The "Safe Haven" of Grace

I like this piece by Tony Rossi, over at Patheos, about Nicholas Sparks, author of The Notebook, who talks about his latest novel, Safe Haven, but also about what he has learned about the safety and strength that comes from making a commitment, either to marriage, or to something else:Commitment through difficult times has been a factor in Nicholas Sparks’ relationship with God too. Both his parents were killed in accidents and his sister died of brain cancer, so the author admits to having s … [Read more...]

Reasoned Loyalty; the Tuesday Column

My Tuesday Column is up, wherein I wonder about whether an adult and fully-formed faith should rest upon reason or loyalty, and decide that, requires both:Reasonable Catholicism is reasoned loyalty, or sometimes even loyalty with gritted teeth; it is loyalty that insists upon the application of reason lest its value be questioned. By the same token, intellectualism that is not tempered with loyalty ends up pickling itself in its own ego. Either one, by itself, is incomplete. Both … [Read more...]

Lizzie's New Adventure!

Recent weeks have brought some new opportunities and looming adventures my way, and I will be rolling them out a little at a time, just to keep you in suspense, but today I can tell you that in addition to blogging here at First Things and contributing the occasional On the Square piece, I will also be managing the Catholic Portal over at of you may recognize Patheos from my blogroll, and recent links by this and other blogs, including Hot Air and Instapundit have made to the … [Read more...]

Early Onset Alzheimer's & One Spousal Choice

Have been meaning to embed this all day, a video from CBS Sunday Morning, picked up via Deacon Greg:This is a stunning, sad, heartbreaking story, with a twist at the end that may surprise some.Deacon Greg, who in his past employment knew this couple, describes the pain as palpable. That, it undeniably is.Please watch it and share your thoughts. I have thoughts of my own, but I don't want to put them out, yet; I want to read your reactions.Watch CBS News Videos OnlineRod Dreher is … [Read more...]