Al Franken got paid how???

If you have not been following the story of how Air America sayed on the air by apparently using money meant for children and the elderly well, where have you been?I admit when the story first broke, I figured it would be yet another story wherein the liberal/left perps get a free ride from the press (ala Sandy Berger) as the story disappears. And that may still it stands right now, the MSM has NOT covered any of this. But right now I'd say a blogswarm is begun, and that Al … [Read more...]

Election projection

A new blog - kinda on par with realclear politics, but focused on the '06 and '08 elections. Check it out. … [Read more...]

Dept. of O.D.T.A.A.

That would be the Department of One Damn Thing After Another.So, I went back to the ear doctor for a re-testing of my hearing loss. Although the recalcitrant infection is finally gone, there was no appreciable improvement - the hearing loss is still in both ears, though somewhat assymetrical. My doctor - who is very nice but younger than me (I'm getting to that age now, where cops and doctors are younger than me and call me, "ma'am," egad!) bit his lip and considered for a second and then … [Read more...]

It’s never easy to lose a parent

Maureen Dowd has crafted a lovely tribute to her mother, Peggy, who sounds like a remarkable and memorable lady. Requiescat in pace, may the angels lead her into paradise. … [Read more...]

Opinion, please, is taking ads “selling out?”

As some of you have noticed, I bit the bullet yesterday and shook the tin can, asking for any spare change you could throw this way, via the Amazon Honor System, to help defray my monthly bandwidth-overuse.And I have been blown away by your generosity. I always knew I had some of the kindest readers in the blogosphere - turns out I have some of the most generous, too. Amazon has alerted me to the names of some but not all of the donars. Those whose name I received have already been thanked … [Read more...]

A sizable laugh

If you are too modest or delicate to read about these errr...sizable matters...please do skip this post. Wonder what I am talking about? Well, it begins tamely enough.At the end of a long and probably very boring formal dinner in honour of the retirement of the President of France, Charles de Gaulle, British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, turned to Madame de Gaulle and asked politely what she was looking forward to in her retirement. Quick as a flash the elderly lady replied, "A penis." … [Read more...]

Benedict and the Death Penalty

Surprise!New Pope Benedict XVI was instrumental in revising Catholic Church teachings on death penaltyThe 1992 Catechism said that governments had the right to inflict penalties in keeping with crimes, including the death penalty, “in cases of extreme gravity.” But it added that if non-lethal methods of punishment “suffice to defend human lives against aggressors and protect public order and the security of people, authorities should use these means, because they better conform to the concr … [Read more...]

When the pope looked remarkably well…

The story is kind of superstitious and silly but the picture is terrific. I'd forgotten what a robust and healthy looking man JPII was in his prime! … [Read more...]

The puny monster’s idiotic game edifies no one

The staggeringly untalented and adolescent Ted Rall has issued a challenge to the right-wing part of the blogosphere.Several Bushist blogger types have written to assert that there are as many violent and threatening remarks and insults coming from liberals online as there are from conservatives against liberals. I’ve spent many sadly-lost hours online, and I say: no way.So here’s my challenge: Please email your worst, most vicious examples of liberal/leftie blogger vitriol (with links, natch), a … [Read more...]

The Return of the King!

That would by my hubby, my anchor, my best friend and my beloved! He's coming home after ten days in Asia, and I am very excited! Cleaned up the house this morning (Buster and I have indulged in the sin of sloth for the past week and we had books and "stuff" everywhere) and now I await his arrival because I have missed him and I've missed being treated like a queen!Blogging will be light to non-existant today. Possibly tomorrow, too. But please keep Terri Schiavo in your prayers!The eyes of … [Read more...]