Limbaugh, Jeb Bush & Reagan

Was moving around this morning and picking up Rush Limbaugh in the car. He had some interesting things to say. In talking about Obama's notion of what constitutes "sacrifice," Limbaugh intoned, (I am paraphrasing) "sacrifice is only sacrifice when it is voluntary. Otherwise it is compulsion."I've been saying that for a long time.There is an enormous difference between a few dozen people voluntarily giving up their worldly goods for communal living, and forcing people to participate in … [Read more...]

Pews, Press, Prostitutes…whatever

The two big stories of the last 48 hours have been the Spitzer fiasco and the "new sins from the Vatican" nonsense. Priests and Prostitutes? No, mostly prostitutes and the press.Yesterday I got an email from a reader which read in part:Has liberal cretinism permeated their minds? I mean, at a time when Christianity is under attack from Islam and secularism, is this a way to unify Christians and save Western Civilization? Am I nuts; aren't all the saints in heaven shaking their heads over … [Read more...]

Romney: Brokered or Third Party?

A while back, my husband and I were taking a road trip and using a Tom-Tom to help us get there.We made a discovery; instrumentation and other voices are too easy to rely on. Before you know it, you've stopped listening to your guts and your instincts and come to lean too fully on the authoritative voice telling you what to do because, 98.5 percent of the time, the voice is right.In our case, Tom-Tom was telling us to proceed ahead, but my eyes and guts were saying, "that sign says New … [Read more...]