Mrs. Obama is ProChoice, Except for Schools, Lunches — UPDATED

Look, I am not a big detractor of Michelle Obama. I mostly like her fashion choices, and I think her mission to encourage garden growing and healthy food choices is, on its face, an excellent focus for a First Lady, and something I can really get behind.And yet, for a woman who possesses (as she often notes) degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law, Mrs. Obama's arguments for her cause are clumsily executed, specious, and (one hopes) unintentionally insulting. Her school lunch program needs an … [Read more...]

Michelle’s #Bowdown Dress an Overrated Rare Mis-step

Regular readers know that while I generally wear rags, myself, I love fashion and sometimes write on it. When it comes to first ladies, I think Michelle Obama nails it more often than blows it, but I honestly am not getting all the media-gasping #bowdown fuss caused by this black and blue Carolina Herrera-designed gown she wore at last night's State Dinner.Bowdown-worthy? I don't think so. The gown is nice enough, I guess; it doesn't look comfortable, though. The skirt looks stiff and … [Read more...]

The Best & Brightest Need to Vacate

Well, for sure, Mrs. Obama will never go back to her life, as usual. Apparently there are two more vacations scheduled before September, next weekend's overnight "somewhere" at Florida's Gulf coast, and then 10 days at Martha's Vineyard.I don't begrudge anyone a vacation, especially not to Martha's Vineyard, which I hear is great. But as reports suggest that coverage of the First Lady's 5 days in Spain could have generated about a billion dollars to the economy of that nation, I wonder if … [Read more...]

Beautiful and Well Played Mrs. O

I love, love, LOVE this dress on Michelle Obama. It is beautifully designed, flattering, elegant and effortless-looking.Michelle Obama wearing Naeem Khan, AP Photo Susan WalshAnd Mrs. Obama's posture, which sometimes seems a bit slouchy, is perfect. She makes an altogether superb picture as First Lady. Downright regal.I know the gaga press considers everything she wears to be perfect, but Michelle Obama has been hit-and-miss, to me.This is a hit; a very palpable hit!And I … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama’s Ball Gown

Alright, I haven't indulged my inner fashionista in a long time, but I must comment about Michelle Obama's Inaugural styles.First off, Mrs. Obama looked fantastic in this Narciso Rodriguez creation for the pre-inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial. She looked comfortable, the black-and-tan was dynamite on her and she looked warm; by far my favorite of her outfits. Everything about it - FABULOUS!Unfortunately, she did not look anywhere near as comfortable, or as warm, at the … [Read more...]