Muslims Protecting Christians with their Bodies

Egyptian Muslims had promised to act as human shields for the Coptic Christians in their Christmas Eve mass, and they were true to their words:Egypt’s majority Muslim population stuck to its word Thursday night. What had a been a promise of solidarity to the weary Coptic community, was honoured, when thousands of Muslims showed up at Coptic Christmas eve mass services in churches around the country and at candle light vigils held outside.From the well-known to the unknown, Muslims had o … [Read more...]

Extreme couponing

Via HillbuzzThat's awesome. … [Read more...]

Headlines & Heart Grabbers

Headline and Heartgrabber: Girl cured of chronic pain while watching Newman Beatification in UKHeartgrabber: Return Tapper to This Week!Headline: Record numbers embrace Islam in UK; Christianity is not talking about the Liturgy of the Hours, or praying multi-times a day. People are attracted to it, though.Heartgrabber: Dealing with parents who bring their kids to "religion classes" but never to church. That's a really nice piece.Headline: Bishop to Flock: 'I Feel Deeply Ashamed' - it … [Read more...]

How weird.

Hmmm, that's pretty weird. I took a look at my traffic, and found that I had readers from the senate, the house, the fda, the usda, the nps, the doj, all these .gov places of origins.I wonder why so many, all of a sudden?It can't be because I've written about micro-surrender in order to pursue the macro.So it must be because they're interested in Chesty!" … [Read more...]

Poetry, well-read… always so much better than when I read it, myself. … [Read more...]

Dave Barry's Year in Review

This is the one we wait for each year! The master:Let’s put things into perspective: 2010 was not the worst year ever. There have been MUCH worse years. For example, toward the end of the Cretaceous Period, the Earth was struck by an asteroid that wiped out 75 percent of all the species on the planet. Can we honestly say that we had a worse year than those species did? Yes we can, because they were not exposed to Jersey Shore.So on second thought we see that this was, in fact, the worst y … [Read more...]

Hot Toddy Inspired Predictions for 2011 -UPDATED

Bear with me, because I'm really sick over here and on many drugs; I am making horrible hawking noises from all up in the nasal, and my chestal area sounds like a fife-and-drum band that has crossed paths and done bloody battle with the Hibernian Bagpipers; nothing good can come of that, but you'll understand why I am writing under the influence of hot toddies.This disgusting illness has me randomly thinking of words like "sputum," which is one of the most repulsive words in either English or … [Read more...]

Listing the Year-End Lists

Am down with a bad headcold today, but wanted to share some year-end lists. Check back again, as I will add more "top ten lists" as I find them. Why do we do these lists, anyway? Is it part of "our pagan ritual"?Look here tomorrow for my predictions for 2011; for now here are NRO's:First Things Lists its 25 Most Popular Articles from this year's On The Square column. Hey, I'm in there!At Patheos: a look at their "best of". I'm very happy to see the "Habit of Witness" series included, … [Read more...]

Deathwish: Texting While Driving

Via Deacon Greg, a powerful video from AT&T that needs to be widely disseminated and viewed by your kids, and by adults, too: … [Read more...]

Post-Christmas Veg-Out – UPDATED

SourceTired?Christmas is exhilarating, but tiring. We're tired over here, too. And my poor Mother-in-Law is sick because she tries to do too much, can never do enough. If you could whisper up a prayer for her, I'm sure it would turn a good effect.Too tired to write anything--I have a splendid rant inside me about irreverence at mass, from the sanctuary to the pews, but ranting takes energy.I do have some nifty videos for you:From Vanderleun, this one is pretty adorable:<embed … [Read more...]