UN Peacekeeping Rapists

I have not written about this because I cannot write about it. I simply can't go there.Most of the time, I can't even read about it.But Baldilocks says it pretty much as well as it can be said.Go read her, and then wonder at the evil.We see the word "evil" used so loosely these days.Here is evil. … [Read more...]

The Dutch pass a sort of “Patriot Act”

Hey, the times demand the measures. You have to be willfully obtuse not to see it.Ace of Spades links to the story at LGF and then expounds a bitI guess Bill Moyers' and Michael Moore's theory -- that George W. Bush has "terrorized" the American people with a fictitious threat of terrorism -- can now be adapted to include parts of northern Europe.Damn-- when that George Bush sets out to scare people, he does a hell of a job of it. He's even got teeth chattering and knees knocking in … [Read more...]

You knew this was coming, and right on time…

As near as I can figure the press and the politicians who love them have absolutely no intention of entering into yet another election season with those damned silly, pajama-wearing, salivating-morons-who- tire-necklaced-Eason- Jordan blogging fools still at the helms of their respective keyboards.Bradley Smith, of the FEC Commission sounds the warning.It is, as you can imagine, all over the blogosphere, but Professor Bainbridge, Susanna Cornett and Michelle Malkin are good places to start! … [Read more...]

A sort of prophetic Instapundit from March 2002

Prof. Reynolds writes of "Patriotism and Preferences" and makes a wise observation. In exploring why - for two decades - it was unpopular to fly the flag, he suggests the following:This is what's known as a "preference cascade," the vanishing of flags and other signs of patriotism from the homes, cars and businesses of the style-setters caused a lot of other people to go along with the trend, perhaps without even fully realizing it, a trend that only strengthened with the politicization of flag … [Read more...]

I think it’s healthy when we can laugh!

And I think this whole story is an out-and-out riot.War of the words: Think what you will of her political views, but columnist Ann Coulter certainly has a gift for writing provocatively titled (and best-selling) books. To wit: "Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism" and "Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right." Trying to one-up her, a campus-centered offshoot of the Center for American Progress sponsored a "Name Ann Coulter's Next Book" contest and … [Read more...]

Yes, Yes, Spring is coming…have faith!

I had a pal who did seasonal work in Alaska and he once told a story about how, in mid-October, with snow two feet on the ground and himself bundled up in every conceivable manner of warmth, he walked into a coffee shop and, stomping his feet, ordered hot coffee. "It's FREEZING out there," he exclaimed.The Inuit waitress behind the counter serenely agreed. "Yes," she said. "Winter is coming."Thanks to our Trappist friend in Georgia we can see the Magnolias of March.A hint, or a promise of … [Read more...]

An almost unbearable read

Went over to Baldilock's place looking for a nice, quiet diversion.Found her linking to this multi parter.I can't imagine how difficult this is to write - it's hard enough to read.But worth reading. … [Read more...]

I love hate to travel, but I love to find “new” blogs

Well, new to me, anyway. This is the blog of a Texas attorney who seems to have a wide variety of interests.I like the whole site, but was taken by this beautiful Icon of Michael and the bio of the Icon writer.Nice site. Found it in a roundabout way, starting at Ms. Althouse's establishment and taking a left-ward sidetrip here.ALL good sites! :-) … [Read more...]

Two moving essays

One a thrilling and chilling photo essay by Greyhawk (hattip to Instapundit.)The other a touching personal essay from Jeanette.Both make you feel privileged to view. … [Read more...]


I like this blog, and you will too.It's kind of wry and reverent, all at once. … [Read more...]