Rudy Favard; Quiet Hero

<img src=""(Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff)A humbling and beautiful story:Until recently, Rick carried Sammy up those 14 stairs to his bedroom each night. But a few months ago, Rick had major surgery for a life-threatening heart condition, and now he can’t lift much at all, let alone a 75-pound child.“We thought Rick was going to die, and we were terrified,’’ Patty recalled. “We knew right away he had to stop carrying … [Read more...]

"Always thinking of my lady…" UPDATED

Brian Saint Paul at Inside Catholic (which you surely want to visit daily) sent this picture my way; I call it the "photo of the day."When I think of our soldiers, so far away from home, missing their loved ones and wondering with longing whether they're being missed with the same intensity, I consider it be something like the "dark night of the soul" that many holy people experience.The dark night is not about doubt. Indeed, I suspect it is an effect of having loved so greatly:And for … [Read more...]

How does the site look?

I have never been able to "see" the configuration problems that some have recently complained about while using IE. Please let me know how it is, now? … [Read more...]

OSV 2010: The 8 Biggest Stories

It's a wee bit early, but Our Sunday Visitor has posted a look at the 8 biggest stories of 2010. See if you can read this excerpt from the intro and figure out who wrote it:"...let us look back at a teeter-totter of a year, where high-riding America suddenly found herself hitting the ground of reality with a thud. War is not over; the economic recovery is slow-to-stagnant and those who are not yet struggling themselves know someone, or love someone, who is.We learned a few things in 2010: … [Read more...]

Gifts & Good Reads Linkaround

GIFT AND GOOD READS: My friend John Zmirak, who earlier this year edited Disorientation; How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind, to which I happily contributed along with many writers much better than I, writes with some humor about (among other things) the trials and tribulations of getting his latest book out in time for Christmas:My new Bad Catholic's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins is finally on sale -- delayed as it was for months by the publisher's thrifty decision to outsource … [Read more...]

Revelation of the Magi; What We Have Always Known

Advent Magi

In recommending Brent Landau's Revelation of the Magi to others, I have called it "a fast read that makes the heart soar," and the book is certainly that; the illustrations are fascinating and enlightening, and the prose-voice praising God is not just lyrical, it is hypnotically joyful. It is joyful in the language of ancient prophecy, joyful at a depth even the New Testament only glimpses; it is the sort of skin-tingling joyfulness one sometimes experiences in a flash-fleeting instant of … [Read more...]

Fun Time Waster!

I am a Bobcat … [Read more...]

When Editors Attack!

Hi guys...just wanted to tell you things might be a little I was saying...gonna be a little quiet around here; I'm up against a hard deadline.Later. If I live.Your prayers appreciated. … [Read more...]

Gifts and Crafts Hodgepodge

You guys know I usually take a lot of time to put together as comprehensive a "gift idea" post, around this time of year.But I am just so swamped, and so up against a hard deadline, and so brain-fried, I wonder if you will mind if I dispense with the chatty stuff and just give you links to explore? Yes? Then here we go!Books, books, books: I am totally into giving books this year, and that's largely because I have so many great ones to recommend to you:For a close (really close) … [Read more...]

The Bad Little Kid

This is a bad girl...I don't know what's going on with my dog, but as Auntie Lillie used to say of--ahem--some bad little kids in the family, "she's the devil's own one, lately."If I get on the phone and forget to lock her out of the office, she preens, huffs and dances around demanding my attention. If I do lock her out, she launches herself at the door. The kennel is the only place for her when I must make a call.Buster used to get into demanding mischief when I got on the phone, too, … [Read more...]