Buster Update

A few days ago I asked prayers for my son, Buster. I wanted to say thank you, first of all, for the many kind emails and comments, and I can never express how humbled I am whenever I know that my family members are being held in prayer (or when I am).He is "better" but not yet "well." I'm hoping today's day off from classes and rehearsals (he went to rehearsal on Saturday and ended up exhausted and feverish, although the fever quickly left) will help him to rest up and feel more himself. … [Read more...]

Please pray for Buster – UPDATE

He's away at school and very sick. The damn health center made him wait a day for an appointment even though he had a fever, and now he's very sick, and his appointment is not until afternoon. I've written many times about how when he gets sick, he gets really sick, and I am anxious for him. He gets strep at the drop of a hat and he sounds awful. I ask your prayers on my son's behalf. Thank you.Update: Thank you all for your kind good wishes and prayers. They are most gratefully … [Read more...]

Abortion Survivor on Obama's Vote

The way I understand it, the Infants Born Alive Bill was introduced to the IL Senate and Obama voted against it because he wanted it to have the same language as the Federal Born Alive Bill. When the bill was re-presented containing that clause, Obama voted against it again. So, given the chance, twice, to vote against infanticide, Obama voted for.He also lied about all of this earlier in the campaign, before admitting that he was lying.Obama has the most liberal voting record you can have … [Read more...]

The Power of One

Deacon Greg has a homily up for this Sunday that is a cut-and-a-half above his usual superb offering: This week, in the Boston Globe, I read the story of an elderly couple named Sol and Rita Rogers. They’ve been married 61 years. They’ve raised a family and lived a long and happy life together. A few years ago, that began to change. Rita developed Alzheimer’s. And she is slipping deeper and deeper into dementia.Several weeks ago, she was taken to a health care center, where she now has to live. … [Read more...]

Insomniac quick hits II

George W. Obama: Jim Geraghty identifies what would be an Obama Bushism, if such things were being observed and tallied:"You know, it's always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never.'" — Obama, speaking in AmmanI know another:"Only a Sith speaks in absolutes."But I never could stay awake through that movie. Hot Air finds another.The verbal gaffes must be because Obama is tired. I can accept that; traveling knocks the crap out of me, and Obama really is "only human". But I can't h … [Read more...]

The Heart and Soul of Baseball

Thank reader Brendan for this one:Sister Edwin moves from room to room, singing show tunes. She laughs the laugh of a right jolly old elf. She jingles her rosary beads the way a maintenance man jingles a ring of keys. She perspires at the lip and brow, hustling from patient to patient. "Is your sister back from Florida?" she calls to one. "How are you feeling? Did you watch the Braves game last night?" she asks, rubbing the toes of another. "Nice and easy, take it slow," she says, cupping … [Read more...]

Is Universal Health Care a "done deal?"

I wonder about it in my latest PJM piece.Once the thing is put into motion, there will be no pulling back. American presidents may peacefully surrender their power, but bureaucrats never do.It's actually generating a very interesting comments thread. I'm appreciating all the feedback from people outside the US. … [Read more...]

Quick hits from the Insomniac

The good thing about insomnia: in the wee small hours, you get caught up on your blogging and finally have time to link to all those things you've been meaning to. Got some email answered, too. Please forgive me if I have not responded; I try, but lately there is so much of it, that some does slip through the cracks.Happy 5th Anniversary: to American Digest. Vanderleun seems inclined to his couch for the summer. Not a bad idea as we gear up for what promises to be an eventful autumn … [Read more...]

Something to those big Irish Breakfasts

The only time I ever lost weight on vacation was on a trip to Ireland, where we stayed at different B&B's almost every night. The "big Irish breakfast" was wonderful, every day, and we ate it all - cereal or porridge, black bread with butter, yogurt with berries, eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes and fried tomatoes and lots of coffee with cream. It would keep us quite filled and energetic until supper (I don't believe we ever ate lunch, although we took a break each day for a Guinness and … [Read more...]

Breakthrough: Adult Stem Cells & Parkinson's

Great - and, for anyone following the stunning medical advances being made thanks to ADULT Stem Cell Research - unsurprising news on the Parkinson's front. Just as numerous spinal cord injuries are being successfully treated with ASC taken from nasal cavities, it looks there sufferers of Parkinson's Disease may be helped, too.SYDNEY, Australia, June 12, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - New research on stem-cell therapy shows scientists have found that the cure for Parkinson's disease may lie right … [Read more...]