply tolling 6PM, or noon.The Angelus is a devotion of the Church. At the tolling of the bells, signifying mid-day or evening prayer, a leader will intone, "The … [Read more...]

Inflation in the Nation

Over at Inside Catholic, Brian Saint-Paul talks the Federal Reserve, Inflation and Duck Tales.No, really. Start with this video:Then go read his "Money Meltdown" interview with Tom Woods.We're in big trouble - on all sides, politically, socially, spiritually - pick a battle and start working. Support it all on a foundation of prayer and something good may come of your efforts.This week Buster and I talked about coming threats, implosions and take-overs, and I told him again: … [Read more...]

Podcast: Morning Prayer March 20

"Loving God is the work of a lifetime: spending time in prayer and meditation; listening for the still small voice; learning to live as God wills, by justice and charity; contemplating the gifts we receive, the gifts that we take easily for granted. Only then do we grow near to the kingdom of God." -- Fr. Joseph T. Lienhard, S.J.The Podcast of Morning Prayer is here. Penitential, for Friday, of course.The Canticle from Jeremiah always breaks my heart:If I walk out into the field, look! … [Read more...]

Podcast: Morning Prayer March 13

The podcast for Morning Prayer is here.I apologize that I'm still a bit wheezy from the cold. I have a special request of anyone praying the Hour with me - if you could remember my son Buster in your prayers; he has a big test coming up in school today and though he has studied for it, he's asked me to pray for him, because it's the one class he struggles with, and he can't afford to fail it. Thanks. … [Read more...]

Podcast Vespers for March 12

Still have a cold, the mic is still problematic (I think it's time to bite the bullet and pick up a new one) but here is the podcast of Vespers for March 12.I'm sorry that it sounds a bit tiny. I had to speak up over the cold and the bad mic, so it's a little less "restful" sounding than usual. I apologize.Sort of a goofy turn...I had some difficulty with one of the psalms, where it says "Before Him all Kings shall fall prostrate."It kept coming out "prostate."Too bad for all those … [Read more...]

Morning Prayer (With a cold)

Awoke this morning with one of those messy, wet colds, so it took a bit of doing to find my voice today. I think I edited out all the coughs and sniffles, so here is a podcast of morning prayer for March 12.My voice may sound a bit deeper at some points.I found my lectio today in the third psalm, #81, "I answered, concealed in the storm cloud..."Yes. Sometimes we do not recognise the answers we seek, because they seem to be enshrouded in storms, and disguised as clouds.I can't say it … [Read more...]

A Pep Talk & Morning Prayer

Okay, the emails are sounding very, very down.Here is morning prayer preceded by about a 5 minute, extemporaneous pep talk inspired by the emails.I have no idea what I'm blathering on about or whether it will help, but there it is.Pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Incorporate this into your life. It will change your perspective and give you the patience to take the long view. I promise. And, if you are inclined, pray the various mysteries of the rosary. Contemplative prayer changes … [Read more...]

Housekeeping / Commercial Interruption

First, I want to shout out a big thank you to all of you who have used the Amazon search button (or any of my amazon links) to purchase goods - I'm especially grateful for whoever it was bought the Amazon Kindle, as it brought a $35 kickback to the site.What I have been doing with Amazon monies is putting 30% of the earnings into a charity (varies between the hospice which helped my brother and the Summit Nuns Capital Campaign, because our good sisters' kitchen cabinets are falling on them as … [Read more...]

Vespers for Friday Feb 20

Got the podcast going for today:Here is Vespers.Praying made easy! And this is the Breviary I use: … [Read more...]