The Prayer of the Fascist; the Prayer of the Brat

So, apparently the latest legislative session for the Commonwealth of Virgina was opened with a prayer.The Rev. Debra Peevey, pastor of the Journey of the Heart Ministries in Reston, was invited by Brian Moran, an Alexandria Democrat, to deliver the session's opening prayer, the Washington Times said Saturday."Holy One, convict those who are using their power not to lead or to guide, but to harm gay and lesbian citizens, a small minority within this commonwealth," she said Friday. "We need to be … [Read more...]

Breaking: A new hearing for Terri Schiavo

In a story where time is so pressing, this is encouraging news: The life of Terri Schindler-Schiavo will hinge on the outcome of two dramatic hearings scheduled to unfold Monday, Feb. 21 in the Florida courtroom of Sixth Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer. David Gibbs III of Seminole, Fl., attorney for Mary and Robert Schindler Sr., parents of the brain damaged woman, said Thursday that he will file a new motion Monday asking Greer to allow new medical tests for Terri based on the findings of a … [Read more...]

Martin Peretz tries to pull the Dems back from the cliff

I give him credit. While he still serves a few left-over delusions (his line about Democrats not entertaining pessimism killed me. Most of the pessimists I know are Democrats!) this piece is quite a brave call for an end to the ceaseless boo-hooing, bellyaching, negativism, racial/gender/victim-group pandering and starry-eyed, downright goofy gushing toward the corrupt United Nations that is killing the Democratic party, and the social left.He's suggesting that they advance their thinking 30 … [Read more...]

Yes…Million Dollar Baby IS political…

It's so perverse to see people on the left, who know damn well that this film is politically (and philosophically and morally) controversial, insist that the film "has no message, means nothing." It's as disingenuous as Chicago-born-and-raised Hillary Clinton putting on a Yankee cap and declaring "the fact is, I've always been a Yankee fan!"You know...she said it, so it must be true. And if your reason tells you something different, then your reasoning must be faulty, because...she SAID that she … [Read more...]

Josh Howard is NOT suing CBS – not yet.

A friend of mine who works there emailed me in some frustration, wondering, "why are all the bloggers saying that Josh is bringing suit against CBS? It's not true - it's not accurate. He may be mulling it, but he hasn't done anything more than procure an attorney. He is not (yet) suing CBS. I thought you bloggers were all self-correcting? What was that about glass houses?"Hmmmm....First off, don't be angry with my pal - he's a good guy who reads and enjoys many blogs, and he is no mouthpiece for … [Read more...]

Prayers for The Captain’s First Mate

On Valentine's day, most women feel pretty lucky if they get some roses, or a box of chocolates. For this Valentine's, Captain Ed's wife, Marcia is getting a new pancreas!Well, okay...if that is what she really, really wants...Joking aside, please don't forget to whisper up a prayer or two for Marcia (and her family) as she undergoes this major transplant. Ed says things look very good! I'll be bringing their intentions to Adoration, today! … [Read more...]

An even better than “good” story to end the night

Wanna feel good before you turn in? Here, read this story about a woman who is coming out of a 20 year coma. Welcome back, Sarah.What a world. God is good. More here.Kinda makes you think those folks fighting for Terry Schiavo's life are not so crazy after all, doesn't it?Hattip: … [Read more...]

Reuters covers Easongate – from the “Hollywood Reporter”

Well, the story is definately breaking into the mainstream press.But filed by Reuters...from the Hollywood Reporter.CNN on Thursday sought to quell the media frenzy enveloping a top executive who suggested that U.S. troops were deliberately firing on journalists in Iraq (news - web sites).By Paul J. GoughNEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - During a Jan. 27 session at the World Economic Forum (news - web sites) in Davos, Switzerland, CNN executive vp/chief news executive Eason Jordan reportedly said … [Read more...]

Euro leaders “warming to Bush”

Well, that's good news, I guess. I mean, heaven knows, you're nobody if Chirac and Schroeder don't like you.Or, maybe success has a thousand fathers, and Europe has suddenly figured out that supporting democracy is better than NOT supporting democracy, especially when in not supporting democracy you seem to be tacitly supporting tyranny.In my wanderings thru the blogosphere today, I read one rant, I can't remember where, where the writer was decrying the fact that Bush had hurt "World … [Read more...]

Fallujah: City of Blood and Malice

There really isn't much to say. NRO's The Corner linked to this government pdf file on Fallujah.You can't look away. … [Read more...]