This government wants to run health care

Offered without comment. Just go over and watch, and imagine these bureaucrats in charge of health care.Props to Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson, of Florida, who seems quite properly appalled. … [Read more...]

"Professional Pray-er"

I know many people who love the Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series of novels, including Julie at Happy Catholic, whose recommendations are always worth taking, but I have been so enthralled with Terry Pratchett's Discword series, I'd neglected Harry Dresden. Harry Dresden is a Wizard, and his office door reads:Harry Dresden - Wizard Lost Items Found, Paranormal Investigations. Consulting, Advice, Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties or Other EntertainmentYesterday, in … [Read more...]

Updates & Random stuff

NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez twitters: Nancy Pelosi is not on the front page of the New York Times today. That's shocking even for the Times.Yes...that is pretty surprising, given what her very role as Speaker of the House seems in jeopardy; she may yet be felled by ironic twist of her own knife. With an assist by the truly ticked off CIA. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, and so forth.The Washington Post, on the other hand did manage to notice the Pelosi meltdown. It's not pretty.Moe Lane … [Read more...]

From Vagina to Vitae

Regular readers are aware that I once wrote a post entitled Labia's Up; Vagina Gazing Season is Open.It is evidence of my own naivete that I created that title without ever once considering the shock-effect it would have on people using google to search for something very different than a rant about The Vagina Monologues.As I have written, I have loud issues with that insipid play and so my warrior vagina and I have done battle against it, when we were not quasi-sneering at Vagina Health … [Read more...]

Hail Colombia & other things

So, from 2006 onward, President George W. Bush tried to push a free trade agreement through Congress, and Mrs. Pelosi and her crew resisted and obstructed and vowed "no way" would it be allowed to happen. And Candidate Obama decried it. Mostly because Bush wanted it, you understand.Thankfully, President Obama - who, since his candidacy, has reversed himself with stunning frequency - has - as in the song "Simple Gifts" 'turned, turned to come 'round right' on this issue, and he is now … [Read more...]

Miracles, Indeed – UPDATED

For the past few weeks I have occasionally mentioned a young woman named Heather who is battling a cancer diagnosed while she is pregnant. Some of you (including one seminarian) have kindly asked to be kept apprised of Heather's situation (and the baby's), and have kept her in your prayers.Yesterday the patient liaison person at her hospital sent this:We've all been praying for Heather...As you are aware, she had stage 3 cancer under her tongue. Since Heather found out about the cancer at … [Read more...]

Prayer Penance and Pain – UPDATED

For reasons not worth getting into, there are times when my entire body is just one big ball of pain, where every inch of me aches. Usually it has to do with an incoming storm, or a weather system that is passing nearby.It happened tonight. We had a beautifully warm day, and I had no idea what the weather reports were saying, but I should have known we were due for rain because by suppertime I was almost blind from pain. After putting the dishes away I hit the sack, hoping an hour's nap … [Read more...]

Obama: Your conscience means nothing to me…UPDATED

I've been waiting for this story and knew it would come - dropped on a Friday night, of course:Taking another step into the abortion debate, the Obama administration today will move to rescind a controversial rule that allows healthcare workers to deny abortion counseling or other family planning services if doing so would violate their moral beliefs, according to administration officials.The rollback of the so-called conscience rule comes just two months after the Bush administration … [Read more...]

Linking Around

I wanted to write a little about the joys of CAT scans today - they're not so bad, really, except for the disgusting drink - and also wanted to think a little more about the idea of Falling into Community and why Catholicism suits me, but I'm kind of wiped out, today, and so I'm hitting interesting links you may or may not have seen - and sharing emails of gift discoveries from readers:GUESS WHO SAID IT: Zoe Romanowsky tickles the brains on a topical topic:"I believe that banking … [Read more...]

Morning stress test

Sorry so quiet. This post was supposed to show up at 7AM, but I screwed up the publication time.Would appreciate any prayers in our direction. DH went for his stress test today (I tagged along, of course) and the doctor's initial impression was very positive. DH brought himself up to a 99% level with no pain and the doctor said, "from what I can see, all good," but he said we'd have the full report tomorrow. So...we'll know more tomorrow, but for now we're feeling a lot more relaxed around … [Read more...]