Click to Help Fight Cancer

Yes, I know I said I was taking a break - and I am, I AM - but this came thru the email and I had to post it.Chris Muir, the brilliant artist who puts together the Day by Day Cartoon has a sister, Cathy, who is currently being treated at the American Cancer Ablation Center. He's not looking for money - he is looking for clicks, clicks and more clicks to help raise the Center's Yahoo rating and perhaps bring some serious publicity (and that usually means dollars) to this facility.All it … [Read more...]

Humbling and Awe-inspiring

You must go to this site and see the pictures and read the story It's just astonishing. I love it when God uses humans to perform miracles for other humans!Zubaida was 9 years old. She was a member of a nomadic family that consisted of her two parents and eight other children. She and her family are from the Farah province of Afghanistan. In August of 2001, Zubaida was pouring kerosene into an indoor home cooking stove while it was hot. The fuel ignited and she caught on fire. She sustained … [Read more...]

UK Doctors get the “final” word

This is a very troubling rulingThe General Medical Council has won its appeal against a ruling which gave a seriously-ill patient the right to stop doctors withdrawing food and drink.Leslie Burke, 45, who has a degenerative brain condition, fears artificial nutrition could be stopped against his wishes when he cannot talk.Mr Burke, from Lancaster, had won a landmark ruling, supporting his right to artificial nutrition and hydration.But the GMC appealed, saying doctors could be put in an … [Read more...]

The time to give up on people is…never

20 years ago, Sarah Scantlin was hit by a drunk driver, badly injured, brain damaged and comatose - she underwent a partial lobotomy, on the part of the brain that governs speech..A month later, she came out of coma, but things seemed hopeless. She was, however, provided with therapy.20 years later, she...she begins to speak, thanks, largely it seems, to one woman who is untrained in speech therapy or neurology, but who saw the whole person that is Sarah. God's Sarah, if you like.Four … [Read more...]

Socialized Medicine, the failed experiment Krugman loves

I had a suspicious mole removed last week and the doctor who did the surgery was from Sweden. Wonderful man, and he's done this for me many times and never left a scar. He worked under socialized medicine and he hates it. As he was working on me, he related a few horror stories, and he ended with this pronouncement: Socialized medicine is what they play on the streets in the city, a 3-card monte. It sounds great, people think they've got what they need, but in the end, the system cannot … [Read more...]

Pinkerton, disingenuous on ESC research, but not alone

I meant to write about this a week ago, when this piece was published, but I got distracted. Then I saw it again at Jackson Junction and got mad all over again.Here's the deal: Jim Pinkerton wrote the following:The religious right, for example, insists on using a certain level of technology to preserve life, such as feeding tubes and antibiotics. But the religious right also insists, at the same time, that not too much technology be used. The most obvious example is stem-cell research.What would … [Read more...]

Code Blue Blog issues challenge to neurologists

I've linked to Dr. Boyle a few times already. He's been getting increasingly antsy and angry over the Schiavo case and now he has thrown down a gauntlet.I have seen several neurologists -- in the printed media and on television -- put up a Representative CT of the brain of a normal 25 year old female and contrast this with Terri Schiavo's CT. This is a totally spurious comparison. No one is disputing that Terri Schiavo does not have the CT of a 25 year old female.What I'm saying is that Terri … [Read more...]

The Church of Good Health: Body, Mind, Spirit? Body…Body…Body?

It's curious to find my first post today to be about health, since I have succumbed to some raggedy-assed virus of a sort. I haven't exactly crashed and burned as in the past, but it's been a logey and cruddy sort of day. But enough about me.Ann Althouse has an interesting post on a recent statement by the Vatican. Althouse herself, crediting the Vat with having a made a good point, says: Perhaps as an ethical matter, anyone contemplating something like cosmetic surgery, ought to think again and … [Read more...]

Megan could use all the spare prayers you’ve got

It just kills you when you see a kid who is dealing with serious illness, doesn't it?Captain Ed and Lorie Byrd, taking a cue from Hugh Hewitt on his broadcast, are bringing this adorable little moppett to our attention and asking for your prayers.I'm asking, too. Megan is suffering from an auto immune disorder called Microscopic Polyangiitis (MPA). It's a parent's nightmare, isn't it? Go visit her site to learn more and wonder at her lovely, cheerful drawings. And then remember Megan and your … [Read more...]

Ecstasy for the agonizing end?

No, I'm not trying to play a cute turn on "The Agony and the Ecstasy," just wondering about how useful this drug may or may not be in helping the dying and their families cope with the last days of a long and mortal illness.The Food and Drug Administration has approved a pilot study looking at whether the recreational hallucinogen can help terminally ill patients lessen their fears, quell thoughts of suicide and make it easier for them to deal with loved ones.“End of life issues are very i … [Read more...]