SkyDaddy Bloomberg Takes a liking to Playing Deity UPDATED

A couple of winters ago, I slipped on the ice and needed x-rays. Came home with three days worth of pain pills. A few months ago my son had an accident, needed x-rays and came home with three days worth of pain pills. No over-prescription, here.But apparently New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg perceives painkillers as being too-available, and he needs to control it. And if you have to suffer so he can feel better about things, well, that's too bad. Via Instapundit:Yesterday, Mayor … [Read more...]

Older Parents, Weaker Children, Future America


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.comAn important piece by Judith Shulevitz, focusing on the unforeseen effects of having children at a later age:…The Nature study ended by saying that the greater number of older dads could help to explain the 78 percent rise in autism cases over the past decade. Researchers have suspected links between autism and parental age for years. One much-cited study from 2006 argued that the risk of bearing an autistic child jumps from six in 10,000 before a man r … [Read more...]

“Monstrous Evil” Indeed


If I were not already feeling sick this story found by Mark Shea would get me there. Mark calls it a "monstrous evil" and he is correct -- this is nanny-statism and bureaucracy out-of-control, and it's only going to get worse:Even after Marie Freyre died alone in a nursing home 250 miles from the family in North Tampa that loved her, Marie's mother had to fight to bring her home.In March 2011, state child protection investigators took 14-year-old Marie from her mother, Doris Freyre, … [Read more...]

Prayers for Kitty and Three Others…

Some of you may remember that about six months ago my son's fiance "Kitty" dealt with a burst appendix and many complications. She's been having increasing pain and discomfort for the past few days, and today it reached the point where she really couldn't function, so they are waiting for doctors to tell them whether they can do an office visit or must go back to the ER.I haven't spoken to Kitty, but I can imagine she is feeling pretty upset, if not by the pain, then by the potential havoc … [Read more...]

Chuck Colson’s Easter Gift


Chuck Colson is in grave condition after suffering a brain hemorrhageEvangelical leader and frequent life and family spokesman Chuck Colson is in critical condition in hospital after undergoing surgery this weekend. He was hospitalized Friday after enduring a brain hemorrhage while speaking in Virginia at the Wilberforce Conference.Colson underwent surgery on Saturday morning to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain. Colson became ill while speaking at the … [Read more...]

Candice Bergen’s Stroke

bergen ny mag

(Photo: Marc Stamas/Getty Images)Wow, she still looks very beautiful, and I really like her attitude:“People complain about parts for women, people complain about getting old,” she says. “It’s a privilege to get old.”The New York Magazine piece is a good, and quick, read; I found Bergen's revelation about her stroke to be most interesting:Rounder of face, grayer and wispier of hair, Bergen tells me that in the fall of 2006, she had a minor stroke. She denied it at the time and is … [Read more...]

Adult Stem Cells and Fracture Putty

Stem cell

Great news via Glenn Reynolds, who does a great job of keeping us all informed on successful therapies related to stem cells. This time, it's Fracture Putty:Broken bones can mean weeks of having to wear a cast and the muscle atrophy that comes with that. More severe breaks can take months to mend, result in restricted movement, or in the worst cases the possible loss of a limb. There’s also the chance of re-fracture due to the amount of time some breaks take to heal if a patient isn’t ext … [Read more...]

Assessing People as “Units” is Evil – UPDATED

As regular readers know, I rarely listen to talk radio -- the reception is lousy in the house and when I'm driving I like to listen to my cd's. But I was monitoring traffic on the all-news station and something annoyed me so I started flipping around. I hit the Mark Levin show and was stopped in my tracks by a conversation between Levin and a caller who identified himself as a neurosurgeon. Now I need to confirm if this is real.The caller said that he had recently gone to Washington to … [Read more...]

Another Update on Joseph

Well, the spinal tap on my cousin Joseph came back normal.If you recall last week we thought he might die within hours, and then there was hope.The doctors are now saying that yes, they think it's a case of over-radiation, after all, and yes, maybe some of it did touch his brain stem, and that's what's causing all the trouble, except, by golly, maybe it's this virus and until they know for sure, they can't really do much to treat him...Joseph is still alive, but he is in very bad shape. He … [Read more...]

Vaccines & Autism; the Parental Quandary

Some might remember reading Shana Buck's moving piece last month, where she wondered about the conceptual perceptions of her son who is autistic.Last weeks news that the certain "studies" linking autism to vaccines were fraudulent finds Shana pondering what parents are supposed to do, and who they should trust:Something is causing the rise in actual numbers of autistic children, something besides ‘better diagnosis'. What should I, as the mother of one child with autism and another with A … [Read more...]