A bouncing baby stone

Excuse my silence. I suddenly decided to pass a kidney stone the approximate size and tonnage of my first born.We've decided to name it Seymour and we're looking into Pre-K's.My Li'l Bro Thom says, "oh, good, now you'll have company when Buster leaves for college!"Smart ass.Kind of exhausted just now. Will try to post later. … [Read more...]

Olive Oil as anti-inflammatory? Granny knew!

Every once in a while I get these things in my email - I'm sure you get them, too - blaring headlines announcing new medical discoveries that will change your life. The discovery usually involves something like "drinking water" in a therapeutic manner, which they'll be glad to share with you for a low monthly fee...Sometimes, though, one such notice will catch my eye, because Granny, Auntie Lillie, The Other Nonna and many other of my elder female relatives were well-versed in folk medicine … [Read more...]

The week of re-postings: Sacred Sperm, Ancient Knowledge, Dangerous Prayer

Every Sperm is Sacred Originally posted August 04, 2005Modern Medicine Catches up to Ancient Knowledge Originally posted June 11, 2005The Dangerous Prayer of Blessing Originally posted May 20, 2006EVERY SPERM IS SACRED?Got an interesting email from another blogger, a fairly new Catholic, who is having a little trouble believing something. He writes:...some people on my blog suggested that every ejaculation had to hit the target, so to speak....meaning, umm, no completed oral tasks, … [Read more...]

Good news for Sen. Johnson and his family

His condition has been upgraded and he's spending time off the ventilator.That's great. The brain injury he suffered was serious and tough on his family to endure. This is hopeful. Were I his wife I would be very grateful.Continued prayers for the Senator and his family. … [Read more...]

Help out a milfamily in need…

Jim at Gateway Pundit has the story, so I'll just lift a little from him:MSG Rhys Wilson from northwest Missouri came home from Iraq to find his wife Theresa diagnosed with 4th stage neuro-endocrine cancer, unusual for a woman her age. The cancer has metastasized throughout her body. The Airman was brought back from Iraq to assist with his wife and her 8 year old who has undiagnosed heart problems. (They have a total of 6 children in their blended family, five are pictured here.)The … [Read more...]

Socialized Medicine does not work

Our Canadian neighbors know it, which is why they buy supplemental insurance so they can come to the US for treatment.It doesn't work in the UK, either as Dr. Sanity points out.Ours may be an imperfect system...but it's the best-working one out there. … [Read more...]

Limbaugh wins one and it’s only right

I cannot believe the Florida prosecutors are still attempting their fishing expedition...okay, I can believe it - the Dems want him off the air by 2007 at the latest, but today a judge ruled - quite correctly, I think - in favor of Doctor/Patient Confidentiality.It seems strange to me that any liberal would support what the prosecutor is trying to do - impose himself on a Doctor/Patient relationship without charges, without good cause - simply on a fishing trip. No sensible person can think … [Read more...]

Touched in the Chemo Room

Rick at Brutally Honest, who generally gets me giggling, posts a heart-tugger today, about what he observed in the Chemo room while his father, now losing his hair, took his second dose.I felt my emotion rising so I looked around the room, forcing myself to get a grip. Counting Dad, there were 7 people receiving their chemo treatments and soon Mr. Blue-Gray Eyes would be joining them. Some were reading, others casually looking around. I made eye-contact with an older gentleman and he … [Read more...]

Bird Flu getting worrisome

As though there ain't enough in the world to worry about, SCA spells out some ugly projections.The bird flu mortality rate of 50 percent is the highest of any influenza virus in history. Indiana’s best-case scenario is a 15 percent “attack rate,” meaning about 15 percent of the population would be infected with avian influenza, said Dr. Charlene Graves, medical director of the Indiana State Department of Health immunization program and co-chair of the Pandemic Influenza Plan committee.But U.S … [Read more...]

It is never easy…

To deal with family illness.As we read here, from Koba the illness of a beloved family member has a way of bringing grace, but it's a painful way to get it.I've dealt with family members who have suffered strokes, and for a time did volunteer work with folks recovering from brain accidents. Hard rows to hoe. I pray Mrs. Sheehan's mother's road is not too terribly difficult, and that it will be made easier by the presence of her daughter. … [Read more...]