We’re in this together, outside of time

I have been corresponding with a friend who is enduring the loss of a beloved family member; his grief is still very new. My grief for my brother S is a little older. It was just a bare week or so ago that I noted the passing of one year since he entered hospice.The grief is older, but not much easier.I have lost birth-mother, birth-father, one brother from my birth family, one brother from my new family (my husband's family are my family in a way my birth family never could be...) in … [Read more...]

Jaw-droppingly stupid and offensive

Dana over at North Shore Politics writes "although I am not even a practicing Catholic, I was offended by it."By what? This statement made this morning on ABC news:What our viewers will notice is that, among these 115 cardinals, who are wearing what looks like women's garb, that there are no women. That is something the next pope is going to have to address.Says Dana: I was disgusted by that. How disrespectful for one (thing) and pompous for another.I thought it was a stupid, … [Read more...]

Prod Mary; The Church Does Not Hate Women

I'm not a subscriber to TIME magazine, but a reader named Jake gave me a head's up on this week's cover story, re the increasing willingness of Protestants to regard Mary as a peculiarly outstanding sort of disciple. I know that a lot of Protestants have difficulty with Mariology - there are so many misconceptions out there about what Catholics actually believe; this is new interest in her is really promising. The Catholic Church has a treasure chest of writing and thinking regarding this woman … [Read more...]

More things in heaven and on earth than are dreamt…

However...some odd things do get thought about, sometimes.Here is a question that sounds absurd on the face of it. What do a few obscure Catholic holy days and various feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary have to do with a formerly hard-drinking-now-reformed Methodist? The answer is, perhaps nothing, or perhaps quite a lot.During the Great Recount Debacle of Election 2000 – designated the Year of Great Jubilee by Pope John Paul II - some people began to notice that things seemed to go George B … [Read more...]