Press fact-checks everyone but Obama

If you have not been paying attention, it's time to start. As you undoubtedly know, last week's episode of Saturday Night Live began with an impression that dared to mock President Obama, which -in the minds of our betters in the media- is simply not done. Tina Fey can (incorrectly) portray Sarah Palin as saying she could "see Russia from my house," and that is considered "spot-on" by CNN (their words) but a comic cannot suggest that President Obama has actually done (or left undone) things he … [Read more...]

Oh, nuts! Obama Speech Reax

I have not one, not two but three things I have to start writing for various deadlines, so I'm going to offer you a quick look-around from my email and a few sites and then tip the hat and ride off into the sunset for most of the day, pardners. Obama was going to bring "his own plan" on healthcare to the Congress yesterday, wasn't that the pre-speech meme? "This is the momentism!": Again with the Broadwayesque-Bombast. Every Obama speech is "the moment." Say, isn't that the big song from … [Read more...]

Cronkite passes

Newsman Walter Cronkite has passed away at age 92. I tend to echo Allahpundit's sentiments, here. His life was long and successful, his death came at a late age we should all be so fortunate to see; I wish peace for his family, but absolutely dread another overindulgent media-waking. Particularly when the American public faces so many grave issues, the anticipation of watching the press glurge at another morbidly sentimental feast just feels exhausting. That journalists were my first heroes … [Read more...]